The Linux Magazine 2007 Holiday Shopping Guide

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means it's swag time, and this year there's plenty of tech goodies and geekish gifts to put on your list or buy for your friends and family. From inexpensive, but nifty, gadgets to high-dollar top-of-the-line tech, we've got a shopping list that will satisfy the most discriminating shopper.

While others drone on about how holidays are about being thankful, peace on Earth, and that sort of thing, geeks know where it’s at: It’s all about the swag. We look forward all year to finding some new and interesting goodies under the tree, and we also look forward to giving the best gadgets to the people we love.

That’s why we here at Linux Magazine take the time to bring you the best in holiday gift ideas. You can look through the list to find ideas for your own giftgiving, or just leave your copy of Linux Magazine open to your favorite items if your loved ones need a little hint or two.

What All the Geeks Are Wearing This Year

The average geek has at least a dozen different items to carry around at any given time, and the average outfit only has about six pockets. You do the math, there’s a serious disparity between items and places to put them. Since utility belts aren’t likely to come into vogue anytime soon, it’s time to start dressing for success, or at least dressing with more pockets.

The SeV Evolution Jacket, from the inappropriately capitalized SCOTTEVEST (http://www.scottevest.com/), comes to the rescue with 25 pockets at the ready to hold your PDA, cell phone, media player, GPS, pen, memory cards, camera, and anything else you feel like carrying. The SeV will set you back $150, if you can remember which pocket you put it in…

The SeV has adjustable cuffs, magnetic closures for the pockets and windflap, removable hood and sleeves, key holder, and plenty of room to store everything from your keys to your Moleskine notebook.

More pockets than you’ve ever dreamed of: The SCOTTEVEST

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Usually posts some very interesting stuff like this. If you?re new to this site.

Usually posts some extremely exciting stuff like this. If you are new to this site.

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