Domain Expert Available to Comment on Hewlett Packard&aposs Intent to Acquire Exstream & Recent Consolidation in the Output and ECM Markets

BURLINGTON, Mass., Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ --

BURLINGTON, Mass., Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ –

Why: On January 22nd Hewlett Packard announced that it signed a definitive agreement to acquire Exstream Software LLC, a privately-held provider of enterprise software that streamlines the creation and delivery of personalized documents and other communications materials. This news follows closely on the heels of the December 27, 2007, announcement whereby EMC announced it will acquire publicly-held Document Sciences Corporation in a transaction valued at $85m.

These recent acquisitions demonstrate that large content management and printing manufacturers now recognize the value that document output management solutions bring to organizations and how these solutions have evolved to become a necessary part of business processes. This deal is also expected to make the software stock analysts and industry pundits that have previously ignored the output sector to take notice, particularly as stock markets are in flux and IT company valuations are under pressure.

Experts expect that vendors involved in distributed print management, centralized print stream, mail sorting, fulfillment and transformation, report generation, personalization and document generation software will merge in order to produce more integrated systems and offer their customers additional business value.

What: An opportunity to understand what these acquisitions mean to users and why large organizations such as HP and EMC are now offering these solutions to their customers. StreamServe, a leading global provider of dynamic document composition, management and delivery solutions, enables organizations to deliver personalized customer communications, including 1to1 marketing campaigns across a variety of channels while bolstering revenue.

More specifically, StreamServe can discuss: — What these recent acquisitions mean to the industry and to business to business and business to consumer marketers: the pros and the cons. — The benefits of document output and transpromotional solutions: why do content management, printers and document design mega-vendors care? — Major trends surrounding the move to electronic, dynamic customer communications and what CRM managers need to know. — Current and future ways of delivering live, dynamic 1to1 communications and what it means for organizations and consumers. — Environmental benefits resulting from document consolidation and 'smarter' customer communications.

StreamServe enables organizations to automate, personalize and deliver customer-centric documents in any format, and through any channel, and allows organizations to deepen brand-awareness, improve customer communications across channels and offer targeted messaging that lead to cross-sell and up- sell opportunities. Unlike other offerings, StreamServe customers realize additional revenue gains and business process efficiencies as a result of its open architecture design, which enables companies to leverage existing enterprise systems and integrate seamlessly with archival systems.

With StreamServe, organizations can adopt transpromotional solutions that turn static documents into relevant, dynamic, and highly engaging communications. StreamServe enables its customers to turn costly materials such as bills, statements, etc. into a revenue generating mechanism as organizations begin to "sell" whitespace to complimentary vendors or business partners such as a car dealer who can sell space on its monthly car payment statement to a third party vendor such as an automobile insurance company or car security provider such as On-Star or Lojack.

Forrester Research analyst Craig Le Clair defines transpromotional solutions as a growing segment that combines transactional and promotional content in order to leverage predictable and long-term customer communication. Put simply, transpromo documents put marketing messages (the more personalized the better) on transactional statements, which makes it more likely a customer will see the promotions because roughly 95% of people open and look at their bills and statements.

Headquartered in Burlington, MA with 15 offices worldwide, StreamServe has more than 4,900 customers in 130 countries, including Agis Insurance, BMW France, Plantronics, and Siemens Financial.

Who: Mr. Chris Stone, president and CEO of StreamServe and Recognized Technology Visionary

Chris Stone, president and CEO of StreamServe Inc., is responsible for all global operations. Prior to StreamServe, Mr. Stone spent a 6 year cycle with Novell, first as executive vice president of corporate strategy and development, and then as vice chairman, Office of the CEO. Mr. Stone also founded and was CEO of two previous companies. The first was the Object Management Group, the largest software development standardization group and creators of the CORBA software standard. The second was Tilion, Inc., which developed a software service to present a unified view of the logistics supply chain for the Web. He also worked in development and product management for Data General (now EMC) for 9 years.

Mr. Stone has been recognized for his achievements in a variety of publications. In 1999, Ziff Davis Publishing named him to the list of "Smart Top 50" people in High Tech; in 2001 Red Herring named him to their list of "Top Ten Entrepreneurs," and in 2003 he received the overall Top Innovator and Top Linux Award from VarBusiness Magazine.

Mr. Stone serves on the advisory board of Wasatch Ventures, The Massachusetts IT Advisory Board (gubernatorial appointment) and other small software companies. Mr. Stone holds an AMP/MBA from Harvard Business School, and an undergraduate degree in computer science from the University of New Hampshire.

When: Interviews are now available. To schedule one on ones with Chris Stone, journalists and analysts may contact:

Chris McCoin or Richard Smith McCoin & Smith Communications LLC at 508-429-5988 (Chris) or 978-433-3304 (Rick) chris@mccoinsmith.com or rick@mccoinsmith.com

Note to editors: If you are interested in viewing additional information on StreamServe, please visit the company at www.streamserve.com.

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