IOGEAR&aposs New PCPortal Allows Users to Work on Home and Office Computers From Anywhere in the World

IRVINE, Calif., March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- With IOGEAR's PCPortal, mobile professionals can now access their home or office computers from across the globe, as if they were working on the machine directly.

IRVINE, Calif., March 10 /PRNewswire/ — With IOGEAR's PCPortal, mobile professionals can now access their home or office computers from across the globe, as if they were working on the machine directly.

The product requires an Internet connection, Web browser and IP address of the desired computer's router to establish communication, and can access multiple machines when connected through a USB KVM switch. Ideal for IT consulting firms and small- to medium-sized businesses, the solution is completely hardware-based, eliminating the need for a working operating system on the local PC to use it. PCPortal also enables users to troubleshoot machines that are not functioning properly, change BIOS settings or select an appropriate operating system in a multiple-boot situation.

Computer administrators do not have to worry about vulnerability issues, as the device ensures secure access through a username and password login, as well as SSL 128bit encryption. It supports up to eight users, two of which can log on simultaneously, to foster collaboration. PCPortal's message board feature also allows for better communication and cooperation between its users.

"In the event a computer is not functioning properly, users need to be able to access the machine to alleviate the situation, even when on-site assistance is not possible," said Miranda Su, executive vice president of IOGEAR. "PCPortal's ability to communicate with distant computers over an Internet connection makes it feasible for individuals to work on their PCs from anywhere, at anytime."

The device features a USB 2.0 Virtual Media Port, allowing Windows(R) XP users to attach a USB Flash Drive and use it as if it were plugged into a local USB port. They can then transfer files and stream media between local and remote computers.

The two applications needed to access PCPortal run directly from the unit, a Windows client working with DirectX(R) 7 and a Java client using Java2. This spares the user from pesky software installations as well as carrying around multiple software discs. Additionally, the Java client is compatible with DOS, Linux, Novell(TM), Unix and Windows.

PCPortal (GCN1000) is priced at $499.95 (MSRP) and available immediately from all major catalog and online resellers, as well as select retail outlets. It comes with IOGEAR's limited three-year warranty.

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