PacketMotion Unveils First Security Appliance to Deliver Detailed, Real-Time View of User Activity Inside the Network

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 2, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- PacketMotion, Inc. today announced PacketSentry 3.0, the industry's first security appliance that lets businesses track user behavior inside their networks in detail, allowing them to identify improper actions and respond to them instantly.

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 2, 2008 /PRNewswire/ — PacketMotion, Inc. today announced PacketSentry 3.0, the industry's first security appliance that lets businesses track user behavior inside their networks in detail, allowing them to identify improper actions and respond to them instantly.

In this era of heightened concern about insider behavior, corporations seek solutions that can efficiently provide a real-time, detailed and concise picture of user activity. With PacketSentry, customers can see — for the first time — the precise details of each user's activity on the network, such as which files, folders and databases they access. The system tracks user behavior across all major server and application platforms in an enterprise and delivers this detailed insight in a format that managers and security staff can easily use.

The system provides pre-defined reports that summarize relevant data capturing recorded insider activity for security and compliance purposes. With PacketSentry, administrators can also create detailed rules to implement security and compliance policy. The system is also unique in its ability to deliver this information in a simple, consistent and intuitive format that allows IT and security staff to act immediately, rather than spend their valuable time analyzing massive amounts of uncorrelated data.

"Until now, no vendor has been able to offer this level of detail about what users are doing as they access critical resources across applications and platforms," said Paul Smith, CEO of PacketMotion. "To capture and distill this level of detail at gigabit speeds, we've created an advanced architecture that runs on an array of the latest Intel multi-core processors that can deliver this level of performance and insight for the first time. As a result, our customers can use this technology as an accurate and efficient solution for risk management and compliance."

The new PacketSentry 3.0 system flags potentially risky and compromising actions by alerting security and IT staff to policy violations, delivered with the necessary context to quickly decide the proper course of action. The appliance records the details of user behavior in a seamless, intuitive manner to streamline investigations and legal discovery. IT and security professionals can also rapidly deploy white list policies to tightly control access to sensitive data and resources.

PacketSentry offers an ideal way for corporations to address compliance requirements and reduce business risk from misuse of vital resources. For example, auditors require measures that monitor IT administrators, who have complete access to everything on the network, to ensure they respect security policies. Businesses must track users at risk for compromising intellectual property, including employees about to leave and contractors and offshore consultants who operate outside normal corporate authority. As employees embrace emerging collaborative tools, businesses must also ensure that restricted information is not posted to wikis and forums or in instant messages in violation of internal controls.

The PacketSentry system can be quickly and cost-effectively deployed since it does not require any changes to existing networks or require logs or agents. It comes with a number of pre-defined reports to readily support audit needs, as well as the ability to customize reports for specific use cases related to internal policies or compliance regulations. Results from beta installations show that the appliance can be installed and delivering results in as little as two hours — with no impact to network or application performance.

"Despite advances in identity and access management technologies and reporting tools, internal security and governance remains a critical and vulnerable area for most organizations," said Earl Perkins, research vice president for market research firm Gartner, Inc. "There is a clear need for stronger internal monitoring, validation and enforcement to reduce the business risk of system downtime, security breaches, loss of intellectual property and compliance failure."

The new security system consists of two elements: the PacketSentry Probe, one or more of which are deployed in the network to monitor and apply policies to network user transactions, and the PacketSentry Manager, which receives information on network activity from the probes and controls the system. Its 44 processing cores combine with an advanced rules engine to deliver deep packet inspection at gigabit LAN speeds, a feat that has only become possible through the emergence of multi-core processors.

PacketSentry 3.0 will be available April 7, 2008 in the United States and Canada, and it can be purchased directly from PacketMotion, http://www.packetmotion.com. Pricing starts at approximately US$100,000 for a 1-gigabit-per-second system. The system will be on display in Booth 148 at the RSA Conference 2008 in San Francisco, which takes place April 7-11.

About PacketMotion

PacketMotion is the developer of the industry's first security appliance that gives businesses the ability to see user activity inside their networks as it happens, allowing them to identify improper actions in real time and to instantly respond. The PacketSentry system captures extremely detailed information on what people are doing on the network and presents it in an intuitive manner so that decisions on how to respond can be made before any damage is done. PacketSentry works with an organization's existing infrastructure and processes to cost-effectively safeguard assets, automate compliance and governance practices, and reduce business risk. PacketMotion is based in Silicon Valley, with funding from Intel Capital, Mohr Davidow Ventures and ONSET Ventures. For more information, visit http://www.packetmotion.com.

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