Bond Art + Science Designs Innovative New Site for Signal Patterns

NEW YORK, May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Bond Art + Science, a digital services firm, designed a new website and innovative user experience for Signal Patterns.

NEW YORK, May 28 /PRNewswire/ — Bond Art + Science, a digital services firm, designed a new website and innovative user experience for Signal Patterns.

Signal Patterns has created a groundbreaking survey-based technology that helps people learn about their personalities and preferences in greater detail than ever before. In addition to crafting their digital brand identity and building their corporate and consumer-facing site, Bond developed Signal Patterns' unique survey results interface, which the company is patenting. People who take the surveys can easily explore their results and compare themselves to others.

"Signal Patterns came to us with a very difficult challenge: To take extremely complex, data-intensive ideas and translate them into a fun and easy-to-use experience," said Karen McGrane, Senior Partner at Bond Art + Science. "We made the process of taking the surveys much more enjoyable, and also made the experience of viewing people's results completely interactive. It's satisfying to work on a product that helps people learn more about themselves and connect with others in meaningful ways."

"We had a challenge making our very complex data understandable and accessible to people," said Ran Zilca, CEO and co-founder of Signal Patterns. "Bond appreciated the rigorous science that informs our technology and designed a user experience that made our results easy to grasp and fun to explore. We've received a lot of positive feedback on the interface they developed, and are in the process of patenting it," Zilca continued.

Currently in private beta, Signal Patterns can be found at http://www.signalpatterns.com.

About Signal Patterns

Signal Patterns develops social web applications that characterize and connect users to each other based on their interests, personality and preferences. With these applications, users can discover more about themselves as well as make connections to like-minded individuals, while content sites and social networks can increase their own user engagement. Signal Patterns' patent-pending technology results from a unique combination of in-house behavioral science research and data mining expertise. Founded in 2006, Signal Patterns is based in Pleasantville, NY.

About Bond Art + Science

Bond Art + Science is a digital services firm located in New York City. Bond's Experience Design practice helps clients create meaningful bonds between technically complex, information rich digital services and the people who use them.

Bond primarily works with clients in financial, media, and retail industries by delivering strategy, design, and development services.

Bond Art + Science was founded in 2006 by four veterans of the interactive services industry. Bond's partners have honed their skills over more than 15 years and more than one hundred interactive engagements. Bond's partners have managed and participated in teams that designed the first corporate intranet, the first online banking application, the largest online trading service, the first multi-platform unified messaging system, and the first Linux-based mobile touch screen user interface. Bond's experience gives it unique insights and strong instincts about strategies and designs for the ever-evolving digital landscape. Bond is passionate about helping clients realize the value of digital technology.

Bond's partners also publish the award-winning web site, http://www.coolhunting.com.

Bond's clients include Nike, Microsoft, Conde Nast, Fast Company, CK Media, Cut&Paste, and Signal Patterns.

To inquire about a career with Bond, please submit a resume to info@bondartscience.com.

Contact: Evan Orensten, 212 226 6344 or info@bondartscience.com. Bond Art + Science is located at: Bond Art + Science 38 W. 21st Street 3rd Floor New York, New York 10010

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