OpenSAF Foundation Expands With Industry Leaders – Announces Developer Days

Growing support for the OpenSAF Open Source, HA middleware project creates demand for education to accelerate participation

Growing support for the OpenSAF Open Source, HA middleware project creates demand for education to accelerate participation

DANVILLE, Calif., June 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The OpenSAF Foundation, an association of leading Communications and Computing Companies today announced that Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. ("Huawei"), China's leading NEP and Rancore Technologies (P) Ltd. have joined the OpenSAF Foundation. OpenSAF also announced Developer Days, a gathering of developers and implementers of OpenSAF software, to help new contributors and users ramp up quickly on the software base.

"Huawei's and Rancore Technologies' participation in the OpenSAF Foundation demonstrates the growing global support for the OpenSAF project and the increasing interest in a broadly adopted, open source, high availability base platform middleware," said John Fryer, President of the OpenSAF Foundation. "With an expanding contributor base, the technical leadership of the project has created the "Developer Days" event with the intention of bringing the developer community together to broaden technical knowledge of the project and accelerate enhancements of the code base."

The technical leadership of the OpenSAF Open Source project is organizing the Developer Days on October 15th & 16th 2008 in Munich, Germany. This is a gathering of technologists who are interested in learning more and sharing their knowledge about HA Middleware, the existing OpenSAF software, the underlying SA Forum(TM) specifications, the overall architecture, and how to contribute to the project. Developer days will consist of lectures, seminars and round table discussions.

About OpenSAF

OpenSAF is an Open Source Project established to develop a base platform High Availability middleware consistent with Service Availability Forum (TM) (SA Forum(TM)) specifications and SCOPE Alliance profiles. The OpenSAF Foundation was established by leading Communications and Computing Companies to facilitate the OpenSAF Project and to accelerate the adoption of the OpenSAF code base in commercial products. The OpenSAF code is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1 (LGPL v2.1). Anyone can participate in the OpenSAF project by downloading the code, subject to accepting the terms and conditions of the LGPL v2.1 license.

For more information about OpenSAF please visit www.opensaf.org

For more information about Developer Days please visit: http://www.opensaf.org/OpenSAF-Developer-Days,-October-15th-&-16th~159966~14944.htm

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