FTS Launches Leap(TM) Billing & CRM

HERZLIYA, Israel, July 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- FTS (LSE: FTS), a global provider of Billing, CRM and Business Control solutions for communication and content service providers, today announced the launch of Leap(TM) Billing & CRM - the next generation of its converged billing & CRM solutions.

HERZLIYA, Israel, July 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — FTS (LSE: FTS), a global provider of Billing, CRM and Business Control solutions for communication and content service providers, today announced the launch of Leap(TM) Billing & CRM – the next generation of its converged billing & CRM solutions.

The product suite has been designed to inherently unify billing and CRM information, providing a holistic view of all customer events and billing events, and enabling in-depth service personalization. Based upon a process-driven design, the solution offers unparalleled flexibility, empowering service providers to quickly launch and easily manage multi-service offerings in-house, in real time, without vendor intervention.

Leap Billing & CRM is an end-to-end converged solution based on telecom-specific business processes that reflect the industry's best practices. The solution allows new business practices to be instantly implemented, and new services, bundles and promotions to be rolled out immediately, without involving costly billing and CRM integration projects. In this way, Leap Billing & CRM offers a long-term, viable solution to the ever-evolving needs of telecom providers.

"With knowledge-driven personalization becoming a critical differentiator in the multi-service environment, service providers need to quickly implement ever more specific business processes and business rules," said Teresa Cottam, Associate Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason, and author of The Next-Generation Bill: Commercial and Technical Strategies. "Being able to do this in-house in real time, without the vendor's intervention, is compelling because it eliminates a time-consuming and often costly stage in the delivery chain."

"While many solutions try to offer integration between billing and CRM systems, Leap Billing & CRM is a truly unified solution that improves customer experience and gives the control back to the service provider," said Amos Sivan, CEO, FTS. "Service providers can now offer their customers a much more personalized service, while maintaining full control of their business processes, as new products, bundles and promotions no longer require lengthy integration projects or external resources."

FTS' Leap Billing & CRM enables service providers to respond quickly and flexibly to each billing or customer event, taking full advantage of all existing CRM and billing information to increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction:

– Leap Billing & CRM has been designed from the ground up as a converged solution. – Using a unified product catalog that centralizes product offerings across billing, CRM and order management, Leap Billing & CRM enables service providers to easily define new bundles in-house. This means they can respond immediately to market trends and differentiate themselves from their competitors. – The platform utilizes SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Oracle's BEA market leading Aqualogic(R) BPM (Business Process Management) engine to provide an open and highly flexible solution. – Leap Billing & CRM offers a holistic view of all customer and billing events, ensuring efficient, effective, and seamless customer and account management. – A unified desktop tool for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), with a single view of all customer information, removes the need to navigate between multiple interfaces. Aside from enhancing efficiency, this also maximizes the value of each customer, boosting cross-sales and up-sales processes while improving customer satisfaction with service personalization. – FTS' Leap Billing & CRM takes personalization one step further with multi-service billing capabilities, flexible convergent charging, and real-time customer self provisioning. – Leap Billing & CRM also comes complete with FTS' patented Do Tree(TM). The Do Tree offers business control by combining in-depth business analysis with the ability to define business rules that are automatically executed when triggered by specific network, customer or balance events.

About FTS

FTS (LSE: FTS) is a leading provider of Billing, CRM and Business Control solutions for communications and content service providers. By analyzing events from a business standpoint rather than just billing them, FTS allows providers to better understand their customer base and leverage business value from every event and interaction. FTS deploys its full range of end-to-end, stand-alone and add-on solutions to customers in over 40 countries and has implemented solutions in wireless, wireline, cable, content and broadband markets including multiple cross-network installations. Serving the evolving needs of both traditional and next generation providers, the company's operations comprise four international R&D locations and strategically-located sales support offices worldwide. In 2007, FTS was voted the 'Most Promising Company' at the prestigious TeleStrategies Billing and OSS World industry event. For more information please visit http://www.fts-soft.com/.

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