The Glide OS World Development Program Launches in 28 French Speaking Countries

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/-- Today the Glide OS World Development Program (GWDP) is launching localized French language versions of Glide's powerful and low cost mobile computing solutions for 28 countries.

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/– Today the Glide OS World Development Program (GWDP) is launching localized French language versions of Glide's powerful and low cost mobile computing solutions for 28 countries.

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"We are excited today to launch the Glide OS in French to help advance social and economic development in all of the 28 countries around the world with significant French speaking populations," said TransMedia's Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka. "The GWDP provides powerful mobile productivity and collaboration applications to promote entrepreneurship and economic opportunity using the existing hardware and networks already available in these countries today. The GWDP is an important resource for French speaking people all over the world serving to help keep them connected with their respective homelands and communities regardless of where they live or travel."

GWDP French Speaking Countries Launching Today: Belgium http://www.GlideBelgium.org Benin http://www.GlideBenin.org Burkina-Faso http://www.GlideBurkinaFaso.org Burundi http://www.GlideBurundi.org Cameroon http://www.GlideCameroon.org Canada http://www.GlideCanada.org Central African Republic http://www.GlideCAR.org Chad http://www.GlideChad.org Comoros http://www.GlideComoros.org Democratic Republic of Congo http://www.GlideDRCongo.org Djibouti http://www.GlideDjibouti.org France http://www.GlideFrance.org Gabon http://www.GlideGabon.org Guinea http://www.GlideGuinea.org Haiti http://www.GlideHaiti.org Ivory Coast http://www.GlideIvoryCoast.org Luxembourg http://www.GlideLuxembourg.org Madagascar http://www.GlideMadagascar.org Mali http://www.GlideMali.org Monaco http://www.GlideMonaco.org Niger http://www.GlideNiger.org Republic of Congo http://www.GlideCongo.org Rwanda http://www.GlideRwanda.org Senegal http://www.GlideSenegal.org Seychelles http://www.GlideSeychelles.org Switzerland http://www.GlideSwitzerland.org Togo http://www.GlideTogo.org Vanuatu http://www.GlideVanuatu.org

About The GWDP

The mission of The GWDP is to empower People worldwide with their own online and mobile technology platform to promote social, education and business development and exchange. The GWDP distributes powerful productivity, social and business networking and e-commerce technology to People to strengthen community bonds, advance classroom and distance learning and facilitate entrepreneurship and commerce across borders in the new mobile world economy.

The GWDP Description of Service

The GWDP supports People wherever they reside with a community based mobile convergence platform that provides full access to their personal files and information from a mobile phone, computer or television screen.

The GWDP provides individuals and businesses with advanced mobile productivity, communication, collaboration and distribution software to promote the global exchange of information, products and services and facilitate commercial transactions. The GWDP promotes: 1) Individual Empowerment with a complete suite of productivity, communication and collaboration software for computers and mobile phones; 2) Community Building with secure rights based social networking and group management tools; 3) Enterprise Building with secure rights based business networking, project management and e-commerce technology; and 4) Cross Platform Compatibility.

Glide is device and network neutral and supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris,

Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile and other platforms. Glide's productivity applications are fully compatible with Microsoft, Apple and Linux software.

The vast majority of Glide's advanced features can be accessed online from a mobile phone or from a browser on any computer (at an Internet Cafe, Business Center etc.) effectively providing each Person with a personal online computer and community network. Glide's advanced mobile applications leverage the widespread distribution of cell phones and mobile networks, greatly reducing the need for the purchase of expensive personal computer hardware and traditional software and enabling People to participate fully in the new mobile online economy.

Many People today live outside of their homeland seeking economic opportunity and the means to support family members living back home. The Glide platform serves to increase social and economic exchange and strengthens community relations across national borders.

About the Glide OS Key Glide Applications — "One" Version 3.1 (Synchronization for Linux, Mac, Solaris, Windows, Glide Remote Desktop Computing) — Glide Mobile (Full Suite of Glide Applications for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile) — Glide Photo Editor — Glide Write (Word Processor) — Glide Presenter (Presentation Application) — Glide Crunch (Spreadsheet Application) — Glide Ad-Free Email — Glide Groups & Projects — Glide Meeting — Video, Audio & Text Chat With Integrated File Sharing — Glide Calendar — Glide Contact Manager — Video Jukebox — Music Jukebox — Slideshow Creator — Widgets (The Cube, Calculator, Stickies, RSS Reader, Weather, Music Player etc.) Glide's Rights-Based Platform

The entire Glide System (including all Glide applications) is governed by a rights management system.

— User Assignable Rights — File Viewing (Set Number of Views) — File Download (Set Number of Downloads) — File Upload (Limits MBs, GBs) — File Transfer (Between Accounts) — File Modification (Non-Destructive, Version Control) — Group / Project Management (Manage participants, rights and other group and project parameters) — File Computer Sync Access (for offline group collaboration) — Parental Controls (for children from ages 1 through 12) — File uploads and transfer require parental approval — Individuals must be pre-authorized by parent and added to a "child safe" contact list to communicate with child — Children can only view "child safe" files, contacts and locations — Graphical child-friendly user interface with integrated drawing tools and child created desktop themes — "Child Safe" portal content — Content Identification — Media Fingerprinting — Content owners determine user sharing and use rights

Automatic Device Identification and Compatibility Engine

Glide's automated device recognition and trans-coding system makes it possible to share virtually any file with virtually anyone overcoming proprietary hardware and software barriers when sharing files with family, friends and colleagues. Glide makes it possible for individuals and families to purchase virtually any combination of computers and smart phones and be compatible with each other and with work.

— When shared with others, files are automatically converted and delivered in the appropriate format and optimal size — Glide's automated device identification and compatibility engine functions within Glide's communication, collaboration and productivity applications — Glide provides support for over 250 file formats Glide Mobile Device Support (Over 75 Devices) — Apple iPhone / 3G iPhone / iPod Touch — BlackBerry Pearl (8100, 8120), Curve (8300, 8330), 8700, 8800, 7100 — HP iPAQ, hw6510 — HTC Vogue, i-Mate, Touch and Touch Dual, AT&T Tilt 8925, T-Mobile Shadow, Cingular 8125 (8100) — Kyocera Neo E1100, Strobe — LG VX8100, VX8300, VX8700, enV2 — Motorola Ming, Razr V3, Razr2, SLVR, ROKR, Q, Q9c, Z9 — Nokia E61/E62, N95, N800, 6102i, 6300, 6682, 9300 — Palm Treo 650, Treo 680, Treo 700P, Treo 700W, Treo 750, LifeDrive, Centro — Samsung Blackjack, A707, D807, A920, Verizon FlipShot SCH-U900, Instinct — Sony Ericsson w600i, w810i, Z750a — T-Mobile SDA, SideKick, Wing Press Contact: Marcus Farny, +1-212-675-6664 ext. 105, press@transmx.com, TransMedia: http://www.transmediacorp.com, Glide OS: http://www.GlideOS.com, Glide Mobile: http://www.GlideMobile.com

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