IceWarp Server Version 9.3 Provides Enhanced Security, Simplified Management and a User Friendly iPhone Interface

WASHINGTON D.C. METRO AREA, Aug 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Approximately 80,000 businesses and institutions already deploy IceWarp Server. Those familiar with the field of Messaging regard this platform to be among the very best - offering a powerful solution in a suite that is extremely budget-savvy.

WASHINGTON D.C. METRO AREA, Aug 7 /PRNewswire/ — Approximately 80,000 businesses and institutions already deploy IceWarp Server. Those familiar with the field of Messaging regard this platform to be among the very best – offering a powerful solution in a suite that is extremely budget-savvy.

Reliable – Secure – Powerful – Scalable – Flexible

These descriptors are commonly attributed to IceWarp Server. When it made its entrance nearly a decade ago, all the established Messaging platforms focused on a handful of broad issues and hardly any of the finer ones. Usability, manageability and attention to security were nowhere to be found on the landscape.

However, all that changed when IceWarp entered the scene. Then called Merak Mail Server, IceWarp Server quickly devoted itself to changing the status quo, aware that Messaging had to be forward thinking, more committed to the end user and more secure. This was IceWarp's guiding principle from the start, and is what keeps IceWarp Server on the vanguard to this day. The result is an end-user base of roughly 50 million strong.

That growing number has a lot to like about version 9.3 of IceWarp Server. Yet again, IceWarp proves that power and security can coexist with easy management, usability and affordability. In all, there are some 400 new features and changes from the previous version – a minor release by IceWarp standards, but all designed to serve the interests of both the system administrator and the individual user.

This is just some of what IceWarp Server version 9.3 includes:

An Intuitive iPhone Interface

IceWarp WebMail is already acclaimed for being the first webmail solution on the market to fully integrate webmail directly with the email server. Now, with its new iPhone interface, iPhone and iPod Touch users have secure mobile access to their messaging.

"IceWarp is heavily focused on untethering end users from the desktop," said Christopher Grady, CEO of IceWarp, Inc. "This isn't just a nice feature that companies like to have. It's a feature they need to have in order to be competitive and agile in today's market."

Many things make the iPhone interface effective and intuitive: — Users can compose email using a roomy onscreen QWERTY keyboard — Folder and item tabs are large, clearly marked and well-organized — Navigation between items is simple and easy — Subject Headers and Sender Names are prominently labeled — Email can be blacklisted or whitelisted — WebMail design is attractive

Though every business sees a relationship between their bottom line and IceWarp's mass appeal, ISPs in particular appreciate the server's devotion to the end user. Because they bundle IceWarp's components directly into the services they provide to their customers, ISPs know that the user's experience with IceWarp is not to be taken lightly.

The beauty of the iPhone interface is more than skin-deep, however, because beneath the sleek and intuitive skin are all the essential webmail components – the inbox, outbox, draft folder, spam folder, and list of contacts. IceWarp also made sure to include the convenience of a Fast Reply button, and the ability for users to access IceWarp Calendar.

IceWarp Server version 9.3 is Faster, More Stable and Secure

Since IceWarp is no stranger to emerging technologies, version 9.3 incorporates PHP 5.2.6 – which ensures that IceWarp WebMail is a more stable, more secure environment.

While IceWarp WebMail is already one of the most robust elements of the IceWarp Server, it has just been turned it into a more stable experience through the inclusion of FastCGI, a multi-process engine. With FastCGI, IceWarp now enables automatic PHP recovery as part of its processing, and delivers a level of performance above standard CGI.

More Anti Virus Power for Enterprise

IceWarp Server version 9.3 advances virus protection to the next level, giving businesses the ability to use IceWarp Server as a central anti virus mirror. Updates are delivered directly from their server for distribution to other servers and clients.

Streamlined Data Management

As any system administrator knows, information storage is one of the most demanding server-related tasks and much of it unnecessary in the messaging world.

"The cost of archive management doesn't really come from the cost of the necessary physical infrastructure or services," said Christopher Grady. "It's derived from the man-hours businesses devote to handling the endless stream of information to be archived."

In fact, because the cost of data management can quickly get out of control, IceWarp Server version 9.3 handles archiving better than any previous version by providing the option to excluding spam from the system's archive.

In addition, IceWarp's new built-in Log Analyzer makes it easy for the system administrator to find events in any log file.

Simple Migration

IceWarp has always made migration an easy process via a smart proxy. Even with prior versions of IceWarp Server, no downtime was required, email continued to run smoothly in both directions, and clients did not need to reconfigure settings.

However, realizing that it must remain progressive, the IceWarp Team has eliminated yet another step in the migration process. Now, automated migration auto-subscribes user folders when IMAP accounts are migrated, ensuring a more fluid experience for end users.

For companies switching to IceWarp Server, ease of migration is but the first of many benefits they will realize. Businesses that do not currently use IceWarp Server can get a FREE 30-day fully functional trial by visiting www.IceWarp.com.

About IceWarp, Inc. – IceWarp Server is premium Messaging platform that provides a full range of services, including secure Email, WebMail, Anti Virus, Anti Spam, GroupWare and Instant Messaging.

Because IceWarp Server is so scalable, it is the engine of choice for many SMBs and enterprises. It boasts many industry firsts, including:

— First mail server with integrated webmail — First mail server to support One-Click Backup and Restore — First mail server to support SSL — First fully integrated multi-threaded anti virus — First fully integrated anti spam — First groupware solution with an API, based entirely on ODBC

About IceWarp Version 9.3 – IceWarp 9.3 works with both Windows and Linux to deliver a stable, secure, highly scalable and easy-to-administer business messaging solution. It incorporates PHP 5.2.6 and FastCGI, and is now compatible with Firefox 3.0 and Safari 3.0. Version 9.3 recognizes Mac- specific keystrokes, offers access to WebMail via PDAs, and includes an iPhone skin. In addition, 9.3 includes centralization of anti virus updates, excludes spam from archiving, and incorporates a built-in Log Analyzer.

Media Contact: Tom Occhipinti PR@IceWarp.com 1-888-ICEWARP Ext 1212

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