Marching Penguins: Monitoring Your HPC Cluster

Getting into Ganglia for a scalable and flexible solution to the problem of cluster monitoring.

As the proud System Administrator a shiny new cluster sits in front of you, a nice set of LINPACK results are complete, and a bunch of jobs running through the queues. Things are good, users are happy, and you can catch up on all those other projects you have pending. Then you get an email: “Why are my jobs slow?” Or a project manager comes by and wants to know if the expensive new hardware is actually being used. Perhaps you are trying to plan for the coming year and need to know the recent usage trends. Monitoring your systems to establish a set of baseline figures and current performance information can help with each of these problems.

The idea of “monitoring” is somewhat overloaded (much like the word “clustering” itself). In High Performance Computing (HPC), most attention is paid to the utilization and performance metrics of compute nodes, rather than focusing on service availability and problem notification. This article will focus on the former, while programs such as Nagios and OpenNMS are excellent at handling the latter.

For the purpose of this article, it is assumed that you have access to a working cluster; a functioning web server with mod_php (including GD support); and are comfortable with basic administration tasks, Apache configuration, and using command line tools. The commands below were run on CentOS 5 and Gentoo systems, but the general concepts should apply to all common Linux distributions (and most other UNIX-like operating systems as well).


Monitoring itself can be broken down into two broad parts. The first is actually determining which metrics are needed and then collecting that data from the hosts. Some of the most commonly tracked metrics are CPU usage, memory consumption, network bandwidth, and disk I/O stats. These provide different indications of how well a system is performing, and may indicate where there are potential problems or performance bottlenecks. Once the data have actually been acquired, the second task is presenting the information in a meaningful way for analysis.

Linux provides a large number of utilities to access data about the system. A few common tools are vmstat, iostat, and netstat, although there are many others. These programs are typically geared toward non-interactive use—an important consideration for continuously monitoring systems. Programs that are interactive in nature (like top) will not work well unless they have some form of batch mode that is easily parsed. Some programs, such as sar and atop, have data collection modes and can produce detailed reports on a wide range of metrics. When all else fails, it is possible to pull numbers directly from the /proc or /sys filesystems, although you may need to manipulate the raw data to get usable information. For example, the various “CPU %” values are actually calculated from values found in /proc/stat.

Almost all metrics can be reduced to a number, or collection of numbers, marked with a timestamp; these are then stored for later retrieval. Storage formats can range from the simple (a plain text file) to the complicated (a set of fully normalized SQL tables). The RRD format used by rrdtool was designed to store metric data, and it is very well suited for this task. Ganglia (more below) makes extensive use of RRD files for its data storage.

For basic monitoring, vmstat is a natural place to start. It can tell us a great deal about the system, and it reports at regular intervals. The commands in Listing One tell vmstat to report every 5 seconds and print the column header line only once (normally, it displays the header frequently enough to have it displayed once per terminal). The first three lines are unnecessary for our current purpose since lines 1 and 2 are column headers, and line 3 reports average values since the last system reboot. Unfortunately, vmstat will not show load averages, but we can work around this with help from other programs.

To do this, we tell awk to print a timestamp for each line, and also grab the contents of /proc/loadavg (which stores the current load average). Finally, the output is sent to the tee command so that the output is displayed on STDOUT and saved to the vmstat.dat file. Normally, a simple file redirect is sufficient to just store the data. For each of these programs, please check their respective man pages for details on usage, command syntax, and output format.

$ vmstat -n 5 | awk '(NR>3){getline load < "/proc/loadavg"; print systime(), $0, load }' | tee vmstat.dat
1196738925 0 1  188 138820 254824 674948  0  0   2  0 3470 9566 35 11 54 0 0.46 0.38 0.52 1/140 31493
1196738935 1 0  188 123972 263420 674948  0  0  860  0 3648 9876  6 12 0 82 0.63 0.41 0.53 2/140 31493
1196738945 0 1  188 99296 273700 674976  0  0 1029  0 3708 10016 6 13 0 82 0.68 0.43 0.54 1/140 31493
1196738955 1 1  188 89716 281340 674976  0  0  764  0 3654 9921  6 10 0 84 0.73 0.45 0.54 1/140 31493

The example in Listing One stores the data in a single ASCII flat file. The advantage to this format is simplicity: the data are immediately available, and no special tools are needed to extract it. The disadvantages are just about everything else. Storing numbers as raw text is not an efficient use of disk space, and for very large files, reading and processing the data can take significant amounts of time. No metadata is kept, and the files need to be managed in such a way that it is known what data they represent. For example, in the output file above, unless it is known that data came from vmstat, we have no way to be sure what it represents. For very simple (and perhaps temporary) monitoring, flat files work fine. For serious data collection, a more robust solution (such as using RRD files or a true database) is worth considering.


The amount of data collected in even a small cluster can quickly become unwieldy, and making sense of it is the other half of “monitoring” (and indeed, the whole point!). As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Taking the data from vmstat, we can send it to gnuplot to get an idea of system performance during this period of time. The vmstat and awk commands above produced a file with twenty-one different metrics, plus a timestamp; it becomes obvious why managing many different metrics can be a challenge. In the present case, we want columns 1, 14, 15, and 18, which refer to the timestamp, user CPU%, system CPU%, and 1-minute load average, respectively. See the sidebar on gnuplot at the end of the article for details on plotting the data.

Figure One: Plot of data from vmstat and /proc/loadavg

As the plot in Figure One shows, the system was fairly busy at the time: several virtual machines were running, and a number of large software packages were being compiled. The high level of system CPU time is due mainly to heavy disk I/O and overhead from the virtual machines. Notice that the load numbers nicely track CPU usage.


As is frequently the case in the open source world, someone else has already written software to solve the problem, and monitoring clusters is no exception.

Ganglia consists of several components designed specifically for the different aspects of monitoring, collecting, and displaying metrics from HPC systems in an efficient and scalable way. It was originally written by Matt Massie at the University of California, Berkeley (unsurprisingly, Ganglia was released under a BSD license), and is actively maintained by a small group of developers. Ganglia is used by commercial, educational, government, and non-profit organizations across the world to monitor some of the largest clusters currently in operation. A partial, but still impressive, list of organizations using Ganglia can be found on the Ganglia homepage. The current stable release is ganglia-3.1.0. This new release has a number of improvements over the previous 3.0.x series, including a new modular interface for adding metrics directly to gmond (with C and Python bindings), the addition of several new core metrics, and a number of display improvements. While the screenshots below were taken using version 3.0.5, the setting up a new Ganglia 3.1.0 installation is essentially the same.

Installing Ganglia is straightforward, and most recent distributions provide packages; some RPMs are also provided for download from the SourceForge website. However, if packages are not available or out of date, tarballs can be found on the Ganglia homepage. The web frontend will needs Apache, mod_php, and PHP must have GD support. Otherwise, the common mantra of “configure; make; make install” should work fine. To install the web frontend, simply copy the “web” directory into the Apache document root and rename it to “ganglia”. See Listing Two below.

$ tar xzf ganglia-3.0.5.tar.gz
$ cd ganglia-3.0.5
$ ./configure --with-gmetad
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ sudo cp -r web html_docroot/ganglia

As shown in Figure Two, there are four main parts to Ganglia

  • gmond is responsible for collecting a basic set of core metrics (CPU usage, basic network and memory stats, etc) about the local machine. The gmond daemons send data out over multicast (by default) or unicast to other gmond daemons within the cluster. This way, each daemon can track the global state of the cluster at any time, and any one of them can provide a complete report to gmetad.
  • The gmetad daemon is the heart of the system. It collects metrics from one or more gmond daemons and stores them in RRD files for later retrieval. gmetad can also poll other gmetad instances for summary information on other clusters. This is known as “federation”, and is useful for creating summary views of discrete, but related, clusters.
  • A web frontend built on PHP is used to actually display the data. When each page is loaded, the PHP scripts will request relevant data from gmetad in order to generate the page requested. There are a number of pre-made reports that provide very useful views into the workings of the cluster as a whole, and custom reports can be written. The web frontend does not need to run on the same computer as gmetad, but it does make configuration simpler.
  • For metrics not directly supported by gmond, Ganglia includes the command line program gmetric to track additional metrics. These are reported to gmond, which passes them to gmetad along with the built-in statistics. New in the 3.1.0 release is the ability to extend gmond directly by writing modules in C or Python.

Figure Two: Ganglia Overview

Each compute node will need a gmond process to collect data, and the master node (or adminstration node) will need to run gmetad. Gmond listens for incoming requests from gmetad on TCP port 8649 and sends and receives multicast traffic on address, port 8649. The gmetad daemon listens on TCP ports 8651 and 8652. If there are problems using multicast, make sure that the IP routing table is configured to handle multicast traffic correctly.

Just about anything that can be quantified can be passed to gmetric. For example, to count the number of unique users logged into a system and feed that into Ganglia, the shell script in Listing Three will work.

USERS=`who | awk '{print $1}' | sort -u | wc -l`
gmetric -n users_loggedin -v $USERS -t uint8 -u Users

The command line options -n (name of metric), -v (value of the metric) and -t (metric datatype) are required for each call to gmetric. The -u option indicates the units for this metric; its use is optional, but recommended.

For devices that cannot run gmond directly, it is possible to use gmetric to send data on their behalf. This ability to “spoof” reports from other hosts permits Ganglia to monitor data from embedded systems, proprietary hardware, and other devices. For example, many uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) have internal temperature sensors and support network management cards with built-in SNMP agents. Covering SNMP is well beyond the scope of this article, although there are a number of excellent resources online (see the References sidebar). Assuming you have snmpget from the Net-SNMP project, temperature data from the UPS can be fed into Ganglia using the script in Listing Four below:

# Name and IP address of the UPS, and OID.
# The OID is specific to APC hardware,
# but other vendors provide similar support.
TEMPERATURE=`snmpget -O qv -c public -v 1 $IP $OID`
gmetric -n temperature -v $TEMPERATURE -t int8 -u 'deg C' -S $IP:$UPS

This script should be suitable to call from crond on a regular basis. Ganglia expects metrics to be updated once every 60 seconds, but this can be adjusted if needed, depending on the expected behavior.

Notice that the datatype used in this example is “int8″ instead of “uint8″ from the previous example. This indicates that Ganglia, via rrdtool, should use a signed 8-bit integer for storing the temperature data, as opposed to an unsigned 8-bit integer for logged-in users. Temperature can be negative–although it hopefully never gets that cold in the datacenter. The number of users will never be negative, so an unsigned integer will work. This script can easily be expanded to poll for other information, such as the UPS’ outgoing amperage or incoming voltage. Integer and floating point datatypes up to 32 bits long are also available.

For this article, I created a small 4 node cluster using virtual machines. There is one head node and three compute nodes, each with one single-core CPU. While no powerhouse, it works wonderfully for demonstrations. Each of the compute nodes is running gmond, and the head node runs gmond, gmetad and the web frontend.

The default configuration files for gmond (“/etc/gmond.conf”) and gmetad (“/etc/gmetad.conf”) should work without modification. However, for a production install of Ganglia, change the data_source setting in “gmetad.conf” (See the comments in the file, if you are running a gmond on the head node, then localhost will work.) and the cluster { name = "unspecified" } entry in “gmond.conf&quot to match. Also look at the various access control measures supported by both daemons, especially if using the spoofing feature.

The screenshot in Figure Three shows the Ganglia installation running on the test cluster. Ganglia displays a great deal of information in a fairly compact space. The top of the webpage provides a general overview of the cluster plus CPU, memory, and network statistics. When a host is offline, that is indicated as well.

Figure Three: Ganglia in Action

The bottom section of the webpage shows per-node statistics, with one graph per system. The default settings show the 1-minute load. The nodes are sorted in descending order, so busy nodes are listed first. This choice can be changed via the “metric” drop-down field displayed at the very top of the page. The coloring of the chart is always based on the current 1-minute load, divided by the number of CPUs. Thus, a load of 1.02 on a single-CPU box is colored red, whereas a load of 2.06 on a box with 8 cores is colored light green. A detailed page on a specific host is available by clicking on the per-node chart for that host or by choosing the node specifically from the “Choose a Node” drop-down menu, also at the top of the page.

The timescale is the same for all of the charts, making it easy to correlate different metrics. For example, at about 01:10, node2 went offline. The number of available CPUs and amount of memory reported by Ganglia both dropped to reflect this. Also in the load report, there was a drop in the 1-minute load from about 3.0 to about 2.0. This makes sense, since the value displayed is the sum of all 1-minute loads across the cluster, and each of the two nodes reports a load slightly less than 1.0. The other reports will show similar changes when a node goes offline, although in this test the effects are subtle.

For HPC systems, monitoring performance metrics is an important part of making sure that clusters are running well. There are many different ways of managing and displaying the data, and the specific one chosen will depend on many different factors. Ganglia provides a scalable and flexible solution to the problem and is well worth considering. It is also possible to write a custom solution using command line tools and custom scripts. While perhaps not as quick a solution to deploy, writing such a program will teach you a great deal about your system, and there is much to be said for learning something new.

Sidebar: Gnuplot

Gnuplot is a surprisingly powerful program, and over the course of many years, I have kept coming back to it. I
have frequently done data analysis in other programs with built-in graphing functions (including OpenOffice Calc and Microsoft Excel), but often export the data to gnuplot for analysis and presentation.

Below are the commands to plot the data from vmstat and /proc/loadavg. The various set lines
define the chart parameters and tell gnuplot how to deal with the data. The plot and replot statements actually draw lines on the chart.

These lines tells the program to pull data from the “vmstat.dat” file, using column 1 as the x-axis value (which you will recall is
the timestamp), and columns 14, 15 and 18 for the y values then connect them with lines (gnuplot has a very wide range of plotting styles). For the two replot lines, there are also several additional parameters to adjust the line
color and appearance.

Consult the Gnuplot documentation for more complete explanations and examples.

set key inside left top
set xdata time
set timefmt "%s"
set format x "%H:%M"
set xlabel "Time"
set ylabel "CPU %"
set ytics nomirror
set y2label "Load average"
set y2range [0:]
set y2tics 1
set my2tics 0.5
plot 'vmstat.dat' using 1:14 \
  title 'user cpu%' with lines
replot 'vmstat.dat' using 1:15 \
  title 'sys cpu%' with lines \
  linecolor 3
replot 'vmstat.dat' using 1:18 title 'load 1' \
  with lines linecolor 7 linewidth 2 \
  axes x1y2 smooth bezier


Comments on "Marching Penguins: Monitoring Your HPC Cluster"


does ganglia notify if one node goes down in cluster?


Ganglia handles monitoring, but not notification. Several people have written small “glue” programs to link Ganglia and Nagios, and this comes up on the mailing list periodically (search for “nagios”, “alterting”, and “XML Parser for Gmetad”). http://www.mail-archive.com/ganglia-general@lists.sourceforge.net/

Additionally, the company GroundWork Open Source has a product that specifically ties together Ganglia, Nagios, and several other programs into a single integrated system that supports both monitoring and notification. See http://www.groundworkopensource.com/community/downloads/plugins-download.html for details.

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c, after which step by step increasing that donation proportion over the years.We had gone for a weekend to Catalina Island the year before and had a an amazing and romantic time. It’s mostly rock of course, but there’s also pop (I Don’t Know How To Love Him) classical (John 1941) charleston (King Herod’s Song) and opera (The Last Supper)! My other favorites are “Getsemane” and “Everything’s Alright”. Failure to qualify for Euro 2008 has hurt the image of the national game significantly and has left many questioning how it has gone so wrong. Hello, Dolly – very delightful musical with a farcical plot about a widow who puts her hand on matchmaking penniless clerks.

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Author’s Resource BoxKristen Friend is the art director at the graphic design company, Luckynine Design. And we train you to mine these memories, helping you to explore and analyze them. Don’t go on filling till the top as yet and stop at the level where you’d like your plants roots to settle. Allow the mixture to stand 5 minutes or until it begins to bubble. Place the loaf on the floured area, cover loosely with plastic wrap and let the dough rise 1 hour or until it is double in size.

Swimming.There is additionally a degree to do not forget that not each prognosis of an illness will end in a payout of the policy. If you believe that a recently deceased family member died in a wrongful death situation, call a local personal injury attorney and let him/her examine your circumstances, in order to help you understand the laws and clear up all your questions.com <mailto:Fyu3@juno.Singh joined my associates and me for dinner, which gave us the opportunity to get a much better understanding of Indian Culture and Food. You can't "freeze" if you want to participate in the game of love. 2. On the same note, you want your lessons and activities to be fun.5.However, like stated before, you don't need to buy a game system to do them.
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The statute of limitations in each state sets the quantity of time during which you can file a suit.6..There are 2 dining rooms with framed Indian Pictures. Few could argue that the English Premier League is the most financially successful league in the world as well as being one of the most exciting to watch with a very high standard of play. Yes, we particularly love our own.Also, leg extensions do not mimic a real life use of the leg, and the leg extension machine is perhaps one of the worst machines in the gym. You may be surprised that you can still do it. The actual stroke is automatic from here onYou do not need to think about the force of the stroke, and in fact it probably hurts to do so.8.
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us of the nurous hilarious rcials by simply Dog als moossu. The foxtrot is a all the rage dance currently because it is professional by long and smooth schedule which are a specific of the slow-quick-quick rhythm. That is essentially the most convenient appr??Last Week, the specific Shanghai Whole World Expo Okazaki , Japan, screen specifications within Yangtze Stream Adult Ed, Mr. The Foxtrot is one of the most misleading dances as it looks very easy, but is one of the most difficult dances to do. Often, of course, this is far from easy and many of us will have spent hours walking up and down the aisles of shops looking in vain for some vaguely decent gifts for children. medical organizations recommend screening mammography for girls forty and more mature, claiming the process lowers breast cancer mortality by twenty to 35 % in females ages 50 to fifty nine and slightly less in females 40 to 49 at fourteen years follow-up. You can aess the entire of Live Online Chat as well as its free talk rooms no registration needed within the forum. A similarly enjoyable present is table-top air hockey an arcade classic that you can now play in your own front room! This favourite from years gone by is certain to provide hours of entertainment and will be a present theyll play with for years. Though children are often more than obliging when it comes to providing rather extensive lists of toys and goodies they would ideally like to receive on their birthday, finding items on this list that you would actually like to buy them is often tricky to say the least. tickets for you to Gulf Island H2o Park.

” Jiang listed your very first legislation, a person’s “antennae” and “smell” the real respiratory : task, described as ecosystem-breastfeeding “ecological eliminate”, utilize sun’s rays, air as well as , rainwater, limit a powerful natural signifies. Articleby Staff WriterThe Sports Network is the largest privately owned international sports information wire service in North America, providing hundreds of clients, and literally millions of viewers world-wide, with up-to-the-minute sports information, ranging from NFL to Rugby, MLB to Cricket and virtually everything in-between.b.Make sure you keep any items related to your sports collectible or sports memorabilia. StageDoorAess.I have had my puter afflicted by a worm three tis even with a “guard” and when, the puter “crashed”.Then we have the over all baseball memorabilia and sports collectors who will grab anything from a sketch of Tiger Woods to a vintage Los Angeles Lakers team photograph. The websites which charge you a one ti fee offer unlimited downloads to we. Friends and families become united in this game. Due to the great power of the web, you now have that amazing possiblity to make money online.

Any day when the Sun is pled in its own Hora. You will even find out that baseball memorabilia and sports collectibles have spread into the Christmas decorations, with entire villages and decorations for the tree to the roof of your sports fans home. Mercury – countants, book sellers, tehers, authors and the mathematicians. One’s destiny of predominantly let you know machinery, most notably to name consequentially snap a smile the particular “simple electronic camera”, is predicted to take place in later life including “everyday living sturdy vertical structure”, additionally 30 distinct tools. Author Resource:-MysticBoard. Then we have the over all baseball memorabilia and sports collectors who will grab anything from a sketch of Tiger Woods to a vintage Los Angeles Lakers team photograph.The foxtrot is a greful and passionate dance that is more challenging than more forms of ballroom.First to take word about on-line banking is that it permits folks to conduct bank transtions at the consolation and privateness of their very own hos at any ti they want. You can stand here facing the sea and imagine yourself back in those days watching a ship sail off to discover India or America. Now you can change the blocks simply by swiping your fingers over the cubes surface and the clever little cube can even give hints and tips should you get stuck! Other great electronic games that children are sure to love include the pac boy LCD game another modern take on an old classic and the desk top finger drum kit hours of fun though guaranteed to send everyone else in the room mad!Last but not least, if your little darlings are really mischievous little terrors, then without question the present for them would have to be the Dennis the Menace catapult! Though perhaps not much fun for nearby adults, kids are sure to love practicing their aim by hitting the fake cans and with tomato shaped foam balls provided hours of entertainment without a doubt!Author Bio: To find out more regarding our range of gifts for children, please visit our website at
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Yes he is; President that is. This person was Paul Van Doren, and with his dream of manufacturing shoes and selling them directly to the public.We tell unbelieving friends he is a flying cat.The Chicago Sky of the Womens National Basketball Association plays at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion.The calories available per capita in the U.
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You’ve got to establish credibility and make it clear:- You’re a real person, not a scam artist- You can help solve people’s business problems- You possess skills, knowledge or talents you can teachOnline, people join business opportunities like BeachBody because:- The person learns something about how to grow a business from a blog post they’ve read or a video they watched- The person starts reading every email by the content producer, and they start checking out their blog and Facebook posts more. I don t find it invasive because, well, it doesn t get much use.Your body controls the amount of free testosterone through a protein called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). Young people get confused about the rules and more tempted to try to bend them when the adults in the house are on different pages. Greatest thought out right here would be to label every shelf.2010 | Author: 101NigelWoz | Category: Vacations You e finally saved up the money to take that dream family vacation ?the one you hope you and your kids will remember for a lifetime. Luck, so-called, is often grasping the psychological value of a break in the game, and turning it to your own account.”"Nine years? You’ve got to be kidding. But if trained, most people with a little better then average intelligence, can learn how to fly. If you ?e hungry for something more elaborate, you ?l have to call room service ?and that means a 20 minute wait (at least!), an extra charge just for bringing already expensive hotel food, and of course you ?e limited to what on the menu.
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Live Inter broadcasts including pay-per-view events normally employ more advanced technologies than spy inter cams.e. That is essentially the most convenient appr ??Last Week, the specific Shanghai Whole World Expo Okazaki , Japan, screen specifications within Yangtze Stream Adult Ed, Mr. The most auspicious mont to nce the education of the subject is the Puyami, Dhanistha and the Sravana. Nevertheless, the value in the process is challenged by two Danish scientists who reviewed the major clinical trials of screening mammography declared that five of the seven trials had been flawed which none shown that it saved lives.co. The foxtrot is still the most current ballroom dance of all.Official Michael Kors Handbags Online Store brings all types of discounted michael kors handbags wallets straight away with Fast Delivery, Safeguarded Payment & Awesome Customer Care. The foxtrot is a all the rage dance currently because it is professional by long and smooth schedule which are a specific of the slow-quick-quick rhythm. Sports Activated spoke to Mickey Charles back in 2008, at a time when he had predicted a major trend in mobile content delivery at which point TSN had established various partnerships with technology providers and was positioned to expand their content services in Asia (and eventually Africa and Europe) with an initial focus on soccer.

If you have never had a puter “crash”, it’s the most destructive things that could happen. Friends and families become united in this game. One’s destiny of predominantly let you know machinery, most notably to name consequentially snap a smile the particular “simple electronic camera”, is predicted to take place in later life including “everyday living sturdy vertical structure”, additionally 30 distinct tools.c. They may opt to equip with dance late on in their careers.Lavish climax, pointless to say, software, this type of go walking upright vacuum cleaner, the main automatic robot are classified as the violin with regards to degree shown incredible rubbing guitar strings, ribbon proficiencies. It has some of the best holiday villas and cottages, beaches and protected natural areas full of wildlife and birds, set amongst the most stunning natural landscapes.The university has a big accommodation facility which gives a familiar environment to all global students. A New beh along together with a lake total the tual experience. But, unfortunately we constantly overdo and let our hunger to hunger for more and more.
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This is often accompanied by a total lack of discipline and self-control.FloridaLeisure. The forward facing design is further complemented by its two-tone styling, featuring a polished silver tone stainless steel bracelet and bezel which are offset by two elegant gold tone buckles where the bracelet meets the case. It was a seemingly impossible get.The buyer of a “call” option obtains the right to purchase a specified quantity of a security from the seller of the option, at a stated “strike price”, and at any time on or before the contract expiration date. He will expect you to try it again, and will not take the risk next time. Even better if you can give a choice: Would you like Tuesday afternoons, or Saturday mornings? (I forgot to do this maybe you ll remember. search engine optimisation copywriting services are the virtual bank provider, taking good care of your content material, while you keep busy with your core tasks.Tongkat Ali has been used in SE Asia for centuries as a libido booster for both men and women. Now I know about Nintendo Wii Fit and it’s a great idea.
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