Information Concepts Launches Cloud Computing Practice

HERNDON, Va., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Information Concepts is pleased to announce the formation of its Cloud Computing practice.

HERNDON, Va., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Information Concepts is pleased to announce the formation of its Cloud Computing practice.

Customers who take advantage of this offering will lower their operational costs by leveraging large computing resources from Google and other providers to deploy and run web applications. Solutions will offer instant scalability to unlimited users with no upfront hardware or licensing costs.

"This is the next major paradigm shift in architecting custom software solutions," said Wayne Beekman, Co-founder of Information Concepts, "By launching this practice, we are positioning ourselves to be the go-to firm for developing applications that use Cloud Computing offerings from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft."

Information Concepts has defined the cloud computing market into 3 segments, Application, Platform, and Infrastructure Services. The initial direction of this practice is to create solutions using Platform services from Google and Infrastructure Services from Amazon.

This solution will eliminate the need for Information Concepts' clients to procure and provision web servers to roll out new applications. This will save thousands of dollars in hardware, licensing, and operational costs. Information Concepts' baseline architecture maintains corporate data within the customer's data centers and uses XML-Based Web Services to connect the cloud platform to the corporate data bases.

"Many of our clients find it very expensive and time consuming to roll out a web application. Even with virtualization, their data centers are full, and many over-purchase web servers to address what they project may be a peak load for the application," said Cary Toor, Co-founder of Information Concepts, "Once applications do get rolled out, the cost of maintaining and licensing the web servers, whether they are hosted, virtualized, or co-located continue to grow. Our Cloud Computing solutions eliminate most of these costs."

For example, with Amazon's Web Services you only pay for what you use. You can dynamically scale your system up and down depending on immediate requirements and only pay for resources when you need them.

"I am so excited about our firms' capabilities to lower our clients' costs by using our proven methodologies for Fixed-Priced software development," said Mary Pam Hardy, Manager of the Cloud Computing practice. Ms. Hardy recently joined InfoConcepts to educate firms on how to take advantage of these tremendous computing platforms while maintaining their IT investments.

Cloud Computing has made headlines in the past few months with Google recently launching the Google App Engine (GAE). Google has spent years developing infrastructure for scalable web applications. GAE makes this infrastructure available to all developers on the same infrastructure that powers Google's own applications. GAE's goal is to make it easier for developers to build for the web while giving users more accessibility and power.

Information Concepts Inc., a 26 year old, DC-Area based Fixed Price custom software development firm. Information Concepts provides fixed-price solutions utilizing a variety of architectures and platforms, from mainframe to client-server to web applications. For more information on Information Concepts, please contact Veronica Kennedy at vkennedy@infoconcepts.com.

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