Crossbeam Systems and IBM Deliver Industry-Leading Network IPS Performance as Validated by Third-Party Test Results

Independent Testing Lab Opus One Validates that Crossbeam's Next Generation Security Platform Powers IBM Proventia Network IPS to 40 Gbps Even Under Extreme Load and Attack Conditions

Independent Testing Lab Opus One Validates that Crossbeam's Next Generation Security Platform Powers IBM Proventia Network IPS to 40 Gbps Even Under Extreme Load and Attack Conditions

BOXBOROUGH, Mass., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/Crossbeam Systems today announced the results of independent performance tests conducted by Opus One of the IBM Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) running on Crossbeam's X-Series Next Generation Security Platform – the combination delivers the industry's highest performing network intrusion protection solution. The X-Series platform running the Proventia Network IPS provides customers with a highly scalable solution capable of reaching 40 Gbps of inspection throughput while maintaining the strongest protection.

"The Crossbeam X-Series platform combined with the IBM Proventia Network IPS is a powerful solution, capable of handling very high traffic and attack loads not just at an Internet boundary but deep in the core of both enterprise and service provider networks," said Joel Snyder, senior partner at Opus One.

The Crossbeam-IBM solution delivers double the throughput of comparable products' published 'data sheet' performance. "While most IPS vendors base their performance claims on ideal testing scenarios," Snyder said, "the Crossbeam-IBM solution faced rigorous tests that are reflective of real customer environments."

Customers can rest assured that the IBM Proventia solution on Crossbeam's Next Generation Security Platform will easily meet their security performance and scalability needs as their network traffic grows. IBM ISS Proventia Network IPS stops malicious Internet attacks before they impact organizations, effectively preserving network availability, reducing the burden on IT resources and preventing security breaches. IBM Proventia IPS solutions are based on the proactive security intelligence of the IBM X-Force(R) research and development team – the unequivocal world authority in vulnerability and threat research.

"The Opus One test results provide third-party validation of what we are seeing in real-world deployments with Crossbeam: The IBM Proventia Network IPS for Crossbeam offers the best in intrusion prevention, while meeting the strict performance, reliability and scalability specifications of large enterprise and carrier customers," said Greg Adams, business line executive at IBM Internet Security Systems. "This report documents the value of the IBM security convergence strategy and delivering on our commitment to portability, scalability and trustworthiness."

Crossbeam enables customers to consolidate their security infrastructure on a scalable security platform that virtualizes the delivery of best-of-breed security applications, while maintaining the carrier-class properties of the underlying infrastructure. The virtualization, consolidation and performance benefits of Crossbeam's X-Series allow customers to achieve optimal performance of the IBM Proventia Network IPS in complex network environments, even as multiple security applications such as firewall, content gateways and others and are added to the platform.

Proof is in the Opus One Test Results

The IBM Proventia Network IPS was stress tested on Crossbeam's X80 platform by independent testing lab, Opus One, a highly respected third-party validation service for network devices and security products. The goal of the test was to determine the performance of the IBM Proventia Network IPS on Crossbeam's high-performance hardware while under heavy loads and the most extreme attack conditions. The Opus One tests used a mix of typical network traffic as well as worst-case attack scenarios, including onerous all-HTTP traffic with various page sizes, mixed-protocol traffic and multiple types of attack traffic (up to three percent of total traffic, which is considered to be an extraordinarily large percentage by many industry experts), to maximize stress on the Crossbeam-IBM solution and simulate greater than normal real-world traffic conditions.

The benchmark results included numerous significant conclusions, such as:

— High Performance – IBM Proventia Network IPS running on Crossbeam's X80 Next Generation Security Platform is an extremely powerful security solution for enterprise Internet boundary services and service provider core networks that is capable of blocking malicious attacks under very high traffic loads. In unburdened tests with UDP traffic, a fully populated Crossbeam X80 platform delivered throughput of nearly 40 Gbps with full IPS inspection capability and no lost traffic. The net result: The Crossbeam-enabled IBM solution delivers the industry's highest-performing intrusion prevention as validated by an independent testing agency under real-world conditions.

— Real-World Linear Performance Scalability – The Crossbeam-IBM solution exhibits near linear scalability in IPS performance and network protection. As additional application blades (APMs) are added to the X-Series, the Crossbeam-IBM solution, using a typical mix of internet traffic, including a substantial level of attack traffic, provides an efficient path to scale to an unprecedented 19 Gbps in IPS "real world" performance.

"Opus One provides highly credible evidence for the Crossbeam-enabled IBM solution, demonstrating substantially better performance than competitive offerings," said Jim Freeze, chief marketing officer at Crossbeam Systems. "In real-world scenarios where security must contend with a wide range of unpredictable traffic loads and network demands, Crossbeam's Next Generation Security Platform delivers on the promise of the best in security and performance. We are committed to adhering to these high standards and will continue to work with all of our best-in-class security ISV partners to meet the evolving needs of customers."

These test results follow on the heels of recent Crossbeam-IBM news in April, announcing the IBM Proventia Network IPS for Crossbeam – a joint solution aimed at large enterprise and carrier markets. This high-performance network IPS enables customers to integrate the IBM Proventia Network IPS with firewalls and other security applications on the Crossbeam X-Series chassis (see press release: http://www.crossbeam.com/company/press_releases/press_release_08_04_22.php)

About Crossbeam Systems

Crossbeam Systems, Inc. transforms the way enterprises, service providers and government agencies architect and deliver security services. The basis of Crossbeam's solution is its Next Generation Security Platform, a highly scalable hardware platform that facilitates the consolidation, virtualization and simplification of security services delivery, while preserving the customers' choice of best-of-breed security applications. Crossbeam offers the only security platform that delivers unparalleled network performance, scalability, adaptability and resiliency. Customers choose Crossbeam to intelligently manage risk, accelerate and maintain compliance, and protect their businesses from evolving threats. Crossbeam is headquartered in Boxborough, Mass., and has offices in Europe and Asia Pacific. More information is available at: www.crossbeam.com

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