German Pension Fund Moves to Linux on the Mainframe Using Clerity&aposs UniKix Software

Rehosted CICS-Based Application to Play Major Role in Helping Deutsche Rentenversicherung Meet 350 Million Euros Annual Cost Reduction Goal

Rehosted CICS-Based Application to Play Major Role in Helping Deutsche Rentenversicherung Meet 350 Million Euros Annual Cost Reduction Goal

CHICAGO, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ – Clerity Solutions, Inc. (Clerity), a leading full-service provider of mainframe migration and modernization solutions, has announced that four divisions of Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV), the organization responsible for administering the pensions of all private and publically employed citizens in Germany, are moving their key pension fund management application from CICS on z/OS to UniKix Transaction Processing Environment (UniKix TPE) software running on a mainframe Linux partition.

In order to address rising social security costs, Deutscher Bundestag, the German Parliament, enacted a law mandating that the annual costs of administering all pension funds in the country be reduced to 10% below 2004 levels by the year 2010. This reduction is expected to represent an approximate savings of 350 million Euros a year and will help offset the growing funding levels required as the national average life expectancy continues to increase.

To meet this federally mandated goal, DRV Baden-Wurttemberg, DRV Hessen, DRV Saarland, as well as DRV Knappschaft Bahn See have elected to rehost their central pension management application, known as the Gemeinsames Rentenversicherungs System (GRVS), to UniKix TPE software from Clerity running on a mainframe Linux partition.

"Given the timeframes we faced and the complex nature of GRVS, rehosting proved to be the safest path forward with the greatest return on investment," said Falk-Oliver Bischoff, Head of Information Technology at Deutsche Rentenversicherung Baden-Wurttemberg. "CICS has a long history at the DRV. Clerity's UniKix technology allows us to safely replicate the close interaction between CICS and COBOL and deliver complex calculations on a more cost-effective mainframe Linux partition."

Operating on a 1,200 MIPS mainframe, DRV Baden-Wurttemberg, DRV Hessen, and DRV Saarland share the responsibility of administering the pension funds for citizens in those states of Germany. DRV Knappschaft Bahn See administers a 4,000 MIPS mainframe with the pension funds of all German workers in the mining, railway, and shipping industries running in an 800 MIPS partition. Rehosting their CICS-based GRVS application will enable these divisions of the DRV to shift approximately two-thirds of their total MIPS workload from z/OS to Linux, a move expected to dramatically reduce annual software licensing fees without sacrificing GRVS functionality or service levels.

"Clerity was the only vendor who proved they could deliver the robust software technology required for our complex GRVS implementation," added Bischoff. "UniKix technology will help us meet our cost reduction goals without retraining end-users or disrupting current operations."

Approximately 3.5 million lines of code and 2,500 CICS-COBOL programs, serving up to 5,000 simultaneous users, will be moved during this project. Since GRVS maintains life-long data for all workers in its system, the detailed calculations it performs will need to be replicated on the UniKix TPE and Linux on System z partition.

"This project represents a major step in the continued evolution of UniKix technology," said Brandon Edenfield, president of Clerity Solutions, Inc. "By delivering CICS on z/Linux, Clerity customers who want to continue leveraging their mainframe hardware can still reduce software licensing fees and protect their legacy investments."

DRV Baden-Wurttemberg, DRV Hessen, DRV Saarland, and DRV Knappschaft Bahn See expect to complete the rehosting of GRVS by the end of 2008 and are on schedule to go into production on the Linux on mainframe partition in early 2009, ahead of the 2010 deadline. To read the full DRV project announcement, visit http://www.clerity.com/success.

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