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Perhaps the most versatile, feature-rich web browser available today is on your Desktop and you may not even know its name.

For those of you who have been using KDE since its introduction, may remember the original file manager kfm. It was only around for the debut version of KDE. By KDE 2.0, it was replaced with Konqueror. Since that time, Konqueror has remained an integral part of KDE as a file manager but is so much more. A rule-breaker by definition, Konqueror is a file manager, a web browser, a universal viewing application, a client for many protocols, and the most customizable of KDE applications.

Konqueror the File Manager

Konqueror’s first job is as a file manager and it is one that it does so well. It has all the standard copy, cut, paste, delete, create, and undo functions you’d expect from a file manager. Standard file manager features just scratch the surface of Konqueror. A closer look reveals that Konqueror can open almost any type of file on your filesystem, including those that have proprietary file formats. PDF files, for example, are opened inside Konqueror with no external program, like xpdf, to assist.

You can expand the already vast list of file associations by going to Settings->Configure Konqueror->File Associations. Search for the association before you add it to see if it already exists.

File Manager Features

  • Copy, Cut, and Paste via Drag and Drop or Menu
  • Right-click Menu for File Operations
  • Able to open and view a variety of file types

Open Konqueror, which can be found under Applications->Internet, and note that the file opened by default is /usr/share/doc/HTML/index.html. Unless you have changed the default location, this file should be related to your Linux distribution. This is how Konqueror works as a file manager–by opening a file on the filesystem using the explicit path in the Location (URL) field.

To see another example of how Konqueror works as a file manager, type /etc/passwd into the Location field. You probably noticed that when you get as far as /etc/, the address bar fills with all files and directories under /etc. If you simply enter /etc and press Enter, you will see a list of files and directories as you might expect to see in any file manager program (See Figure One).

Figure 1: Browsing /etc Files
Figure 1: Browsing /etc Files

The Browser Wars

Mosaic opened the door.

Navigator showed us the way.

Explorer taught us to fear.

Opera sang its own song heretofore.

Lynx handles the text-based fray.

Konqueror’s time is here.

Konqueror the Web Browser

As a web browser, Konqueror is pretty standard fare and is HTML 4.01 compliant but it still lacks some advanced and desirable features found in other browers. Whether or not these additional features are standard doesn’t seem to matter to most users; they are used to the non-standard features and they want them included in [insert browser name here]. An example of a missing non-standard feature is ALT text doesn’t show up when hovering over an image in Konqueror. There are also some sites, like yahoo.com for example, that don’t play well with Konqueror. You will get a reminder like the one shown in Figure 2 that you should use an updated browser.

Figure 2: Yahoo.com's Konqueror Diss
Figure 2: Yahoo.com’s Konqueror Diss

Browser Features

  • HTML 4.01 compliance
  • ECMAscript 262 (JavaScript) support
  • Java compliant
  • Supports CSS 1, 2.x, and 3
  • Bidirectional (bidi) Script Support
  • SSL Support

Konqueror works like most other browsers until it comes time to install a browser plugin. To install a plugin, you will most likely be redirected to a download for the plugin in source or rpm format. Install the plugin, restart your browser and, in most cases, you will be able to use the plugin without issue. Netscape plugins should all work without issue and are enabled by default.

Web Shortcuts

Web shortcuts are search engine abbreviations that you can program directly into Konqueror. For example, type in wp:Linux into Konqueror’s Location field and you will automatically be taken to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux. The shortcut wp is actually an alias for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search?search=\{@}&go=Go. You can see the list of preset shortcuts and build your own under Settings->Configure Konqueror->Web Shortcuts.

To build a new shortcut to search through Linux Magazine’s archives,

  1. Select New.
  2. Enter Linux Magazine in the Search Provider field.
  3. Enter http://www.linux-mag.com/search.php?q=\{@} into the Search URI field.
  4. Enter lm into the URI Shortcut field. Click OK twice.

The configuration will update automatically. Now type in lm:apache into the Location field and press Enter. Konqueror takes you to Linux Magazine’s website and automatically searches for apache. You will see a list of all articles that have something to do with apache displayed for you. There is no magic to setting up a generic search string. You need to go to the site you wish to search, perform a search and copy the search string (http://www.linux-mag.com/search.php?q=) and place \{@} as the string to match. Use a unique URI shortcut for the site and you are set. As you can see, web shortcuts will work with any site that has a searchable site index.

Comments on "Web Browser Hero"


I use konqueror all the time for a variety of tasks, although only rarely for web browsing. This article seems to refer to Konqueror/KDE 3.x, how have things changed in KDE 4.x? And why on earth is dolphin the preferred file manager for KDE 4??


Konqueror is great. The swiss army knife of KDE. I have heard this is changed in KDE 4 with Dolphin (still on KDE 3.5). From what I have seen, distros keep pushing KDE to be more like GNOME, which is garbage. Stay the course!


It’s extremely rare for me to find a page that doesn’t render correctly in both 3.5 and 4.0.

Konqueror uses KHTML (now WebKit in 4.0)- the same engine Safari uses, so you can basically render anything in Konqueror that can be rendered in Safari.

Also, to load pages like Yahoo that check the user agent: Tools> Change Browser Identification and they should load perfectly. (Use Firefox, Mozilla, or Safari)

Konqueror (for KDE 4) is also capable of the standard file management, just like Dolphin. I suppose you could use it as your default file manager, but Dolphin is an awesome file manager.


I often use Konqueror as a web browser when I don’t want to launch Firefox, for fear of hosing my internet connection for 5 minutes while I wait for all 188 tabs to load up. ;-) I also LOVE Konqueror’s customizable “Action” menus. There are TONS of them available from flipping, splitting, joining PDFs on the fly to batch auto resizing images. Not to mention writing my own! The only problem is in KDE 4 they’ve introduced Dolphin as the default file manager. I’m still not so sure about it. Dolphin definitely hasn’t shown to be a contender to Konqueror, IMHO.

codie hacka

Konqueror is an awesome tool all the way around, and is light to boot. Five stars for certain.


Truly a great and handy browser. One of the little ‘tricks’ I regularly use is to do a google search, simply type gg: followed by your search string. Too easy!


i still prefer konqueror over both firefox and dolphin. i would much have preferred if the dolphin guys had just added their great features (like the / filter and the breadcrumb navigation) onto the existing functionality of the konqueror file manager.

diverge then converge i say.


For me, one of the most powerful features of konqueror (and also of dolphin) is the ability to attach a terminal window to the browser and tie it into the directory window. It gives me all the ease of use of a gui and the sheer power of the command line. A fantastically powerful combination.

Oh yes and don’t forget the filesize viewer is great way of seeing instantly your disk usage.

Love it!!


One indispensable feature for me in file management task is the context menu “copy to…” and “move to…”. Simply amazing, and I’m with drteeth about the terminal window.

Fantastic program!


Looks (and sounds) like konqueror is to kde as explorer is to windows. This concept is nothing new…however, it appears to be more elegantly implemented in this instance.


I want KDE to due well as I don’t care for gnome. However, I’ve never been impressed by Konqueror. I get the impression that KDE is loosing ground, and pushing 2nd rate browsers doesn’t help. The KDE folks should work with the Mozilla guys to get proper integration of Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird. Then KDE really would have a top notch browser suite.


Konqueror (as file manager) rules!! :D (although for web browsing I tend to use Firefox)

Dolphin… suc… eeeehm… doesn’t rule that much… ;)


Thanks! The tip about using fish://… to mount remote directories has improved my life. When I wanted to use konqueror following an upgrade from Fedora 7 to 10, I found it was not installed by default. No problem, except it took some stumbling and searching to discover a way to install it on Fedora 10:

yum install kdebase


I choose konqueror to dolphin anyday anytime. At least in konqueror one had access to root file manager, not available in dolphin… u have to tweak and heave and ho before u can get it right, and fater that it usually does not read the root directory well. Konqueror for me anyday, anytime


i prefer konqueror as well.

dolphin has a few cool features that should have been integrated into konqueror, rather than a reinvention of the wheel. we’ve taken a huge step back and lost a lot of our advantage by not doing so.


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