Top 10 Software Development Articles of 2008

Software developers take note: We look back at 2008 and select the best Linux Magazine features of the year.


Developing for GPUs, Cell, and Multi-core CPUs Using a Unified Programming Model

The need to suddenly start developing parallel software poses a severe challenge to the entire software industry.
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Linux Scalability in a NUMA World

The numa library provides many tools for the programmer to control where programs are run and where they allocate memory.
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Developing Web 2.0 Apps with the Google Web Toolkit

Ajax development hurts, and is not recommended without a bottle of analgesics by your side. Luckily for us there are tools that can make developing Web 2.0 apps a breeze.
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MPI in Thirty Minutes

Learn how to obtain, build, and use an MPI stack for Linux machines. This tutorial will take you from “hello world” to parallel matrix multiplication in a matter of minutes.
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How to Develop Virtual Appliances Using Ubuntu JeOS

Ubuntu JeOS (pronounced “juice”) is an efficient variant of the Ubuntu Server operating system, configured specifically for virtual appliances. Soren Hansen and Nick Barcet discuss how to use JeOS to create your own virtual appliance to help distribute your applications.
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