Top 10 Sys Admin Articles of 2008

Collecting the best system administration articles posted to Linux Magazine in 2008.



Although its features and terminology may seem strange if you’re used to more traditional Linux filesystems, ZFS offers a great deal of flexibility.
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Communicating With the Other Half: NTFS Support in Linux

NTFS support has been slow in coming to Linux. But new drivers are now available that enable you to read from, and even to write to, NTFS partitions, including removable media formatted with NTFS. We show you how.
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Easy Backups with AMANDA

Using Amanda allows you quickly and easily implement a robust Open Source backup solution to almost any device, or even multiple devices simultaneously.
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Enhance Security with Port Knocking

The author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten left out (at least) one important lesson: Secret knocks are really, really useful. As kids, we’d use secret knocks to keep undesirables (the kids we didn’t like) out of our clubs or rooms. As system administrators, we can use secret knocks to protect our systems from crackers.
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Wizard Boot Camp, Part Six: Daemons & Subshells

More about processes and signals: writing daemons, suspending subshells.
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