Hitting The Wallet

This week it's your turn. How has the economy effected you HPC plans for next year? You are invited to participate.

In my previous column I spoke about some of the forecasts for the HPC market. I would like to expand on this issue a bit further. Actually, I would like you to expand on this issue a bit further. I also mentioned how some users are “hitting the wall” in terms of performance. Users are running codes on multi-core systems and seeing less performance. Now, I wonder how hard the recent economic downturn is “Hitting the HPC Wallet”. So rather than ranting about some HPC issue, I want to hear from you about your plans or your company’s plans for next year.

There are two ways to contribute. First, answer the poll just below the “Community Tools” box to the right. I have tried to craft it so that we get the most information out of one question. Please donate two mouse clicks to the cause. In addition, once you vote, you can see the results of poll. You may wish to check back as the number of votes are cast.

A second way to to help is to leave a comment about how you feel the economy is effecting next years HPC expenditures. Before you decline my invitation, let me explain what I would like to see. First, I am not looking for any company specific information, please be anonymous. It is important to mention the business sector (Pharma, CAE, CFD, Academic, Finance, Government, Oil and Gas, etc.) so we can get a feel for different areas of the market. Next, just give a few sentences about what you are experiencing by expanding on your answer to the poll question. It is that simple.

My goal it to capture some responses that may not show up on the fancy bar charts from the professional market watchers. Not that the bar charts aren’t worthwhile, but rather a few comments from the trenches are always helpful. There is no secret motive here. The poll and comments are open to the community for all to see. It is your chance to help the community get a sense of where we are in these uncertain times.

Of course you may have a good rant that needs airing. Those are welcome as well, as long as you stick to HPC. Although you may actually be an economist, our goal is the HPC market and not necessarily working out a way to get economy out of this mess — unless it involves HPC of course.

I have intentionally made this column short. Assuming you usually read the whole column, then you will have an extra 2-3 minutes to answer the poll question and provide a few comments. If we get enough responses, I’ll summarize them for next weeks column. Now get busy.

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