Secrets to Shrinking Your Storage for VMware

This brief looks at the challenge of harnessing storage growth within growing VMware environments based on input from third parties, analysts, as well as current VMware users. It also explores reports from NetApp and NetApp customers that claim the ability to shrink and reclaim VMware customer storage footprints by anywhere from 50% to 90%.

Virtual server environments powered by VMware have caused a revolution in the data center. The promise of VMware has allowed many organizations to achieve big savings in server capital costs, including power, cooling and management. But as virtual machines (VMs) proliferate, storage also increases, often at an alarming rate for organizations seeking to shrink their overall IT infrastructure costs. Learn how to effectively manage storage growth within a growing VMware environment and find out firsthand how NetApp and VMware customers are able to shrink and reclaim their storage footprints by 50% to 90%.

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