Event: The Law of the Commons

"I've Got A Penguin in My Briefs" Live: A full-day seminar presented by the Seattle chapter of the National Lawyers Guild

Everyone that enjoyed Steven Reiser’s article on moving his Seattle law firm to Linux and open source, “I’ve Got A Penguin in My Briefs,” might be interested to know that he will be speaking at a new event called The Law of the Commmons this month.

From Steven:

The Law of the Commons seminar will take place on the campus of Seattle University on March 13, 2009. Speakers include Eben Moglen from the Software Freedom Law Center, Cindy Cohn from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and various experts in “spamlaw,” technology transfer, IT standards, copyright, and the digital commons. The day-long seminar stitches together many threads of the commons: the historical perspective in a modern context, creative and artistic commons, software and intellectual commons, media, political, natural resources and telecommunications commons.

The law and technology have multiple and recurring points of intersection. At a time when prevailing orders are in disarray worldwide, this seminar will bring together law professionals, techies, geeks and various creative communities to examine better, more open ways to be creative in getting things done.

For additional information visit the website.

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