GNOME vs. KDE: The Final Smackdown

Two Linux desktops step into the ring. But in the end, there can be only one...


Ken: The announcer is headed into the ring…

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention?! Ladies and gentlemen and warring fanboy factions; Tonight we’ve had the privilege of witnessing one of the greatest exhibitions of power and heart in the history of Open Source Software!

Ken: He’s right Red. This has been one of the greatest nights in the history of Open Source.

Red: No doubt about it. But he’d better get on with reading the decision. GNOME and KDE both look like they need serious medical attention…

Announcer: …Judge Gil Bates scores the match eight-six KDE…

Ken: I have KDE coming out ahead as well, Red. What do you have?

Red: My money is still on GNOME.

Announcer: …Judge Steve Jobless scores it six-eight GNOME…

Red: See that? Looks like you may have to caugh up that twenty bucks you owe me, Ken…

Announcer: …and Judge Lintor Usvalds scores it seven-seven…

Red: Seven-seven?!?

Announcer: …A dead even draw between GNOME and KDE, ladies and gentleman; WE HAVE A DRAW!!!

Ken: A DRAW?!? I don’t believe it!!! A draw!!!

Red: Oh my goodness! Somebody needs to call for more security! The fanboys are beating the stuffing out of each other!

Ken: Yes, there is going be quite a scene in the emergency room later tonight! But a draw! Wow! What do you make of this, Red!

Red: Well, Ken, they entered the ring even, and they leave even. Although perhaps a bit wiser, one would hope.

Ken: Do you think these two will face-off in a rematch?

Red: Will they or should they?

Ken: Point taken. Ladies and gentlemen, from the Linux Magazine Arena, this is Ken Hess and Red Debuntu Volkersworth wishing you a good night, and a tomorrow filled with Open Source Software!

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