Combining Deduplication and VMWare Disaster Recovery: Cascading Savings Improves Cost Effectiveness

Many companies over the last year have been moving forward with server virtualization and storage consolidation to better support their engineering, manufacturing, and business needs. Deploying a combination of Citrix XenServer and NetApp® storage using NFS, can help accomplish this. This article describes the reasons to choose these solutions for your organization.

The shift from physical servers to consolidated, virtualized server infrastructures has had undeniable IT benefits. However, the rapid move to VMware has caused traditional approaches to disaster recovery (DR) to become outmoded and added a layer of complexity to DR implementation. The cost savings created by using deduplication can make DR feasible in situations in which it may have otherwise been cost prohibitive. This article explores what it takes to implement deduplication with VMware DR and how to leverage the replicated data in your DR environment for DR testing and other purposes.

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