Photo: Linus Celebrates the Windows 7 Launch

Here it is, the last photo of Linus you'll need for the year.

Apparently those Windows 7 Launch Party videos had their intended effect; even the head penguin himself has fallen under the thrall of Microsoft’s newest operating system.

I understand that shortly before he could purchase his copy of Win7 Linus had to rush away to thwart an attack on the city by Mothra. Sadly, no video exists.

Click the image for a larger view.
Source: Chris Schlaeger

Comments on "Photo: Linus Celebrates the Windows 7 Launch"


I think what I like the most about this picture is that the guy behind the counter is wearing a headband. Because, you know, selling software is pretty strenuous work.

Maybe it\’s a kind of job requirement. Like wearing wristbands if you work at Urban Outfitters.


What a bloody waste of time! Grow up.


That is great. I always loved Linus\’ sense of humor.


That is great. I always loved Linus\’ sense of humor.



I think this is great! I can\’t see someone like Balmer having the guts (or sense of humor) to get chummy with a plush penguin toy.


The picture was taken in Japan. The guy behind the counter is wearing traditional like Japanese wear that street side vendors used to wear in the \”old\” days. It\’s all part of the marketing culture in Japan. I think that Linus is throwing in his sense of humor along with his sightseeing. I would, too!


I loved Linus\’ sense of humor. Only him is capable to do this thing.
+ 2


This is clearly Linus\’ sense of humor being shown. Isn\’t it great – the guy that started a great piece of software is real and genuine. That\’s why we admire him – he\’s not bullshitting you. Thanks for the laugh Linus!

(read \’Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary\’ if you want more).


Linus Torwalds is Very Great.


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