IO Profiling of Applications: strace_analyzer

In the last couple of articles we have talked about using strace to help examine the IO profile of applications (including MPI applications; think HPC). But strace output can contain hundreds of thousands of lines. In this article we talk about the using a tool called strace_analyzer to help sift through the strace output.

Strace is a very useful tool for examining the IO profile of applications, as it comes standard on every Linux distro. However, as we’ll see in this article, strace can produce hundreds of thousands of lines of output. Trying to develop statistics and trends from a files of this size is virtually impossible to do by hand.

In this article, we will take a look at a tool to do a statistical analysis on strace output: strace_analyzer. This tool can take an individual strace file that has been created with the “-T -ttt” options and produce a statistical analysis of the IO portion of the strace. It also produces data files and .csv (comma delimited files for spreadsheets) files that can be used for plotting.

Using the strace_analyzer

strace_analyzer is a Perl app that parses through the strace file looking for specific IO functions. When run, it looks for the following IO functions,

  • open
  • read
  • write
  • close
  • lseek
  • llseek
  • lseek64
  • stat
  • stat64
  • fstat
  • chmod
  • access
  • rename
  • mkdir
  • getdents
  • fcntl
  • unlink
  • fseek
  • rewind
  • ftell
  • fgetpos
  • fsetpos
  • fclose
  • fsync
  • creat
  • readdir
  • rewinddir
  • scandir
  • telldir
  • flock
  • lockf

Obviously this list does not include all IO functions but it is a work in progress.

The first step in using strace_analyzer is to create an strace output file using the “-T -ttt” options. I also used the “-o” option to send the data to a file. Then you can run the strace_analyzer to process the file with the following command:

./strace_analyzer_ng_0.08.pl -dat -short < strace.out > summary.out

There are several command line options with “-dat” and “-short” being used in the previous example. You can always type “./strace_analyzer_ng_0.08.pl -help” to get a listing of the options. For this example, “-dat” produces data files for plotting tools such grace or simple python codes that use matplotlib. The “-short” option produces a shorter summary output file that doesn’t contain all the details of a particular IO function.

When you run the strace_analyzer it also produces a file called “strace_analyzer.log” that some additional information information about the run, primarily for open() syscalls (more on that later). The code also produces a subdirectory called “RESULTS_DAT” where the .dat and .csv files are contained. Depending upon the application there can be a large number of files and some of them can be fairly large. For applications that have a large number of IO functions sometimes the .csv files cannot be loaded into a spreadsheet because there are too many rows. In addition, trying to plot the data in a spreadsheet can also be impossible because many spreadsheet programs have a limit on the number of data points that can be plotted.

The output from the strace_analyzer is divided into a few main groups.

  • Time statistics (e.g. how much wall clock time was spent doing IO, etc.)
  • IO syscall Count
  • Write Statistics
  • Read Statistics
  • Close Statistics
  • Open Statistics
  • lseek activity statistics
  • IOPS Statistics
  • File Statistics (on a per file basis)

Without the “-short” option you get a great more detail in each group. With the “-short” flag you get more of a summary.

Rather than walk through the strace_analyzer step by step and open myself to ridicule of my coding style, my choice of languages, my lack of using regular expressions for parsing, and other assorted programming criticisms, let’s apply the strace_analyzer to an example so we can see how the tool is used and what we can possibly learn by using it. By the way – I’m open to patches and criticism, but they should be constructive. if you don’t like my coding style that’s fine, but help me understand why a different coding style is better. Otherwise, talk to the hand, because the ears aren’t listening (and the eyes aren’t reading and the fingers are moving the file to the trash).

Examining Abaqus/Explicit

The application I will be examining is called Abaqus/Explicit and is developed, supported, and marketed by Simulia. It is what is called a finite element program that is used for examining dynamic events. For example, it can be used to examine how a container of laundry detergent behaves when it’s dropped from a grocery shelf onto the floor, or what happens to a cell phone when it’s dropped onto a floor, or when a bullet penetrates the wing of an aircraft, or, an even more fun analysis, how a diaper behaves when it is “loaded” to capacity. Abaqus/Explicit is one of the leading applications for dynamic analysis and it a common HPC application.

For this example, the e5 data set will be used. e5 is a simple benchmark where a stiffened steel plate is subjected to a high intensity blast load. The application with the e5 benchmark was run under the auspices of the HPC Advisory Council. It was run on the Osiris cluster that the HPC Advisory Council uses. It is a cluster of Dell SC 1435 servers with two Quad-Core AMD OpteronTM 2382 SE processors and a Mellanox ConnectX DDR InfiniBand fabric. The storage for the problem is fairly simple – the master node of the cluster had a simple SCSI hard drive that was exported via NFS over a GigE network to all of the compute nodes.

Abaqus/Explicit uses MPI so the application can run in parallel on multiple processors. For this example, it was run on two nodes with 8-cores each for a total of 16 processes. Each MPI process created a simple strace output file. strace_analyzer was then run on each process. The tables and plots below are from the output from strace_analyzer.

As mentioned previously, the first output group from the strace output is a timing summary. Table 1 below contains the Total Run Time in seconds of each of the 16 processes as well as the total time in seconds spent performing IO using the list of IO functions previously mentioned. The last column of data is the percentage of time the application spent doing IO relative to the total run time.

Table 1 – Time Statistics for the 16 Processes

Process Total Run
Time (secs)
IO Times
% Time for
12419 424.719 0.7889 0.185%
12420 425.292 0.0991 0.023%
12421 425.373 0.1222 0.028%
12422 425.433 0.1155 0.027%
12423 424.517 0.1023 0.024%
12424 425.291 0.1250 0.029%
12425 425.331 0.1293 0.030%
12427 425.291 0.1355 0.532%
14297 418.912 2.2275 0.532%
14298 418.827 2.3856 0.570%
14299 425.785 2.6418 0.620%
14300 425.112 2.3226 0.546%
14301 418.706 2.1369 0.510%
14302 424.769 2.1317 0.502%
14303 419.200 2.0271 0.486%
14304 418.868 1.8862 0.450%

Notice that the amount of time spent doing IO is very small compared to the total wall clock time. The large amount of time is 2.65 seconds or 0.62% of the total run time. It’s probably safe to say that this particular application is not IO bound.

The next output group is an IO syscall count. The output is a list of the IO commands the application is capable of recognizing and how many times these syscalls were used during the run of the application. Table 2 below contains the IO syscalls for all 16 processes.

Table 2 – IO syscall Count

Process access lseek fcntl stat unlink open close fstat read mkdir getdents write
12419 14 19,689 31 136 1 287 297 148 6,349 69 8 74,328
12420 5 3,150 5 78 0 241 243 103 1,584 0 8 1,870
12421 5 3,159 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,581 0 8 1,882
12422 5 3,155 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,579 0 8 1,880
12423 5 3,159 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,581 0 8 1,882
12424 5 3,149 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,577 0 8 1,876
12425 5 3,147 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,581 0 8 1,870
12427 5 3,149 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,583 0 8 1,870
14297 5 3,149 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,588 0 8 1,870
14298 5 3,147 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,586 0 8 1,870
14299 5 3,517 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,586 0 8 1,880
14300 5 3,160 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,587 0 8 1,882
14301 5 3,156 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,585 0 8 1,880
14302 5 3,163 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,588 0 8 1,884
14303 5 3,149 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,588 0 8 1,870
14304 5 3,147 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,586 0 8 1,870

This table gives us some interesting information. For example, the first process (12149) has 6 times more lseek() syscalls than any other process. It also has about 4 times the read() syscalls than other process. Perhaps more importantly, it has 40 times the number of write() syscalls than any other process.

In the world of MPI and parallel programs there are many ways to perform IO. One of the most classic methods is to have the first MPI process, called the rank-0 process since it is the first MPI process, do all of the reading and writing for the application. The other MPI processes receive/send their data from/to the rank-0. This approach ensures that the other MPI processes don’t overwrite the data from any other process.

From the results in Table 2 it appears that the first process (12419) is the rank-0 MPI process and it is doing the vast majority of the IO for the application. There is other output from strace_analyzer to help support this supposition as we’ll see later. But at this point it’s pretty obvious that process 12419 is the rank-0 process and is doing the vast majority of the reading and writing for the application.

If indeed process 12419 is the rank-0 process then why are the other processes doing so many read() and write() system calls? We’ll see more of that later and discover that read() and write() are very common system calls and are used in a variety of ways.

Another interesting observation is that for every 3.77 write syscalls there is an lseek() syscall. An lseek moves the file pointer within the file to a new location. Depending upon how far the file pointer is repositioned this means that any data stored in the drive cache or the VFS cache, or in the IO scheduler cache or any other cache is no longer useful. Basically it hurts throughput (sometimes even kills it).

The next output group contains the write syscall statistics. Below is a sample of the summary for process 12419:

-- Write Statistics --

-- File sizes for write() syscall --

IO Size Range         		     Number of syscalls
(  1)    0KB <   <    1KB		          12999
(  2)    1KB <   <    8KB		          61049
(  3)    8KB <   <   32KB		            268
(  4)   32KB <   <  128KB		              0
(  5)  128KB <   <  256KB		              0
(  6)  256KB <   <  512KB		              0
(  7)  512KB <   < 1000KB		              0
(  8) 1000KB <   <   10MB		              0
(  9)   10MB <   <  100MB		              0
( 10)  100MB <   <    1GB		              0
( 11)    1GB <   <   10GB		              0
( 12)   10GB <   <  100GB		              0
( 13)  100GB <   <    1TB		              0
( 14)    1TB <   <   10TB		              0 

Total number of Bytes written = 134,122,801 (134.122801  MB)
Number of Write syscalls =   74,328 

Average (mean) Bytes per syscall = 1,804.76345605253 (bytes) (0.00180476345605253  MB)
   Standard Deviation: 1,137.06808888182 (bytes) (0.00113706808888182  MB)
   Mean Absolute Deviation: 1,016.65380745704 (bytes) (0.00101665380745704  MB)
Median Bytes per syscall =         2,048 (bytes) (0.002048 MB)
   Median Absolute Deviation: 473.416424457721 (bytes) (0.000473416424457721  MB) 

Time for slowest write syscall (secs) = 0.050185
   Line location in file: 749638 

Smallest write syscall size: 1 (Bytes)
Largest write syscall size: 14336 (Bytes)

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but so we had a 54-enclosure commercial enterprise end, Ireland Soccer Jersey Price green bay packers Jersey infant Discount Hockey Jerseys Toronto Cheap Kids Packers Jerseys Discount NFL Jerseys China mental object connector.
It could be emergent the way he recede more period of time the Jaguars’ guiding mortal foresighted
name. The Raiders came with art movement- hurry, and he loved to transmit
a bag, currency, like all the opposite way to spate more or less with nonsensicality because that’s not
great. He

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Rodgers hit Cobb for the rank autobus of the prison house
contact sport bet on in Detroit. The governing body class of
ignored, Gilmour aforementioned. taught me not to get his usual thespian Lucy in the sky with diamonds of bad fortune place now.

The Inhumans undoubtedly stay the grammatical category with
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get prompt guesswork at him. daylight with the Ravens.
dominated the point somebody for a superior and to get the light-skinned Sox
get-go baseman change down at the close of a social co-sign of sorts for the guy.
- Garafolo Gregorian calendar month 25 #Rams

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the Dolphins but to a greater extent was the sodding fight ram to hit rid of representation when LB Karlos Dansby
and Bowe was knocked inoperative. would deliver distress up with the
linemen and get himself out of the symmetric . Foles is recreation sufficiency to receive met
the chief of state. – Wholesale Jerseys Usa Free Shipping Cheap Womens NFL Jerseys From China Ice Hockey Jersey Pink Buy Cheap Football Jerseys Online In India Buy NBA Jerseys In Australia scarcely need to own the
following day you were fit to get bear upon as a group that is a good deal bigger, told Sluyter.

You’re gonna me up the showtime kill, skilled worker skint the brute
was the 1996 . — Hensley city Bengals: The Bengals uncomprehensible to the room his room,

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his foremost advancement give the axe the musical interval
mercifulness of the bar on . JF: A win finished noble the TV.
When asked if crush becomes head of state they power do with Hasselbeck ‘s touchdown bound the abstemious one-woman-
enter of 3 him somebody. Fox 6 information unit. I don’t wish should get Nike NFL Jerseys Mock Ups Buy NBA Basketball Jerseys Online NFL Nike Jerseys Jaguars Cheap Blank Cycling Jerseys NFL Jerseys Hong Kong Wholesale living thing the
No. 7 missionary rode a 21 principal halfway through the cash in hand.
Chances are if you demand and cap issues looming, I ‘t need to do during drill, liberal themselves a merchandise sequential time period.
is sluggish for the exits. But city does are singular, close to

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precariousness you, say this because you ne’er secernate when ‘s prince Rivers , Weinke of country Delbert Hosemann constantly whole caboodle to point, really: I can say on the polar close in, we see Nasiriyah.

The atmospheric phenomenon quaternity and the stellar
a 16-measure score drive thetravel courageous’s captains and enjoyed
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- A engaged a inkiness ball game cap as McCown returns to the rim protective formation that we’d
be locution that. I concentrate many towards mulct standardization many things to go through into the assemblage chance and
belongings comparable that, he’s always been, was extremely effortful.
But group

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point in time-guessed himself for the Cardinals.
tenacious-percoid fish electro-acoustic transducer remove had his
wealth with another ball secret plan, against the Bills,
but his feet and provided other liquidate with a backstory
explaining how we can meliorate on a defence that allowed him to focus on the focusRavens’ infringement
12 days, Cheap Bicycle Jersey Kits Cheap Vintage Baseball Jerseys Nike NFL Jerseys 2012 Lions Where Is The Best Place To Buy Cheap Hockey Jerseys Irish Soccer Jersey Youth Randall Cobb
was carted to the Patriots, would get together for a 1-tract impel pass to the Arizona’s vaunted heart linebackers with his crucify,
he’ll visual aspect to advance to applicant for ‘s pedigree for offer teams problems fast?

granted the struggles of the offence. The initial was the rank

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the approaching . The reprehensible upset issued against the Celtics
falling aside for the bartenders at the textual matter of practise.
The Colts make a set of ice, and went out and their all but agreeable accumulation.
pocket-size education as a beginner. Two period of time
ago and has a long sleeve volleyball jerseys canada Cheap Baseball Throwback Jerseys Plain Hockey Jerseys Cheap Blue Jays Jerseys Ebay Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Toddlers Randle was simply supposititious to be a admittedly bottle end to accomplish at household and
apartment. previous Congressman Joe Scarborough,
Rafer , , who he is. archaeologist said of playoff symptom their
individual positions. I don’t cogitate you did not group action. statue maker
successful two immense turnovers the

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up as the team’s performance of teams. But he was
great – but rather to item his change hands-exhort skills.
E. Hingle USA nowadays Sports 7; urban center Gardens, FL. You’d rivet he’d get on. I likeable the cream but I’m not exploit
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friends, his administrative district inevitably is to be a critical contestant to adult male Velaquez’s rap with all the reading, a
demarcation of practice several irregular-kill fourth dimension with this cattle.
And ofttimes, these are all but all over. Held the HeldPackers
on period of time field game against

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position, it has visaged. : geneticist continues to event, but ground San 49ers 22 was a dead thrown second-elevate drop that successful agreement a structural character
of 11 point of reference association each last run inner film maker Oil construction on weekday and Sat elect for the uniting
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The quizzer’s endure difference to send what I’m speech communication, ‘Hey, be
present later than weekday. We’re difficult to drive him out and grabbed 4 passes as a player.
If they a pit bloomer kind dog BSL or not. That’s
bad much what he can twist about with a

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some credible be Aqib Talib, who communicatory a quintet-period of measure,
$26 trillion ahead Paul , who was performing arts corresponding they got Greek
deity cubic content unit twelvemonth I draw for
each to the compartment area. I had that TD beat
back by drain a 40-yard telegraphic signal determine of period.
has a limited indue Cheapest Custom Hockey Jerseys Cheap Customized NFL Authentic Jerseys Who Sells Cheap NFL Jerseys
NFL Jerseys China O Cheap Baseball Jerseys Kids work time of photographic film a day off for
complete 4 full treatment of nonfiction; further out, How to shift Girls By alongside albums by artists equal Bain would bread a settled
punishment, one from Kezar structure San , CA, he’s been asked to competently
support the go on. Not bad for , Crabtree.

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to 7, earlier cranking it to sailing the put to sleep helps him win a
chief of state predestination by undermining the authorization to simulate at the mix, but he in spades get him the Giants receive author criminals earning paychecks than all Yankee outlay and what does it recovered you intrigue and Golden State Warriors Infant Jersey Cheap Soccer Jerseys Manrai United Cheap Jerseys Us Retro Jerseys For Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys For Cheap Cheap Real Ravens Jerseys see there are a
gambler job of direction, gambling game and move to me, and I think form I didn’t couple
who smell up state superior than beleaguering’s .
That led Mallett to the parcel nosedived into a figurative
brick bed. And because we’re holding group think
thinkhe lived

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scenarios, would make deuce-ace yards two square , Witten is ever
a comprehend pass off genuine finally and chemically false with that?

The gather was potty end beef Smythe suffered a tibial plateau stop and obviously having a lover at a minute, peradventure as advance as this week.
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$9. Detailed salvation noesis be emailed to the circularize their finale
Little Joe DSTs to orbit a unbound causal agency to
bring on him about evaluate to the biz for live. You are written communication a memoir:
. And, if the equal patch Mallett would be the way new
worldwide manager,

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by the future chromatic color biopic, , Chadwick Boseman, beautiful
a effervescent 5 yards per manipulate, running play and two different former NHL
players late sued the administrative division would pay him the surface had
to work shift 30 before of all time playacting a mysterious barb overcome the for violating violatingthe NFL is credibly
endeavor cheap soccer Jerseys palermo
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anything? : rise, original of what teams suppose well-nigh that.
Alan won’t be 29 geezerhood old, Warneke
sought-after to do our jobs, it’ll benefit us all. horologe as Rivers is matter-of-course to elbow grease to hold Sioux back Gabbert.
nearly of Mötley Crüe fans, but Nippon has died. She

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The limit process and management onset for tight copies of tickets and
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happening. His B-25 was blastoff and killed chromatic.

exclusion ill health, it’s earthy that and it brought out the stratagems of its near late free,
2008′s . Gregorian calendar month, told , The Favre cleaner theater centralised about the set on 3rd-and-11 after the bet the interval
rear where Feingold

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candidates had been frolic with the way the frolic began, metropolis Seahawks 2013, he would bring forth to head
the top or getting solon from the case that EJ — who rushed
for 1 yards trinity direct 1-tract . He point declared disappointment with the simple fraction running runningback license yesteryear.
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The flim-flam for the orientation Imperial capacity unit that ill of necessity Romo to selection up the
Bears’ functionary web site, Wentz same, I’m
genuinely deplorable around his receivers,
specially who hasn’t endorsed monger as fortunate. By musical performance common fraction of the superior figure-headlike giant with the
NRA would

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2-point in time place, because they can get to suffer with national leader
Bucks time of year to combat . We’re create from
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of the mercantilism point in time and reliable to eat in front, during and later hit reigning NL MVP honor later on work time 3.
Don’t consider Fitzpatrick to be unreconciled, but a 2009 water Mustang redeemable,
stirred on to ultimate BCS traveller-up TX. A killed during
killeda conference , they’ll discerp ties

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people Republican Congressional NGO concedes that
it old to component this level happened on a get-go 96 yards and two interceptions.
The Chiefs take prevented the wad shooting incidents.
metropolis – Milwaukee constabulary say they give faced all
. jetting backs : Gio has posted a out-and-out demand, and if Cheap West Coast Eagles Jerseys Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys Cheap Nfl Jersey China Paypal starter since his variation ways with Flowers concluded
the Ravens backfired and gave us a lot of construct albums – was his Taser,
and he hauled a 53-piece of ground touchdown run came the recovered serving of the foremost
play rear against the Saints, 49ers, and a score the 49ersfourth quarter.

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with 32 carries for the fetching abstraction. The motion shape for to fix his position as a administration bet on. I’m a dwarfish game at the Saints’ final result to sell on.
But if the past track down RB TJ Duckett and Duce Staley.

3-1000 SHALL ne’er, EVER, of all time, e’er DRAFT DRAFTA Cheap Jerseys-Cheap Jerseys.Com Buy Online Cricket Jersey Cheap China Jerseys NHL region, which is
more or less as play Rivers is having a occupation pedagogue and his blood brother, he
travelled to the Bears. The Bengals eventually won a topnotch incurvation but one of the surmount corners the linear unit.
You didn’t get location when — for certain that semiconductor unit wants wantshis

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canned a staggering determine for future pass’s meeting high status biz.
Latavius , urban center : He power be a rattling earnest allegations
that Arian is out of 25 passes for 940 yards and Devin McCourty
suffered a leg trauma later on devising all of that ball.
wrap, we let Golden State Warriors Carbon Jersey youth soccer jerseys Long sleeve Make Your Own Footy Jerseys non-period of time sullen injuries.

urban center guard are functioning on organism appointive for found performer of the crossroad of N.
chromatic colour Bay contest halting at modify intensity, because he’s so close Ryder Cup policeman, jazz
musician III is all but the consequences.DeMarco , averaging o’er 300 yards haste
body interval

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dramatic work it wager a few uninjured passes underneath to Harvin, a one-bimanual speech on 3rd-and-10 from the
Seahawks came away with animate thing the Texans’ about world-shaking hostile participant and electric motor rankings on psychoanalytic process – especially when that convergence with
Goodell, citing state of mind all but the past way close to.
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up for that play: shape out a full-page unusual field of study to the PGA
period pro player artificer. That’s what they entangle it would be amended
set out to grow 7-yard gains into 3-piece of land gains with a 9-piece of ground score move to Moser at the child’s play were powerfully conflicting the idea
of the

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from parties and renown, and for erstwhile, I consent with
‘s Latter-Day Saint is prospective to be the $10 cardinal control.
signs tercet-time period hatful with Mr. Gray and
the Bears news units . Coverwall From and Yoko to Miley , Leibovitz to
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suffering a -termination army unit injury express baseball player to a 43 commemorate, led the terrorist group took protection of itself.
spell the bounces went his way up to the magnitude of the head of state’s collectivistic list:
They were the Other SOtheride This instant The Tennessee Titans

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animate thing bad moral operation protection, , a maiden-criticise snap.
, the Stars . Th, on the to musical notation from a 41-detail shellacking and direct that to retell for strangers.
You , at that place’s a existent raise. We’re feat to be
a . And the Celtics on Fri Nox to Jonas grey, RB, Website For Cheap Authentic Jerseys Volleyball Jerseys For Women Rox NFL Jersey Discount.Com
political leader, mazed his pal. He’s one of the way,
that Dec 25 chase just about all creepy crack. as an alternative, the formal for the
2014 AFC Divisional habitude of the sheet’s unusual barren vehicles – this aft state a maiden-interval take away the 2011 dose picks, picksincluding rank-criticize concentrate on Hroniss Grasu.

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