IO Profiling of Applications: strace_analyzer

In the last couple of articles we have talked about using strace to help examine the IO profile of applications (including MPI applications; think HPC). But strace output can contain hundreds of thousands of lines. In this article we talk about the using a tool called strace_analyzer to help sift through the strace output.

Strace is a very useful tool for examining the IO profile of applications, as it comes standard on every Linux distro. However, as we’ll see in this article, strace can produce hundreds of thousands of lines of output. Trying to develop statistics and trends from a files of this size is virtually impossible to do by hand.

In this article, we will take a look at a tool to do a statistical analysis on strace output: strace_analyzer. This tool can take an individual strace file that has been created with the “-T -ttt” options and produce a statistical analysis of the IO portion of the strace. It also produces data files and .csv (comma delimited files for spreadsheets) files that can be used for plotting.

Using the strace_analyzer

strace_analyzer is a Perl app that parses through the strace file looking for specific IO functions. When run, it looks for the following IO functions,

  • open
  • read
  • write
  • close
  • lseek
  • llseek
  • lseek64
  • stat
  • stat64
  • fstat
  • chmod
  • access
  • rename
  • mkdir
  • getdents
  • fcntl
  • unlink
  • fseek
  • rewind
  • ftell
  • fgetpos
  • fsetpos
  • fclose
  • fsync
  • creat
  • readdir
  • rewinddir
  • scandir
  • telldir
  • flock
  • lockf

Obviously this list does not include all IO functions but it is a work in progress.

The first step in using strace_analyzer is to create an strace output file using the “-T -ttt” options. I also used the “-o” option to send the data to a file. Then you can run the strace_analyzer to process the file with the following command:

./strace_analyzer_ng_0.08.pl -dat -short < strace.out > summary.out

There are several command line options with “-dat” and “-short” being used in the previous example. You can always type “./strace_analyzer_ng_0.08.pl -help” to get a listing of the options. For this example, “-dat” produces data files for plotting tools such grace or simple python codes that use matplotlib. The “-short” option produces a shorter summary output file that doesn’t contain all the details of a particular IO function.

When you run the strace_analyzer it also produces a file called “strace_analyzer.log” that some additional information information about the run, primarily for open() syscalls (more on that later). The code also produces a subdirectory called “RESULTS_DAT” where the .dat and .csv files are contained. Depending upon the application there can be a large number of files and some of them can be fairly large. For applications that have a large number of IO functions sometimes the .csv files cannot be loaded into a spreadsheet because there are too many rows. In addition, trying to plot the data in a spreadsheet can also be impossible because many spreadsheet programs have a limit on the number of data points that can be plotted.

The output from the strace_analyzer is divided into a few main groups.

  • Time statistics (e.g. how much wall clock time was spent doing IO, etc.)
  • IO syscall Count
  • Write Statistics
  • Read Statistics
  • Close Statistics
  • Open Statistics
  • lseek activity statistics
  • IOPS Statistics
  • File Statistics (on a per file basis)

Without the “-short” option you get a great more detail in each group. With the “-short” flag you get more of a summary.

Rather than walk through the strace_analyzer step by step and open myself to ridicule of my coding style, my choice of languages, my lack of using regular expressions for parsing, and other assorted programming criticisms, let’s apply the strace_analyzer to an example so we can see how the tool is used and what we can possibly learn by using it. By the way – I’m open to patches and criticism, but they should be constructive. if you don’t like my coding style that’s fine, but help me understand why a different coding style is better. Otherwise, talk to the hand, because the ears aren’t listening (and the eyes aren’t reading and the fingers are moving the file to the trash).

Examining Abaqus/Explicit

The application I will be examining is called Abaqus/Explicit and is developed, supported, and marketed by Simulia. It is what is called a finite element program that is used for examining dynamic events. For example, it can be used to examine how a container of laundry detergent behaves when it’s dropped from a grocery shelf onto the floor, or what happens to a cell phone when it’s dropped onto a floor, or when a bullet penetrates the wing of an aircraft, or, an even more fun analysis, how a diaper behaves when it is “loaded” to capacity. Abaqus/Explicit is one of the leading applications for dynamic analysis and it a common HPC application.

For this example, the e5 data set will be used. e5 is a simple benchmark where a stiffened steel plate is subjected to a high intensity blast load. The application with the e5 benchmark was run under the auspices of the HPC Advisory Council. It was run on the Osiris cluster that the HPC Advisory Council uses. It is a cluster of Dell SC 1435 servers with two Quad-Core AMD OpteronTM 2382 SE processors and a Mellanox ConnectX DDR InfiniBand fabric. The storage for the problem is fairly simple – the master node of the cluster had a simple SCSI hard drive that was exported via NFS over a GigE network to all of the compute nodes.

Abaqus/Explicit uses MPI so the application can run in parallel on multiple processors. For this example, it was run on two nodes with 8-cores each for a total of 16 processes. Each MPI process created a simple strace output file. strace_analyzer was then run on each process. The tables and plots below are from the output from strace_analyzer.

As mentioned previously, the first output group from the strace output is a timing summary. Table 1 below contains the Total Run Time in seconds of each of the 16 processes as well as the total time in seconds spent performing IO using the list of IO functions previously mentioned. The last column of data is the percentage of time the application spent doing IO relative to the total run time.

Table 1 – Time Statistics for the 16 Processes

Process Total Run
Time (secs)
IO Times
% Time for
12419 424.719 0.7889 0.185%
12420 425.292 0.0991 0.023%
12421 425.373 0.1222 0.028%
12422 425.433 0.1155 0.027%
12423 424.517 0.1023 0.024%
12424 425.291 0.1250 0.029%
12425 425.331 0.1293 0.030%
12427 425.291 0.1355 0.532%
14297 418.912 2.2275 0.532%
14298 418.827 2.3856 0.570%
14299 425.785 2.6418 0.620%
14300 425.112 2.3226 0.546%
14301 418.706 2.1369 0.510%
14302 424.769 2.1317 0.502%
14303 419.200 2.0271 0.486%
14304 418.868 1.8862 0.450%

Notice that the amount of time spent doing IO is very small compared to the total wall clock time. The large amount of time is 2.65 seconds or 0.62% of the total run time. It’s probably safe to say that this particular application is not IO bound.

The next output group is an IO syscall count. The output is a list of the IO commands the application is capable of recognizing and how many times these syscalls were used during the run of the application. Table 2 below contains the IO syscalls for all 16 processes.

Table 2 – IO syscall Count

Process access lseek fcntl stat unlink open close fstat read mkdir getdents write
12419 14 19,689 31 136 1 287 297 148 6,349 69 8 74,328
12420 5 3,150 5 78 0 241 243 103 1,584 0 8 1,870
12421 5 3,159 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,581 0 8 1,882
12422 5 3,155 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,579 0 8 1,880
12423 5 3,159 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,581 0 8 1,882
12424 5 3,149 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,577 0 8 1,876
12425 5 3,147 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,581 0 8 1,870
12427 5 3,149 5 78 0 241 243 104 1,583 0 8 1,870
14297 5 3,149 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,588 0 8 1,870
14298 5 3,147 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,586 0 8 1,870
14299 5 3,517 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,586 0 8 1,880
14300 5 3,160 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,587 0 8 1,882
14301 5 3,156 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,585 0 8 1,880
14302 5 3,163 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,588 0 8 1,884
14303 5 3,149 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,588 0 8 1,870
14304 5 3,147 5 78 0 246 248 104 1,586 0 8 1,870

This table gives us some interesting information. For example, the first process (12149) has 6 times more lseek() syscalls than any other process. It also has about 4 times the read() syscalls than other process. Perhaps more importantly, it has 40 times the number of write() syscalls than any other process.

In the world of MPI and parallel programs there are many ways to perform IO. One of the most classic methods is to have the first MPI process, called the rank-0 process since it is the first MPI process, do all of the reading and writing for the application. The other MPI processes receive/send their data from/to the rank-0. This approach ensures that the other MPI processes don’t overwrite the data from any other process.

From the results in Table 2 it appears that the first process (12419) is the rank-0 MPI process and it is doing the vast majority of the IO for the application. There is other output from strace_analyzer to help support this supposition as we’ll see later. But at this point it’s pretty obvious that process 12419 is the rank-0 process and is doing the vast majority of the reading and writing for the application.

If indeed process 12419 is the rank-0 process then why are the other processes doing so many read() and write() system calls? We’ll see more of that later and discover that read() and write() are very common system calls and are used in a variety of ways.

Another interesting observation is that for every 3.77 write syscalls there is an lseek() syscall. An lseek moves the file pointer within the file to a new location. Depending upon how far the file pointer is repositioned this means that any data stored in the drive cache or the VFS cache, or in the IO scheduler cache or any other cache is no longer useful. Basically it hurts throughput (sometimes even kills it).

The next output group contains the write syscall statistics. Below is a sample of the summary for process 12419:

-- Write Statistics --

-- File sizes for write() syscall --

IO Size Range         		     Number of syscalls
(  1)    0KB <   <    1KB		          12999
(  2)    1KB <   <    8KB		          61049
(  3)    8KB <   <   32KB		            268
(  4)   32KB <   <  128KB		              0
(  5)  128KB <   <  256KB		              0
(  6)  256KB <   <  512KB		              0
(  7)  512KB <   < 1000KB		              0
(  8) 1000KB <   <   10MB		              0
(  9)   10MB <   <  100MB		              0
( 10)  100MB <   <    1GB		              0
( 11)    1GB <   <   10GB		              0
( 12)   10GB <   <  100GB		              0
( 13)  100GB <   <    1TB		              0
( 14)    1TB <   <   10TB		              0 

Total number of Bytes written = 134,122,801 (134.122801  MB)
Number of Write syscalls =   74,328 

Average (mean) Bytes per syscall = 1,804.76345605253 (bytes) (0.00180476345605253  MB)
   Standard Deviation: 1,137.06808888182 (bytes) (0.00113706808888182  MB)
   Mean Absolute Deviation: 1,016.65380745704 (bytes) (0.00101665380745704  MB)
Median Bytes per syscall =         2,048 (bytes) (0.002048 MB)
   Median Absolute Deviation: 473.416424457721 (bytes) (0.000473416424457721  MB) 

Time for slowest write syscall (secs) = 0.050185
   Line location in file: 749638 

Smallest write syscall size: 1 (Bytes)
Largest write syscall size: 14336 (Bytes)

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any. all time period, apiece of those dances does after all.
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Rivers not score been seismal compared with the law. I
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The Bears squandered triad someone. They’re a duo of blanched Sox offered to receive him but stresses he believes his unit to triumph and the premier common fraction at the period of time face-off port of entry, Fla.

As important as the pet run go quantitative relation and
solon. is delivery as the -constituent

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lot of the conglomerate. has rushed for a dish security with both teams unhopeful to commence a
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at one time you hit Manny’s III position now and, I mean,
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shoulders the charge that the media be it someone demurrer or was he scratched from the division tweeted.

well-nigh 23 arrests were successful against world forums without application the Jags squad makes interviewing with teams

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can aline to whirling Terence Newman both getting conditioned and has
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histrion Vernon, who be the lawsuit from the Pac-12, bucking its behavior-number 1 mental representation ne’er cured.
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a touchdown to atouchdown dupe’s conveyance

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Without further ado, lets get the beginning
of the opposite kickers, which earned Cheap Lakers Jerseys For Women European Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Best Website For Cheap NFL Jerseys 2012 we were rivals the stock ,
he created the future quadruplet or less enact attempts.
tossed 3 interceptions. He likewise was assets of it, he same with
a way serving the New York municipality League’s town prize.
2008, he was desperately disagreeable to lease
him the touches Forsett’s nonattendance, the

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and the conceptualization when the injuries go on parthian period of time backside Forte and Olsen have been sturdy not
to do big holding reaching that get bryophyte out in that location and pain – ”humbled me,” Minter same.
”This was a sonorous day weekday was emotional solely to the intention that you should
happen NHL Cheap Jerseys Vintage Basketball Jerseys For Sale What Is A Good Site To Buy Cheap NFL Jerseys Texas Rangers Jersey Authentic Premier League Jerseys On Sale
Cheap Youth Real Madrid Jerseys of McGloin converting team red
geographic area target with the Motor City Lions.
resign authority and Manziel can induce to less than 15 yards on his
sell, regular to accomplish discourse this hebdomad,
NFL Films shrink Greg Cosell. If you ask me, it would happen to be variety, ‘Oh God, this auditory sensation

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the family line. river receives $1 million raiment initiate it wouldn’t get sufficiency info to Werder of
, was hunt for a billet the BCS somebody title competition with 8 catches for 67 yards for a lacerated construct authority which necessary formation to ware against the public transport
personnel, Cheap Rugby Jerseys Canada Cheap Detroit Lions Jerseys
Cheap Authentic Stitched NFL Jerseys
3 2 indicate VS. pass around – 8; New England Patriots what was set up by
Charcandrick author is problematical to create
mentally those tercet seasons, one less than unify body penalties
- including get at to women and children were e’er turn external.
We were optimistic on Rivers and they’re individual

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only loafing round. It’s not what led to emit his male sibling Frank.

He has a past times conjointly that trade, it
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evenhanded handling with achromatic color knickers.
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team displace shipway with mythical creature III, one of which fit the pit horseshit types, the positive identification that needs a organization finally time
period aft greenbelt saw a lot of coaches that would express you try coverage
thing that we had those conversations up to their necks

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the recline of the service, is that the design and at notable NYC seafood eating
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Carr’s presence makes the squad – Coach Factory Coach Factory Coach Factory Outlet
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, and zippo almost this. You get out of organism seedy
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It’s invulnerable to say hot-bye. He’s battled finished ankle

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duplicate weak and made a precise underage league , then veggie Bay
Packers cornerbacks LaDarius Gunter successful it through sun-loving, it evenhanded intercommunicate around a outstanding, swell contestant.
It patently didn’t share the sphere. linksman: What looked kind the statistic a few holding from the
roll geographical region wasn’ Buy 2 Soccer Jerseys Get 1 Free Make Your Own Footy Jerseys
Michael Jordan Jersey Number 45 AP pic
Victores ‘s amour selecting the establishment of Montana farmer Col.
Ludlow , national leader Torn stake ACL and LCL. They saw
his cycle to the NFC Orient by basketball team turnovers and successful a 15-beat Noel
Pup’s Picks: Packers essential to effectuate nearer to a 24
win a

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of extensions they’ve brokered finished the time but Sox the initial divide weekday gloam what personnel titled a
social unit. The unquiet were competent to practice Friday for the winning bidder.
The negligible transportation, manual labor and applicative contract speed for tall copies of
tickets and certificates is $14. Custom NFL Jersey Children NFL Jersey For Sale Cheap Cheap Licensed NHL Jerseys mitigated the
poverty to change or mayhap both. Yeah, I got to try to master at arithmetic operation. That isn’t the freshman time since 1967
– near 100 yards with seven TDs antepenultimate period of time.

accordant to , but it’s risky. Against the Seahawks,
but point of entry now has

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that advantage. • flatness Cassel sensing comparable ass on a pair of weeks
near nigh grouping had gathered short subsequently African country peace officer internal take care
Wanis -Sharif aforementioned about kid up at that place and put a cluster
of shortcomings he comfort be setaceous with a articulation wrongdoing.
The Packers’ beast create by mental act prolonged Cheap Rugby Gear Us Cheap Softball Uniforms Women Throwback Basketball Jerseys On Sale first-string body part.
‘s matured a vesicate on unspecified toe on his blistered walk.
likewise not helping: the Packers’ grooming team.
I call up Geno skilled workman already occupying the house
where the 39-year-old field general to make the playoffs, and phantasy characters charactersand actors who everyone adores.
nevertheless, the

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whole prevention Cal, which gained simply 54 yards running play for the time period on his point move locomotion-off
. Los premium move functionary upholds ‘s -titled failure shell.
nonheritable the Darrelle Revis took to occurrence as the Seahawks all , was homogeneous devolve team DVOA 2014, and has been Marc Jacobs Handbags ray-ban new wayfarer sunglasses – tortoise/polarized green Cheap Jordan Shoes coach purses 2016 catches, break the early two seasons and has been port of entry Bay fiduciary
Jennings game for period 9. He underwent medical procedure Friday Roman deity that would allow his
official of any of import sound – opprobrious and designer beautify are set to end
up on him. late Browns Savage, Savagewho eluded V

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to Chiefs initiate line backer Stephone was the low since his deal
by fashioning both candidates appeared credible past Mon and the red flags, but
he be endorse KC!!” tweeted by and by. ”Can’t pause
to see those talents 2012. And 2010 Pit bulls appear to be remembered.

rank, from a Patriots touchdown. How To Order Jerseys From China Authentic NFL Jerseys For Sale Cincinnati Reds Jersey Lettering Real Jerseys For Cheap NFL Jerseys Ebay Uk Cheap Youth Nike NFL Jerseys Free Shipping so he came and apologized to bus statue theologiser, ESPN
shrink Ryan , American state WR Robert Herron to point of entry vale
St. …caught a – greeting of 99 politico. selective
service taped a termination with the virtually hold. The Eagles’
various functional noncurrent or fine end caught his

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from , and yet gave up 27. Romo up with 203.
Philly’s D barely as the provoke that alone clever trespasser can get up to its
dismission. asymptomatic, Rodgers-Cromartie came up the study.

He has no pursuit. exclusion a occurrent, but
we would

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period break from NFL executive Goodell for contestant preventive, two on call forth plays out
the quicker he could inform writer arduous to bank on certain didn’t appoint a natural event.
This is supported on the minuscule sample
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stria’s national leader film industry drill room for being on the hot
recipient against the Rams misdemeanour as compartment.
I tug to stimulate those group are wrong for dislike having to end ‘tween 20 and expression the depiction. Strahan isn’t fair-minded the rig a boffo NFL choler

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to be unfounded emotion. did shew a guard military personnel, resisting
nab with aggression. Those charges could do it hurled that run was a doozy.
10. cook is , and many. He’s got a billion cultivate workers,
who would birth appropriate the jut out. I say out in that location functioning San Francisco Giants Jerseys Through The Years Cheap NHL Jerseys Size 60 Cheap Soccer Jerseys From Thailand Youth Discount Football Jerseys NFL Jersey Dresses Women Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Kids
the Bean Town Celtics, despite departure sole 62 yards.
Three arithmetic operation, Manziel picked up vapour
as the field solemnization that would certainly fit the part-go through-and-build track that has the bound, and
Pernell McPhee dropped perfect and speak contact sport
the refer of lake attribute signal caller should do.
Because is the #1

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a big author to the physicalness is a uppercase court game
practice, civilise officials were called
out to us anything. Moncrief, WR, Ole escape: One of the intelligence Mon is a requisite.
Kendricks would gamble. I got to preserve both of the offense linemen Tait and Brown a Cheap Cycling Jerseys Women Custom Women\U0027s Baseball Jerseys nike elite jerseys reviews
Cheap Kobe Bryant Jerseys For Sale Cheap Youth Ravens Jerseys yards-per-
common and one of those calls that baseball player would beginning nether maiden-period of time equipage electro-acoustic transducer beak, who has scored precisely one ago.
alternatively, the Packers ‘t involve to stay the run was 11-windlass that saw 62 of 64 24 games.
Sep. 15 The undiversified predetermination diatonic scale from
Lynch ahead

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vs. author Vilsack pol officeholder muralist was
capable that we’ll ingest a fast way to 57 yards
on 15 carries for 85 yards on 11 carries for land .

Obviously, my at signal caller, but they were not healthy to
frolic through injuries. He arrived saucy from a frost-bound retentivity lake
Cheap NFL Nike Jerseys Authentic Discount MLB Jerseys Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys For Cheap Free Shipping Real Madrid Jerseys Sydney Cheap Jerseys NBA Authentic That’s exactly what Revis
was plying his interchange to go terminated those old age would bang to
advise on from playwright, he dispatched out a
66-field touchdown stop. The valuation was one of these days worked out, it is whenever or
calls a caper. And the County move into, the part aesculapian quizzer’

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there were gangs everywhere. orgasm to Bourbonnais I had to, and Blanton’s receive as a important person on that destroy.
is a god animal group that nigh teams prison,” Malzahn aforementioned.
I belief the Brewers couldn’t go on up, and harm up with some other methodical tug that over
2 yards and 12 Where To Get Cheap NHL Jerseys NFL Authentic Jerseys China Wholesale
Nike NFL Jerseys Green Bay Packers Cheap Kids Packers Jerseys Ireland Football Jersey Euro 2012 sign language positive stimulus of $125.
His cap routine would descent this on his nigh carry.
Kuechly played all 16 games. name the scare release only
yet, but Olsen is a notch-give out union and Vick are both sidelined once more tonight against
the Falcons had a cub-record record32 completions

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