Stop Wine-ing: 15 Games for Linux

Time to kill? Check. Running Linux? Check. Now, here's the last piece of that puzzle: 15 current and future gaming options that don't require Windows.

Hacker Evolution: Untold

Hacker Evolution: Untold is a role playing strategy game where you play a computer hacker who needs to save the world from computers that are taking over, wreaking havoc, and replicating.

The object is to hack into enemy computers and drain the information and resources to solve the mystery before the computer program has taken the world completely over while clearing your name in the process. Originally released for Windows, the Linux version of this game became available March 2010. The game costs $25 and a demo is available.


Quake Live

Quake Live is a bit of a variation on the online multiplayer format. Unlike the more traditional in-game server/client relationship, Quake Live is experienced through your Web browser. On-site registration is necessary, as is downloading the proper plugins, but it is free to play. Profiles, placement, and statistics are stored at the Site as well. This Quake III re-creation works in Windows, Mac, or Linux.

System requirements are stated as Pentium III or better; GeForce 4 MX, Radeon 8500, Intel i915, or better; and a broadband Internet connection. Quake Live just recently celebrated their one year anniversary and its reception has been reported to be very high. Carmack stated that a premium subscription service will have to be integrated in the near future in order to pay for the continuation of the game. id spokesmen have estimated the cost for this service to be approximately $5 per month.

(Image courtesy of
(Image courtesy of

Galcon Fusion

Galcon Fusion is a multiplayer arcade-like strategy game that reviewers have said is as easy to play as it is addictive. The goal is conquer as many neighboring planets as possible and the one with the most planets wins. This is done by building and accumulating resources and ships.

Galcon Fusion is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and the iPhone. Galcon Fusion was released in February 2010 and is one of the few games available with Colorblind support. Team and single player missions are also supported. Galcon Fusion costs $9.99 and a demo is available.



Prey is an immersive 3D first-person shooter built on the Doom 3 engine. As such, the physics and gameplay are reminiscent of Doom 3 but the backstory and many features are quite unique. In Prey, the hero, his girlfriend, and grandfather (as well as many other beings) have been kidnapped by aliens for the purpose of energy (food). The hero wrangles free from his restraints and watches his grandfather killed by the aliens’ automated processors. He vows to find and rescue his girlfriend before she meets a similar fate.

The main characters are Cherokee American and many aspects of the game take advantage of that connection such as the manner of dying and respawning, spirit walking to navigate certain areas, and a spirit guide to help with some translations and clues. The hero explores the ship and shoots his way through bad guys and puzzles to end up saving the world. It was released for Windows in 2006, but Linux binaries weren’t released until December 2008. Prey is available from retail and online outlets for about $10 these days and the Linux installer is free to download.



QuantZ is a unique puzzle game that seems to be a weird cross between Tetris, Frozen Bubble, and Neverball. The object of the game is to match marbles so that they cause colorful explosions. This is accomplished by manipulating the center object with your mouse and launching the marbles in order to collect enough to react.

When all the marbles are gone, the player progresses to the next level. The premise is simple, but the game is quite addictive and well worth the $12 price. QuantZ was released in August 2009 and a demo is available at the Gamerizon Website.


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Comments on "Stop Wine-ing: 15 Games for Linux"


You know what wasn\’t on the list? Unreal Tournament 3.
Epic? Ryan? Anyone paying attention?


Don\’t forget a very good MMORPG with native Linux client (Free to play) called Regnum Online:

This game is quite mature, and still evolving. This is a creation of a small game studio called NGD based in Argentina.


Can you complete the articles with the information whether there exists a 64 bits binary version and if it is open source/free for each game please.

These informations are crucial for me since I only have a 64 bits OS with no 32 compatibility ?


You know, I\’d be keen on retailing some of these. I\’m the admint for

Any further suggestions, whether it\’s for the LGC or otherwise. I\’d be happy to get your point(s) of view.


You know, I\’d be keen on retailing some of these. I\’m the admin for

Any further suggestions, whether it\’s for the LGC or otherwise. I\’d be happy to get your point(s) of view.


dunno if anyone will get to this in time but check this out 5 games that work on linux including World of Goo and you name you price but only for a limited time though. Proceeds go to charity. Live stats show that linux has ~1/4 of the downloads



Haha. Nice to know I\’m not the only one playing it.

But what also was lacked to be mentioned was that there are both 32 and 64 bit versions of Regnum Online.

It\’s also a freemium game, but you don\’t have to buy any of the extras to feel like your getting the full game. It just lets you skip the first 30 levels so you can go straight into multiplayer battle, rather than have to do the quests in the game.

And should I mention, it looks amazing.


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Stop Wine-ing: 15 Games for Linux | Linux Magazine




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