Polyserve Cluster File System Wins

PolyServe Matrix Server overwhelmed competitive cluster file system (CFS) products in a performance benchmark conducted by a non-profit computing consortium for Italian universities, PolyServe, Inc. announced today. It is the first known independent performance comparison of major commercial and open-source Linux cluster file systems.


PolyServe wins 800,000 mailbox messaging application againstRed Hat and Veritas

Beaverton, Ore. — January 26, 2005 — PolyServeMatrix Server™ overwhelmed competitive cluster file system(CFS) products in a performance benchmark conducted by a non-profitcomputing consortium for Italian universities, PolyServe, Inc.announced today. It is the first known independent performancecomparison of major commercial and open-source Linux cluster filesystems.

CASPUR, an inter-university computing consortium based in Rome,Italy, evaluated five Linux CFS products to determine the bestsolution for its deployment of a new email service forapproximately 800,000 concurrent users. After conducting twoperformance benchmarks of the five competing products, CASPURselected PolyServe Matrix Server to power a messaging cluster forits huge base of email users. Matrix Server is the only commercialsoftware package CASPUR is using in its software stack. All othersoftware components are open source.

“The results of this evaluation are clear-cut:PolyServe’s CFS performed head and shoulders above thecompetitors in handling CASPUR’s rigorous email workloadtests,” said William Hurley, senior analyst for theEnterprise Strategy Group. “A benchmark like this istremendously valuable to IT managers trying to determine the bestLinux CFS for email and other mission-criticalapplications.”

“As the only truly independent and head-to-head comparisonof Linux CFS performance, these results further solidifyPolyServe’s leadership position in the shared data clusteringmarket,” said Michael Callahan, co-founder and chieftechnology officer of PolyServe. “Our competitors have mademany performance claims that were clearly invalidated byCASPUR’s tests. PolyServe Matrix Server blew away the otherCFS products, and now customers don’t just have to take ourword for it.”

A CFS allows multiple servers to share applications, files anddata while controlling access to stored data and maintaining dataintegrity. PolyServe’s CFS provides essential technology forenabling data centers to migrate from expensive UNIXinfrastructures to low-cost, industry-standard servers and storagerunning Linux or Microsoft Windows®. Mission-criticalapplications such as database, file, email and Web serving arewidely benefiting today from PolyServe’s storage and serverclustering solutions.

About the CASPUR evaluation

CASPUR conducted a tightly controlled series of tests of fiveCFS products, including PolyServe Matrix Server, Red Hat GlobalFile System and Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster FileSystem™. The computing consortium chose two benchmarks forits evaluation. The first was Postmark 1.5, an industry-standardbenchmark that characterizes the I/O performance of emailapplications. Postmark simulates a typical email workload bycreating heavy file system loads composed of small files that arecontinually changing. The second was a CASPUR-developed benchmarkto simulate an IMAP (Internet message access protocol)environment.

CASPUR’s tests used a Postmark workload of 100,000 fileswith 100,000 transactions running on a single server. In themulti-server configuration, the tests were run using 50,000 fileswith 50,000 transactions and 100,000 files with 100,000transactions. CASPUR measured performance rates of such actions astransactions per second, file creations, reads, writes and deletesand total read and write bandwidth. Each test was run five timeswith the best and worst results discarded and the average value ofthe remaining three tests used to compare results.

“In more than 70 percent of the tests, PolyServe MatrixServer performed more than twice as fast as the next closestcompetitor,” said Leonardo Valcamonici, network applicationsand services group leader, CASPUR. “In the multi-serverbenchmark, PolyServe clearly stood in a class by itself. There wasno comparison.”

CASPUR observed the following results:

  • PolyServe Matrix Server scored 13.6 times faster than Red HatGFS in transactions per second
  • PolyServe Matrix Server scored 6.8 times faster than VeritasStorage Foundation CFS in read and write KBps performance
  • Across all of the multi-server tests PolyServe Matrix Serverperformed an average of 890 percent better than Red Hat and 340percent better than Veritas

Full CASPUR evaluation details and results can be found atwww.caspur.it/en/activitiesservices/basicservices/documentation.html.

CASPUR Production Cluster

CASPUR’s production Linux email messaging cluster consistsof eight Intel Xeon®-based servers and PolyServe Matrix Serversoftware, attached to storage arrays across a storage area network.PolyServe Matrix Server is based on a truly symmetric architecturethat alleviates any single points of failure and performancebottlenecks, unlike other competitive cluster file systems. MatrixServer’s architecture enables a cluster’s performanceto scale linearly as more servers are added. “MatrixServer’s superior architecture means its performanceadvantage will be amplified in larger clusters, such asCASPUR’s eight-node production cluster,” addedCallahan.

“Besides its performance, Matrix Server providescapabilities that really make managing a large cluster as easy toadminister as a single server,” added Valcamonici. Moreinformation about the CASPUR business case can be found atwww.polyserve.com/cust_studies.php.

About PolyServe

PolyServe, Inc. is a leading developer of shared dataclustering software for Linux and Microsoft Windowsmission-critical data centers. The company’s products reducethe cost and complexity associated with traditional clusteringapproaches, while offering superior scalability, availability andmanageability. In addition to its headquarters in Beaverton, Ore.,PolyServe has a Microsoft development center in Redmond, Wash. Italso has sales and support offices in Atlanta, Austin, Boston,Chicago, London, Minneapolis, New York, Washington, D.C. and SanFrancisco. For more information about PolyServe, visitwww.polyserve.com, or call 877-476-5973.

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