LMTV Video Response Contest: What Makes Linux Better?

Tell us what top three things you believe make Linux better than any other operating system for a chance to win a Linux Magazine t-shirt. We'll judge submissions on originality and creativity and select a winner the week of April 4th. See the video for more details.

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Comments on "LMTV Video Response Contest: What Makes Linux Better?"


- Everyone can find or even tailor a distribution to his/her own needs
- The kick of getting to know your system inside-out
- the sheer progress from year to year


@frankclaessen Great comments.

Put your reasons in a video response to this video and you’ll be entered in the contest.


I have bad timing… I’m working on a series of blog entries about what makes Linux better and I’ve only finished one. The first one focuses on Security and the topics to follow will be Safety, Free & Freedom, Stability, Performance, Choice, and Applications.
The first one: Linux is Better: Security
More to come… stay tuned :)
I’m not interested in the contest. I don’t do videos.



three things about Linux:

1. Linux is semi-understandable. Man pages are better than nothing – just barely.
2. Linux encourages use of the “command-line”; it has a scripting language
and lots of tiny and not-so-tiny tools. (i.e. Linux is unix.)
3. Linux has lots and lots of free, but inscrutable, programs that one can

4. Linux is a huge time-sink.


topics to cover on tv: None.

I would much much rather have downloadable and printable
“white-papers” or manuals on a large variety of
topics, covered in much more depth than the mag
does. That would be a contribution to confused Linux users


1. It’s maintained by a group of true operating system developers and not by a marketing behemoth.
2. More often than not, if you need additional functionality out of your distro, you don’t have to pay through the nose to unlock a relatively small feature.
3. It’s a very reliable OS that doesn’t require a reboot the second Tuesday of every month.


1. It’s Free
2. It works!
3. It’s secure.

(Don’t need a video to say that)


I would say stability. It always works. The man pages don’t always give enough info to be of help. I started to use Ubuntu when XP spent more time in crashing than working. After tring to crash Ubuntu for two weeks, I became a Ubuntu fan. I’m 83.


a) the free software philosofy pays off in the long run. GNU has been around for almost 30years and linux is more ~20 years old…
b) good software decisions usually are not chosen in a business/corporate/any non technical environment. A software community is not one of them.