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Up and Running with KVM, Ubuntu Style: Part Three
Once you go graphical with KVM's Virtual Machine Manager, you might never go back to the command line.
Up and Running with KVM Ubuntu Style: Part Two
Continue your dive into KVM virtualization, Ubuntu style.
Top 10 Distribution Developments in 2010
Yes, it's that time of year. Eggnog, fruitcake, tangled lights, crowded stores, bad weather — and the annual industry retrospectives. You can't argue with tradition, though, and 2010 was a very interesting year for Linux and open source. Let's take a look back at 2010 and see whether it was naughty or nice.
Up and Running with KVM, Ubuntu Style: Part One
KVM, Red Hat's darling enterprise virtualization solution runs on Ubuntu. Let's not tell Red Hat.
Linux Mint 10: A Perfect 10?
Linux Mint is back and better than ever with the Linux Mint 10 release. Though it's not a massive update on Linux Mint 9, this comes with enough polish and new features that it's well worth the upgrade.
Who’s to Blame for the Linux Kernel?
Ever wonder who contributes the most to the Linux kernel? Of course you have. Here's a hint: It's not Canonical, certainly not Microsoft, and you might be surprised which companies crack the top 20 and where.
2010 Gift Guide for Storage Geeks
If that someone special in your life has storage on their mind come the holidays, we may be able to help with gift ideas. With ideas ranging from the very affordable (free) to very expensive (skipping a few mortgage payments), we've combed the world of storage procurement so you don't have to.
Progress Report: LibreOffice Beta 3
The OpenOffice.org fork continues to move forward. The Document Foundation recently released LibreOffice beta 3, with a set of modest user-facing improvements, and more under-the-hood work. Can LibreOffice overtake OpenOffice.org? Chances look very good.
All That Java Jive
I love coffee, I love tea. I love the Java Jive and it loves me.* If Java is giving you jive, put your fears aside. You'll soon love it sweet and hot. Or maybe not.
Will Debian 6 be Easier to Install?
A new and improved Debian installer awaits for Debian 6.0, but is it better than what's gone before? We take a tour of Squeeze's installer beta and find out.
Is Canonical’s Unity Move Divisive?
Canonical's announcement that it would not adopt GNOME Shell for Ubuntu 11.04 has not been universally loved. But is Unity divisive or just a typical development decision being given too much weight?
Intro to Linux Pluggable Authentication Modules
Every time you log into a Linux system, you're using the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM). Let's take a closer look what's going on under the hood.
Is Ubuntu 10.10 Worth the Upgrade?
Itching to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10? Not so fast! Look before you leap, you may want to stick with Ubuntu 10.04, especially if you're a netbook user.
Banshee 1.8 Brings Amazon MP3 Support Back to Linux
Users sick of waiting on Amazon to provide current downloaders for Linux will be pleased with Banshee 1.8. Just released, the new version can browse the Amazon MP3 store and act as a downloader for Amazon's .amz files, plus a number of other new enhancements and features.
Ten Essential Linux Admin Tools
Every good Linux System Administrator has a set of tools they reach for again-and-again. Here are ten must haves for your virtual utility belt.
A Quick Look at OpenIndiana
Just a few weeks after Oracle put OpenSolaris out to pasture, the OpenIndiana folks have pushed out their first release. Is it worth a look? Depends on how exciting you find OpenSolaris, but it's not going to knock Ubuntu off the desktop.
Tune In. Turn On. Turn Key.
Forty free, working and relevant turnkey appliances with unbreakable cloud-based backup and restore.
Debian with a Hint of Mint: Linux Mint Ships Debian-based Distro
Linux Mint is going old school with a new release based directly on Debian rather than Ubuntu. Want all the fun of Debian testing, with much less hassle? Mint may be what you're looking for.
Dell Studio 1747 Laptop: One Fatal Flaw Away from Linux Perfection
Dell's 17-inch Studio 1747 laptop is a beefy desktop replacement that ships with Windows 7. But how does it fare with Linux instead? A few days hands-on with the laptop shows that the machine is almost perfect, save for one fatal flaw.
Dropbox: Painless and Free Backup
If you use several computers, sharing files between them is a pain but Dropbox takes the pain away--for free.