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GP-GPUs: OpenCL Is Ready For The Heavy Lifting
nVidia CUDA may be the rage, but OpenCL is a standard that has some features you may need.
Intro to IO Profiling of Applications
One of the sorely missing aspects of storage is analyzing and understanding the IO patterns of applications. This article will examine some techniques for performing IO profiling of an application to illustrate what information you can gain.
The Three Giants of Linux
In the land of Linux, there are three giants. Three distributions which have stood the test of time and from which most others have come. What makes these three unique and how have they shaped Linux as we know it today?
Gentoo Optimizations Benchmarked – Part 2
Gentoo is a source based distribution which lets the user decide how to optimize their system in many ways and includes building for a specific CPU architecture. Linux Magazine benchmarks four such options; i486, i686, pentium3, core2, and throws in Ubuntu for good measure.
Set Your Desktop Free, With Nouveau’s 3D
The nouveau project has done it! Finally, an open source 3D driver for NVIDIA video cards has arrived and will ship with Fedora 13. Let's take a look (including a few benchmarks).
Five Ubuntu Features You Didn’t Know About
Psst. Hey, would you like to hear an Ubuntu secret? OK, how about five secrets?
Five Brilliant Ubuntu-based Distros You Never Knew Existed
The major derivatives of Ubuntu are well known, but what about the others? Just because they aren't as popular doesn't mean they don't have something to offer! We introduce five of the least known, yet simply outstanding distributions.
Alternative Browsers: Beyond Chrome and Firefox
Looking for a new flavor of Web browser? If the mainstream favorites aren't doing the trick, or you just want to test drive something new, we take a look at several of the "alternative" Web browsers for the Linux desktop.
The Greatest KDE Distro Ever: An Early Look at openSUSE 11.3
This week the first milestone release of openSUSE was made available. Together with the KDE 4.4 release candidate and excellent integration of GTK applications such as Firefox, openSUSE simply provides the greatest KDE experience available to date. Here's why.
Free Trial Download: Build Professional Linux Installers with InstallAnywhere
Linux developers, are you tired of building RPM and DEB packages that don't install properly? Try InstallAnywhere, the Linux and multiplatform installer solution trusted by the world's top software companies.
Proprietary Software and Linux: Good, Bad or Somewhere in Between?
Canonical is looking into selling proprietary software like Adobe's Photoshop and Apple's iTunes within its distribution, Ubuntu. This would undoubtedly be helpful for certain end users wanting to switch to Linux, but is it good for free software in the long run?
Desktop Linux Market Share Will Rise, Thanks to Microsoft
Bill Gates said he would get China addicted to Windows and then "collect sometime in the next decade." Now they are indeed coming to collect, but thanks to Linux their plan could backfire, badly.
What To Expect in 2010
The next twelve months will be good to Linux and Free software, but we won't capture the market just yet.
The Five Distros That Changed Linux
Linux's history can be measured in both releases 2.0, 2.6, and so on, and in its major distributions, which brought these releases to the masses at large. Here's my list of the top five major Linux distributions that had the most impact in the operating system's brief history.
FOSS: How Did 2009 Shape Up?
Another year goes by without the "Year of the Linux Desktop" (whatever that means) but that doesn't mean that Free software is standing still. What highlights have there been over the last year and what is still holding us back?
InnoDB Performance Monitoring with innotop
Manually extracting relevant information from repeated incantations of SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS while trying to figure out what InnoDB is doing is not only error prone, it's just plain hard to do. And since MySQL doesn't expose the data you really want in an INFORMATION_SCHEMA table (yet?), the option is use an external program to help: innotop.
Mandriva: The Choice of a New(bie) Generation?
Mandriva is a long surviving Linux distribution, often touted as the best for new users. Is this really so? With an ever changing game, will Mandriva's methods last long term?
Two Simple Suggestions for Ubuntu
As Ubuntu's popularity increases, how can we help to ensure that new users get the best experience possible?
Introduction to iSCSI
iSCSI is one of the hottest topics in Storage because it allows you to create centralized SANs using TCP networks rather than Fibre Channel (FC) networks. Get a handle on the main iSCSI concepts and terminology.
Hacking with CouchDB
Working with CouchDB is very straightforward. There's virtually no setup involved and no complicated libraries to hassle with.