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How Does Ubuntu 9.04 Measure Up to Mac OS X?
Bypassing Windows altogether, Mark Shuttleworth has stated that OS X is the operating system to beat. With Ubuntu's 9.04 now in wide distribution, we look at how it stacks up with the competition.
Kdenlive: A Video Editor in the Spotlight
Linux distributions strive to include all the useful applications that users will need, but a quality video editor has been lacking for quite some time. Now with KDE4 getting better and better, could an application like Kdenlive fill that gap?
Interview with Ksplice Co-Founder
Ksplice is an amazing new technology which allows patches to be applied directly into a running kernel, without needing a reboot. Linux Magazine talks with co-founder and Chief Operating Officer and discusses the origins of the project and what it has to offer.
bashreduce: A Bare-Bones MapReduce
Harness the power of distributed computing using everyday Unix command-line tools and a clever little bash script.
Say Goodbye to Reboots with Ksplice
Linux is famous for uptime, but even it has to reboot when a new kernel vulnerability is fixed. Or does it? Now there's Ksplice, technology that applies patches directly into the running kernel. And thanks to their free Uptrack service it's free for users of Ubuntu!
Building Small Sites with Webby
Webby is ideal for a content archive, a small business or governmental website, and even small catalogs that link to PayPal for commerce. Here, learn how to use Webby to create a site fast.
OVF to VM and Back Again
Do you need to deliver your appliances in smaller packages or do you have an OVF and don't know how to use it? This how-to unravels the OVF mystery.
Too Hot in the Machine Room? Try Chef.
If you manage a system, you need Chef. Here are some of the best Chef resources and cookbooks on Github.
Having Yum for Breakfast
In this wide world of Linux, there are primarily just two package management systems which reign: RPM and Deb. Most binary distributions use one or the other and there has long been tension between the two. So which system performs better?
Yum, It’s Starting to Get Tasty
The release of Fedora 11 promises numerous new improvements. One such improvement is an updated and more efficient package manager. How does it compare to the previous release, version 10?
KDE 4: The Komplete Desktop?
KDE 4 creator Matthias Ettrich, envisaged a Unix desktop with a common look and feel. KDE 4 has been released for over a year now, has it met this goal?
The State of MySQL
Robust development from outside the Sun/MySQL sphere, new storage engines and the return of Monty are just some of the signs that MySQL is healthy, despite may reports to the contrary.
Moblin v2.0 Beta: Linux Netbook’s Best Hope?
Can Intel's Moblin revive the ailing Linux netbook market? The Moblin v2.0 beta release is giving it a try with a very slick update.
Shifting Applications Into Gearman
Gearman enables a new level of software abstraction. With this lightweight infrastructure you can to outsource work to better-suited computers, run tasks in parallel, and combine code written in different computer languages.
Your Distro is Insecure: Ubuntu
Ubuntu Server has one of the cleanest and easiest Linux distribution installers. However, in many cases, its designers choose to ignore security in favor of ease-of-use. The result? An install that is not secure by default.
ext4 File System: Introduction and Benchmarks
Destined to become the default file system for the more popular Linux distributions, ext4 is out of experimental mode and gearing up for production environments. Here's what you need to know.
Linux Netbook Roundup
Are you in the market for a ultra-portable but don't want to pay the Windows tax? We round up seven possible options for anyone looking to purchase a Linux-based netbook.
Caos NSA and Perceus: All-in-one Cluster Software Stack
Silence the struggle around cluster software stack configuration. Caos NSA is a distribution that focuses on making things simple, easy to install and upgrade, and easy to manage.
You’ll Pry Vista from My Cold Dead Hands
Talking operating systems deep in heart of Windows country.
Mark Shuttleworth & the Software Mercenaries of Ubuntu
The Ubuntu founder gets the NYTimes treatment.