Storage Highlights in 2.6.38
We look into some of the new features/additions/changes in the 2.6.38 kernel. In a nutshell: think performance enhancements, additional capability, and additional management options.
CentOS 5.6 Finally Arrives: Is It Suitable for Business Use?
CentOS bills itself as an alternative to RHEL or Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, but can you trust it to run your business?
2X ApplicationServer: Applications at the Speed of Cheap
If you're looking for a way to beat the high cost of application publishing, look no more, 2X has it under control.
Putting Text to Speech to Work
Raise your (phone's) voice as we build out our Text To Speech app for Android.
Where’s the Parallel Beef?
Yet another parallel programing rant. Has the cluster market all but killed parallel tools development?
Have Some Cheese with that Webcam
Cheese Webcam Booth will make you smile because it's fun and free and it works.
Rooting a Nook Color: Is it Worth It?
Looking for a good, cheap Android tablet? Lots of folks recommend grabbing a Barnes & Noble Color Nook and then rooting it to make an Android tablet. Is it worth it? Depends on what you expect from a tablet computer.
SandForce 1222 SSD Testing, Part 1: Initial Throughput Results
SandForce has developed a very interesting and unique SSD controller that uses real-time data compression. This can improve performance (throughput) and extend the life of the SSD but it hinges upon the compressibility of your data. This article is the first part in a series that examines the performance of a SandForce 1222-based SSD and the impact of data compressibility.
WiFi Extension Problem Solved: DD-WRT
There's nothing quite like solving your own problems with Linux. Using Linux-based DD-WRT solved a big one for me.
Software RAID on Linux with mdadm
Now that we've completed our initial examination of the basics of RAID levels (including Nested RAID) it's time to turn our attention to RAID functionality on Linux using software. In this article we will be discussing mdadm -- the software RAID administration tool for Linux. It comes with virtually every Linux distribution and has some unique features that many hardware RAID cards don't.
Google’s Wrongheaded Approach to Android
Google took a step backward with Honeycomb last week. Instead of locking the source they should start treating Android as a real open source project and start enforcing the Android trademark.
Understanding Parallel Computing: Amdahl’s Law
More cores mean better performance, right? That's not what Amdahl says. Learn one of the foundations of parallel computing in "Amdahl's Law." Prepare yourself for math. And lawn mowing.
LMTV Video Response Contest: What Makes Linux Better?
Tell us what top three things you believe make Linux better than any other operating system for a chance to win a Linux Magazine t-shirt. We'll judge submissions on originality and creativity and select a winner the week of April 4th. See the video for more details.
Google Your Desktop
Google Desktop is the best personal search engine that money can't buy.
A Look at Firefox Mobile
Firefox is coming to Android devices. Does Android need another browser and can FF and it's add-ons displace the default software on the growing mobile platform?
Look Who’s Talking: Android Edition
Adding speech to Android apps isn't nearly as difficult as you would think. "Text to Speech" is a snap with the android.speech.tts package.
Aligning SSD Partitions
Do you have a brand new SSD? Do you plan to partition it? Let's talk about the best way to set up your SSD so partitions -- and the resulting file systems -- align on page boundaries, thus improving performance and minimizing the number of rewrite cycles.
May’s Law and Parallel Software
This little known "law" is a corollary to the more famous Moore's Law of semiconductor growth.
Red Hat and the Kernel Kerfluffle
Recent changes to how RHEL kernel patches are distributed is creating barriers for developers. Why did Red Hat make this change? To stay competitive.
Audacity: The Free Dimensional Sound Editor, Part Two
Learn how to mix sound and voice to create professional and audacious effects for your next audio project.