Software Development

Object relational mappers are popular, because the software disguises the impedance mismatch between objects and databases. There are many ORM variants to choose from, but many simply get in the way when you need to do something the ORM wasn’t expressly designed to do. SQLALchemy is different. It aims to provide you with objects that look and act like real objects, and data sets that provide the full power and flexibility of relational algebra. Here’s a tour.
Intelligent Scaffolds for Ruby on Rails
Building Internet applications with Rails is getting even easier as projects like ActiveScaffold and Hobo mature.
A comprehensive knowledge management application for Educational institutes, Education bodies
cyn.in is a comprehensive and powerful collaboration and content management platform that is a perfect fit for Educational Institutes due to its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, intuitive features, web-based functionality and scalability. cyn.in enables Educational Institutions to harness knowledge in better and productive ways. To know more on how cyn.in can help schools, universities and other educational institutes to enable collaboration and manage their knowledge better download the PDF here: http://blog.cyn.in/Note/3774/index.html.
Moving to Portland: Simplifying Linux Desktop Development
The Portland Project is a joint Open Source Development Labs and Freedesktop.org initiative to provide independent software developers with stable application programming interfaces that span the many flavors of desktop Linux and other free desktop platforms.
Building Applications With Gantry
All the prowess of Perl, plus a powerful application framework
Introduction to Service-Oriented Architecture
Service Oriented Architecture is an approach to building software. SOA doesn’t dictate an underlying architecture, a hardware platform, an operating system, or a specific programming language. Instead, SOA focuses on interoperability among specialized services. SOA aims to build a whole whose sum is greater than its parts.
The “S” Stands for Service: An Interview with Sandy Carter, IBM’s VP of SOA Strategy
A published author and the executive in charge of IBM’s Service Oriented Architecture and Websphere strategy, Sandy Carter met with Linux Magazineto discuss how SOA can solve immediate business problems and form the foundation of flexible, responsive information technology infrastructure.
Flex, JavaFX, or Silverlight?
Which, if any, rich Internet application is right for you? Why?
Throwing MFC Out of Windows
For years, Qt has advertised itself as a better MFC than MFC. Thanks to the Qt 4 Visual Studio Integration, it is now easier than ever for a Windows developer to develop cross-platform, high-performance C++ graphical user interface applications from his favorite IDE.
The Joy of Vim, Part Three
Take a look at a few of the powerful new features that make vim Vi IMproved: a visual text-selection mode, moving the cursor to places without text (yet), incrementing and decrementing numbers, storing editing commands in registers, handling binary files and different end-of-line styles, line breaking, and screen scrolling.
Configuring Rose::DB::Object Metadata
Rose::DB::Object makes typical CRUD a breeze.
Why Use vim?, Part Two
Dig into some of vim’s programmable features: improvements in key mapping, a scripting language, and built-in and user-defined functions.
Rapid Development with TurboGears
Here’s how to develop a Web application the easy way — with Python and TurboGears
Wrap Your Rows With Rose
Learn how to abstract database rows using DB::Rose.
Expand Your Debugging Toolkit with Kernel Probes
Tried of booting a debug kernel? Kprobes can intrude into your kernel code and extract debug information or apply run time medication.
Author XML with XXE
Explore a powerful XML editor that runs natively on Linux.
The Best of Both Worlds: The Role of Mono in Multi-Platform Application Development
Have a Windows application, but want to port it to Linux? Mono lets you keep your source code and run on Linux, too. Mono founder Miguel de Icaza explains.
See Jungle! Go Ape Crazy!
Fast! Cheap! Easy! Store files online with Jungle Disk.
Writing Scripts for zsh
One especially impressive feature of zsh is its context-sensitive completion system. With zsh, you can use the tab key to complete file names, command flags, shell variable names, and even scripting language syntax.
The Oldest Trick in the Book
Learn about buffer overflow exploits and how to avoid them.