Will Debian 6 be Easier to Install?
A new and improved Debian installer awaits for Debian 6.0, but is it better than what's gone before? We take a tour of Squeeze's installer beta and find out.
Is Canonical’s Unity Move Divisive?
Canonical's announcement that it would not adopt GNOME Shell for Ubuntu 11.04 has not been universally loved. But is Unity divisive or just a typical development decision being given too much weight?
Gmail vs. Zimbra Desktop 2.0
Now under VMware's wing, Zimbra has released Zimbra Desktop 2.0 productivity client. Zimbra Desktop 2.0's main feature is email, so we decided to see how it stacks up against Gmail. The verdict? Google probably isn't too worried.
Is Ubuntu 10.10 Worth the Upgrade?
Itching to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10? Not so fast! Look before you leap, you may want to stick with Ubuntu 10.04, especially if you're a netbook user.
Banshee 1.8 Brings Amazon MP3 Support Back to Linux
Users sick of waiting on Amazon to provide current downloaders for Linux will be pleased with Banshee 1.8. Just released, the new version can browse the Amazon MP3 store and act as a downloader for Amazon's .amz files, plus a number of other new enhancements and features.
VortexBox 1.5: Turn an Old PC into a Jukebox
Have an old PC sitting around with nothing to do? Just add VortexBox and you can have a Linux-based streaming jukebox in no time.
A Quick Look at OpenIndiana
Just a few weeks after Oracle put OpenSolaris out to pasture, the OpenIndiana folks have pushed out their first release. Is it worth a look? Depends on how exciting you find OpenSolaris, but it's not going to knock Ubuntu off the desktop.
Debian with a Hint of Mint: Linux Mint Ships Debian-based Distro
Linux Mint is going old school with a new release based directly on Debian rather than Ubuntu. Want all the fun of Debian testing, with much less hassle? Mint may be what you're looking for.
Dell Studio 1747 Laptop: One Fatal Flaw Away from Linux Perfection
Dell's 17-inch Studio 1747 laptop is a beefy desktop replacement that ships with Windows 7. But how does it fare with Linux instead? A few days hands-on with the laptop shows that the machine is almost perfect, save for one fatal flaw.
Debian at 17: As Important as Ever
It's hard to believe that Debian has 17 years under its belt, but the project celebrated its 17th birthday on August 16. Though Debian may not be quite as well hyped as other distros, it's still one of the most important FOSS projects around.
Should OpenSolaris Die?
After months of silence, OpenSolaris supporters have had enough and launched the Illumos project. Described as a "spork" of OpenSolaris, rather than a true fork, Illumos is a misguided attempt to keep the Solaris legacy OS alive for another generation. Too bad it's doomed from the start.
The Year Of The Linux… Everything Else
We have to face it. Linux isn't going to win the desktop war any time soon, but perhaps we don't need to. With products like MeeGo and Android, Linux is going to complete its domination of the embedded space, and find itself in every single home.
Improving The Linux Desktop? Why, It’s Elementary
The Linux desktop has come a long way, but are there still improvements to be made? At least one group of dedicated hackers thinks so, and is working with Ubuntu to improve it.
The Ubuntu Advantage? Canonical Takes On Red Hat
Red Hat is the king of commercial Linux support, no doubt about it. Canonical has entered the market and with some refined support products could present a very compelling alternative. Is it enough to make the company profitable long term, though?
MeeGo Brings The Magic
When the Linux Foundation announced the MeeGo project earlier this year, they said it would "bring the magic to Linux." Now that it is finally here, does it deliver on its promise? It sure does.
Oh My Goddard! An Early Look at Fedora 13
Fedora 13 is on the way and while it innovates in its own right, it also borrows some major features from other distros such as Ubuntu and Mandriva. This is looking to be yet another great release from the Fedora community!
Farewell Songbird, We Hardly Knew Ye
Songbird, the popular open source cross platform music player, has decided to dump support for Linux. Such a move could be fatal and here's why.
Solaris Is Dead. Long Live Linux.
Hot on the heels of acquiring Sun, Oracle has changed the license for Solaris making it non-free once again. In a time like this, such a move can only be fatal and of course ultimately beneficial to Linux.
Ubuntu 10.04: The Perfect Consumer Operating System?
The upcoming release of Ubuntu 10.04 is on the way and with its new theme, looks simply stunning. With an online music store built in, integrated cloud backup services and a strong focus on social networking, could this finally be the release consumers have been waiting for?
What If… Microsoft Bought Novell?
According to the company, Novell would consider being acquired should the right buyer come along. Could that buyer be Microsoft? And what would that mean for SUSE and the Linux ecosystem?