Will The Linux Desktop Soon Be Irrelevant?
Some of us are still waiting for the year of the Linux desktop. Some think it's already here. One thing is certain however, Linux does not have a majority desktop market share. By the time we get there, perhaps the entire idea of what a Desktop is will have been re-defined, thanks to "The Cloud".
Commercial Gaming, Coming Soon to Linux?
The inability to play the latest off the shelf commercial games has been a thorn in the side of Linux for a long time. With companies such as Valve starting to embrace other platforms, will that be the catalyst Linux needs to become a first class citizen?
The Three Giants of Linux
In the land of Linux, there are three giants. Three distributions which have stood the test of time and from which most others have come. What makes these three unique and how have they shaped Linux as we know it today?
Gentoo Optimizations Benchmarked – Part 2
Gentoo is a source based distribution which lets the user decide how to optimize their system in many ways and includes building for a specific CPU architecture. Linux Magazine benchmarks four such options; i486, i686, pentium3, core2, and throws in Ubuntu for good measure.
Set Your Desktop Free, With Nouveau’s 3D
The nouveau project has done it! Finally, an open source 3D driver for NVIDIA video cards has arrived and will ship with Fedora 13. Let's take a look (including a few benchmarks).
Five Ubuntu Features You Didn’t Know About
Psst. Hey, would you like to hear an Ubuntu secret? OK, how about five secrets?
Five Brilliant Ubuntu-based Distros You Never Knew Existed
The major derivatives of Ubuntu are well known, but what about the others? Just because they aren't as popular doesn't mean they don't have something to offer! We introduce five of the least known, yet simply outstanding distributions.
The Greatest KDE Distro Ever: An Early Look at openSUSE 11.3
This week the first milestone release of openSUSE was made available. Together with the KDE 4.4 release candidate and excellent integration of GTK applications such as Firefox, openSUSE simply provides the greatest KDE experience available to date. Here's why.
The Importance of Fitting In
Is the success of Linux directly proportional to its ability to integrate with existing proprietary systems like Windows? If so, should free software developers be spending more time integrating with it instead of building better software for free platforms?
Proprietary Software and Linux: Good, Bad or Somewhere in Between?
Canonical is looking into selling proprietary software like Adobe's Photoshop and Apple's iTunes within its distribution, Ubuntu. This would undoubtedly be helpful for certain end users wanting to switch to Linux, but is it good for free software in the long run?
Desktop Linux Market Share Will Rise, Thanks to Microsoft
Bill Gates said he would get China addicted to Windows and then "collect sometime in the next decade." Now they are indeed coming to collect, but thanks to Linux their plan could backfire, badly.
The Small Business Server Replacement is Clear(OS)
Microsoft still has a stranglehold on the desktop and servers for small business. While wheels are in motion for the former, the answer to the latter may already be here.
What To Expect in 2010
The next twelve months will be good to Linux and Free software, but we won't capture the market just yet.
The Five Distros That Changed Linux
Linux's history can be measured in both releases 2.0, 2.6, and so on, and in its major distributions, which brought these releases to the masses at large. Here's my list of the top five major Linux distributions that had the most impact in the operating system's brief history.
Mandriva: The Choice of a New(bie) Generation?
Mandriva is a long surviving Linux distribution, often touted as the best for new users. Is this really so? With an ever changing game, will Mandriva's methods last long term?
2.6.32 is Out! But a Word of Caution Around CFQ
Everyone loves a shiny new kernel. The latest one, 2.6.32, was released on Dec. 3 and there are some nice updates/fixes for file systems and IO in general. But there is a very important change for the CFQ IO scheduler that you need to understand.
Chrome OS? Solid Gold OS
Google recently released the source code for their upcoming operating system, Chrome OS. Many who tried it have felt that it leaves a lot to be desired. So, is their head in the clouds, or does it actually deliver what was promised?
Chrome OS is Here: Some Assembly Required
The big news of the week: Google Chrome OS is out in the wild. Sort of. If you're willing to roll up your sleeves a bit and do some work, you can get your hands on Google Chrome OS, but it's not quite ready for everybody just yet.
Fedora, Still Pushing The Envelope
The latest release of Fedora is out, offering a number of major improvements over its predecessor. Just exactly what does it have to offer the end user, and is it worth the upgrade?
What’s New in openSUSE 11.2
After nearly a year in development, openSUSE 11.2 is ready to be unleashed! A peek under the hood shows a lot of new and interesting changes since 11.1, including updated desktops and a preview of WebYaST.