openSUSE, Now with More Open
Novell has announced plans to make openSUSE more community driven by opening up their Online Build System which controls Factory to contributors outside their staffing ranks. What does it mean for the project and community at large?
Having Yum for Breakfast
In this wide world of Linux, there are primarily just two package management systems which reign: RPM and Deb. Most binary distributions use one or the other and there has long been tension between the two. So which system performs better?
Yum, It’s Starting to Get Tasty
The release of Fedora 11 promises numerous new improvements. One such improvement is an updated and more efficient package manager. How does it compare to the previous release, version 10?
KDE 4: The Komplete Desktop?
KDE 4 creator Matthias Ettrich, envisaged a Unix desktop with a common look and feel. KDE 4 has been released for over a year now, has it met this goal?
Moblin v2.0 Beta: Linux Netbook’s Best Hope?
Can Intel's Moblin revive the ailing Linux netbook market? The Moblin v2.0 beta release is giving it a try with a very slick update.
Trimming the FAT: Linux and Patents
The TomTom case exposed a long-simmering problem resulting from the combination of patents, proprietary software companies and open source. Andrew Tridgell recently patched Linux's VFAT implementation, but the cult of silence that surrounds intellectual property will bedevil open source projects for some time to come.
Forget Windows, the Real Competition is the iPhone
Linux cracks 1% of the OS client market. But does this represent the path forward, or the beginning of the end?
GNOME vs. KDE: The Final Smackdown
Two Linux desktops step into the ring. But in the end, there can be only one...
Combining Debian and FreeBSD; Pushing the Envelope of FOSS
The Debian team implements a Linux kernel-less, FreeBSD mashup. Say goodbye to your single-kernel operating system.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 Feature Tour
Take a screenshot tour of Novell's latest release of SLED. Get the scoop on what's new and what works (and what doesn't).
openSUSE Roadmap Propoal Open for Comment
Next release -- "Fichte" 11.2 -- scheduled for November 2009.
Bang the TomTom Softly
Has Chancellor Palpatine given the go ahead to execute Order 66 or is the TomTom lawsuit about nothing more than GPS?
Microsoft Searching for New Open Source Director
However, the new position takes aim at the Linux desktop.
Mobile is the New Desktop
The perfect storm for Linux in the netbook market.
Mark Shuttleworth & the Software Mercenaries of Ubuntu
The Ubuntu founder gets the NYTimes treatment.
Linux for Small Systems
Short on horsepower? Less is more when it's powered by Linux.
Giving Thanks to Linux and Open Source
As you carve into the turkey next week, be sure to give thanks to all the people that make the Penguin possible.
Child’s Play: Linux Conversion Through Education
What's the easiest way to get more people using Linux? Start them young.
Spawn of Ubuntu
Looking for a new desktop? Ubuntu's spiffy progeny includes several worth checking out, including Linux Mint, Freespire, and gOS.
Sun Launches OpenSolaris on a Post-OS World
Because you were probably just thinking that your choices on operating systems were feeling a little limited.