Highly Parallel HPC: Ants vs Horses
Combing things in parallel often has unexpected consequences and outcomes.
Homebrew HPC: Stomping On The PS3
Sony removes choice from the PS3 and personal HPC takes a hit
Supporting The HPC Hero
InterSect360 shares some valuable marketing insights about the HPC market and invites HPC leadership
Scheduling HPC In The Cloud
New additions to Sun Grid Engine allow integration with Clouds and Hadoop (map-reduce) jobs
GP-GPUs: OpenCL Is Ready For The Heavy Lifting
nVidia CUDA may be the rage, but OpenCL is a standard that has some features you may need.
HPC Madness: March Is More Cores Month
This month we are supposed to hear about new multi-core processors from both AMD and Intel. Should we be happy?
HPC Turn-Offs: Power Control
Managing power can save money especially if it is from your wallet
The Cost to Play: CUDA Programming
Introduced less than three years ago, the rapid growth of the CUDA software model is no accident
The HPC Software Conundrum
Can a solution for HPC software live within MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL, and/or Ct?
Cheap Stuff: Trends in Commodity HPC
Commodity trends at the low end are generating interesting ideas in HPC
The SC09 Video Train Has Pulled Into The Station
Our final videos include Appro, 10GigE, and making sense of it all
More SC09 Videos: IBM, ScaleMP, and The Great T-shirt Hunt
Let's all help the Haiti relief effort and then watch some cutting edge videos
SC09 Videos: AMD, Penguin, and the HPC French Fryer
I get the latest from AMD, talk with Don Becker, and then get disruptive
From Ct to InfiniBand, The inside Scoop from SC09
A new year is upon us, but wait, I'm not done with the old one yet!
Eating Your Own Tail: HPC in 2009
Truth is stranger than fiction. The connection that helped end HPC careers and companies in 2009
A Second Smattering of SC09 Videos
This week we hear from Intel, Numascale, and Mellanox. Plus some thoughts on single node HPC solutions
Getting Intense About Data: The SDSC Gordon Cluster
One of the challenges facing HPC are I/O rates and new clusters designs are paving the way to new levels of performance.
HPC Gone Wild: The SC09 Video Parade Begins
The first videos from SC09 are here. We take a look at the Beowulf Bash, SCinet, NVidia, and Adaptive Computing (previously Cluster Resources
HPC Reflections: SC09 in Portland, OR
The big show is over and now all that remains is to make sense of it all
The Unofficial Guide To SC09 (Part Two)
Let's use the HPC fist bump this year.