The Unofficial Guide To SC09 (Part One)
Your guide to navigating the coolest tradeshow on the planet.
You Need A Cloud Based Grid Supercomputing Cluster
Are you a Geek or a Droid? Take the simple quiz to find out!
Parallel Programming: Non-optimal Is as Non-optimal Does
Preserving program state is necessary for parallel computation, but should we keep doing it the hard way?
The Return of the Vector Processor
The New Fermi GPU shows NVidia has been listening to the HPC crowd
When HPC Is Not An Afterthought
Hitching a ride to a fast moving technology is a welcome trend
HPC on Wall Street: Report From the Front
In stark contrast to one year ago, this year's show was well-attended and upbeat.
Parallel Programming: I Told You So
Will a new feature make C the answer to the parallel programmer's dreams?
The Commodity Push
The 10 GigE train is on its way. Simplicity and low cost have left the station.
One Node For One Process
Hybridizing MPI applications with cores and GP-GPUs. Is this a good idea?
Eating, Smashing, and Mixing
The acquisition of Sun by Oracle raises many questions and recalls some past experiences
Why You Should Touch MAGMA
Hiding the details of the multi-core and GP-GPU hardware is a really cool goal
The Core-Diameter
How big of a cluster can you build? With a little math and the speed of light you can find out.
Over There Vs. Over Here
Matching the right solution with the right problem takes skill, flexibility, and a little luck.
Commodity Software
Commodity hardware is the norm in HPC. What about commodity software?
HPC Masters: Bill Gropp on Commodity Software
How can the community help create better HPC software?
Fireflies and Ants
Large insect populations synchronize globally, but communicate locally. Is there a lesson for parallel computing?
It’s About Time
SGI/Rackable Walks away from a PFLOP deal. No, this is actually good news.
Concurrent and Parallel Are Not The Same
Pick one: portability or efficiency. Neither is guaranteed when writing explicit parallel code
HPC From the Beach
How can getting to the ocean help with HPC computing?
Scaling Bandwidth
SMPs may have cores, but clusters have bandwidth.