HPC Hopscotch
Data locality is the key to efficient code.
Small HPC
Will multi-core split HPC into two programming camps? Which one will you join?
A Brain in a Band-Aid Box
As multi-core solutions continue to grow, a new power saving single-core server approach takes hold
Is La Toya Jackson a Prime Number?
"Making the world's knowledge computable" -- Sounds like a job for parallel computing.
Clouding Of The Grid
To the casual observer, cloud computing often looks like grid computing, but from an HPC perspective it is not even close.
HPC Masters: Ian Foster on “The Grid”
The Globus Alliance is an open-source, open-architecture Grid Toolkit as well as an enabling middleware.
Incremental Twiddling
As GPU Clusters hit the market, users are finding small code changes can result in big rewards.
The Servtainer Has Arrived
What happens when large-scale forces re-think the traditional solution? The shipping container has become the new supercomputer case.
Expediting Synergistic Paradigms
By exploiting frictionless deliverables, the real story of SGI can be told through architected and integrated convergence
The Clustering Way
Aside from a new processor for cluster vendors to sell, the Nehalem represents a more subtle change in the market.
Multi-core Clip Show
Yet another multicore rant. This one is triggered by the recent Multicore Expo.
Beowulf Is Dead?
Relax. It is just a catchy headline to draw your attention to some classic insights into the HPC cluster market.
Good Old Ethernet
Did you know there are two projects that can give Ethernet a performance boost?
The Beowulf Questions
Would a Cluster By Any Other Name Be As Cool
Caos NSA and Perceus: All-in-one Cluster Software Stack
Silence the struggle around cluster software stack configuration. Caos NSA is a distribution that focuses on making things simple, easy to install and upgrade, and easy to manage.
Cluster Tools for the Enterprise
Enterprise-level clusters? It's time we start thinking about them.
Marching Penguins: Monitoring Your HPC Cluster
Getting into Ganglia for a scalable and flexible solution to the problem of cluster monitoring.
Using strace for Fun and Profit
New tool for taking the output from strace_analyzer and creating a simulation of the I/O pattern of your code on different storage hardware and file systems.
MPI in Thirty Minutes
Learn how to obtain, build, and use an MPI stack for Linux machines. This tutorial will take you from "hello world" to parallel matrix multiplication in a matter of minutes.
Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing
The fastest computers in the United States have their work cut out.