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Mobile innovation is heating up the North.
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Publishing an application to the Android Market
This Little App Went to Market, Part 1
Preparing an application for the Android Market
Monitoring Android Events
Use dynamically registered BroadcastReceivers to create intelligent GUIS for Android
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Three ways to configure click handlers in Android UI Code
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Leveraging built-in Android Apps to make your app better
Complementary and Collaborative Apps
A new way to think about mobile applications.
Android Phone-Top Programming, Part 2
Creating a simple application debug tool out of an App Widget
iPhone: Two Hands or None?
Will the antenna problem with the iPhone 4 derail Apple or is it just a speed-bump
Android Phone-Top Programming: Part 1
Building on what we already know about Android development, we take a look at adding App Widget functionality for your phone's "desktop."
Showing Progress with Android
Passing data with Handlers, Messages and the ProgressDialog
Android and iPhone, and Then Everyone Else
iPhone is becoming the standard-bearer, but Android is more versatile
Localizing Android Applications
Business as Mission requires localization.
Here Comes Froyo!
Android continues its march towards the top of the smartphone market.
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The 5 things I hope Google unveils in Android 2.2.
Global Variables in Android Apps
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Say Cheese: Building a Photo App for Your Android Device
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Comparing Apples and Androids
Apple ups the ante against Android with iPhone OS version 4 -- but first they have to answer to the 3.3.1 worm.
Nexus One… Close, But No Calendar!
Making my Nexus One usable as a day-to-day phone