Apple iGroups: Smart Networking or Dead on Arrival?
Apple takes a turn in the social network scene
Lights, Camera, Android: Is Google TV Getting Ready for a Close Up?
Rumors of a Google TV appliance continues to blur the lines of platform and market -- and perhaps brings App developers yet another opportunity to sell their 'wares
To XML and Back: Using JSON in Android
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is competing with XML as the data encoding format of choice.
Titanium 1.0: The “App for Building Apps”?
Appcelerator ups the ante for mobile developers
Custom Controls for the iPhone
Building a scrollable, dynamic user interface for iPhone.
Dumping WYSIWYG: Building Android User Interfaces at Run Time
A look at an alternative means of constructing user interface elements for Android developers
Linus Declares the Google Nexus One a “Winner”
February has been a strong month for open source on mobile devices, including the release of the Symbian OS source code, an Android update and Linus giving a nod to the Nexus One.
Writing “C” Code for Android
The Android SDK is strictly for Java Programmers -- however, the Native Development Kit cracks the door to let some "C" inside
Love it or Hate it, Here Comes the iPad
Is it just an iPod on steroids or does the iPad from Apple represent the future of mobile computing? Perhaps a bit of both.
EventLogger: printf for BlackBerry
Using the EventLogger feature of the BlackBerry to record important events
Android’s Next Challenge? iTunes
Android has been updated again, but the list of phones waiting for an upgrade continues to grow. There is one lesson Apple can teach Android
Automating Android with Ant
Eclipse is not the only game in town when it comes to compiling Android applications.
A Virtual Solution for Mobile Development
Who needs a Dell when you can have a VirtualBox?
The Next Level of Convergence?
Wouldn't it be cool if I could plug a keyboard and monitor into my phone....
One Android to Rule Them All?
Android is maturing, both for developers and consumers. Will it dominate the mobile market? 2010 may bring the answer.
Hybrid iPhone Applications
Increase your speed to market by building a hybrid application for iPhone
Under the Hood of Native Web Apps for Android
Web Development for Mobile Devices is the latest rage. But what if you want an "off-line" web application? No problem!
Mobile Web Applications
The mobile web is maturing -- but be careful to not stuff your application chock-full of "features."
Customizing BlackBerry Applications
It doesn't get too much press these days, but the BlackBerry platform still holds appeal for enterprise applications.
Android: A Better iPhone?
iPhone has created the market, but Android has the potential to own it.