WebM Poised to Bring Open Video to the Masses
The long struggle for open video on the Web may finally be over for Linux users. Last week, Google announced WebM at its Google I/O conference. What's it mean for you? In the long run, a totally open media format for the Web, plus the backing of enough companies and organizations to push open media over the top online.
Kick Out the Jams: Firefox and Chrome Extensions for Music Lovers
Now that Songbird has abandoned Linux, where will we turn for a browser-based music fix? Not to worry, you can still find plenty of add-ons and extensions for Firefox and Chrome to turn them into excellent tools for finding and listening to music.
Microblogging and More with Gwibber
Tired of slogging through Facebook's interface? Sick of seeing the Fail Whale? Cut through the cruft and simplify your social services with Gwibber -- a microblogging client for Linux that supports Identi.ca, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
Hell Freezes Over: Opera Mini on the iPhone
It seemed like they'd be ice skating in Hades before Apple would bless a real competitor to Safari on the iPhone, but Opera Mini has made its way into the App Store. Now that Opera has sailed past the gatekeepers, what's the verdict?
End of the Desktop? Google Backs WebGL
Stick a fork in the desktop, it's done! Recently Google demoed a port of Quake II to WebGL and HTML5, showing that even first person shooters are suitable applications to run in the browser. While the tide isn't going to turn all at once, it seems more likely than ever that a browser-based desktop is a viable option and ultimately the way many users will experience all applications.
Is Google Appifying Email a Good Thing?
It's Google's Internet, we just use it. Well, maybe not, but some days it seems that way. Google's gone from searching the Internet to being a big chunk of it. The latest moves from Mountain View include adding OAuth and contextual gadgets to email. Good on the surface for Google users, but what do they mean for everybody else?
Is Opera 10.50 Really the Fastest?
Opera is finally making with the snapshots for 10.50 on Linux, but is it really as fast as they claim? Opera's upcoming release gets a shakedown this week, and the results might surprise you.
Stop Wine-ing: 15 Games for Linux
Time to kill? Check. Running Linux? Check. Now, here's the last piece of that puzzle: 15 current and future gaming options that don't require Windows.
Can Flash Survive HTML5?
Is HTML5 going to put the hurt on Flash? Rumors of Flash's demise may be greatly exaggerated, but the long term prospects for Adobe Flash seem pretty dim indeed.
GoAhead Software Goes Ahead with Open Source
GoAhead Software, high-availability middleware vendor, shifts to an open source business model.
Claws Mail: Mail with Attitude
When other mailers aren't doing the trick, it's time to break out Claws: An extremely configurable and extensible GUI mailer that gives you all the control you'd ever want over your mail without sacrificing ease of use.
IE8 vs. Firefox: Four Things Firefox Could Learn from IE
It's popular to hate on IE8, and easy to do! But the truth is, Firefox could take a few cues from stodgy old Internet Explorer. From user-friendly features to deployment tools, there are still a few things that IE does better.
Vimperator: Use Firefox the Vim Way
Bring the mightiness of Vim to Firefox! If you're ready for a fully keyboard-driven browser, the Vimperator add-on for Firefox can help you do away with mouse-based drudgery and add the awesomeness of vi-like keybindings to Firefox 3.5 and later.
Customize Chrome for Better Browsing
Google Chrome has only had extensions available for a few months, but it already has a great collection of add-ons that will boost your browsing experience. We look at a handful of extensions that let you manage tabs effectively, learn more about the sites you browse, and read feeds with panache.
Jetpack Gearing Up for Production: Look Out Chrome?
Chrome is catching up to Firefox pretty quickly in the extension department. The Chrome Extension Gallery has added more than 2,700 extensions in just a few months. Meanwhile the Mozilla team is busy perfecting Jetpack to make life much easier for add-on developers. With the 0.8 release out the door, let's look at what the road ahead looks like for Mozilla Jetpack and the future of add-ons with Mozilla.
Google Buzz: Much Ado about Something
Google is having another go at a social media offering, and this time it looks like the company may be on the right track. Google Buzz was rolled out en masse this week, to largely positive reviews. The service has a few rough edges, but has quite a bit of potential.
Alternative Browsers: Beyond Chrome and Firefox
Looking for a new flavor of Web browser? If the mainstream favorites aren't doing the trick, or you just want to test drive something new, we take a look at several of the "alternative" Web browsers for the Linux desktop.
Firefox 3.6 for Developers
Last week we looked at Firefox 3.6 from the user perspective. This week we'll take a quick look at some of the under-the-hood improvements for Firefox 3.6 for developers.
Firefox 3.6 Goes Gold
It's finally here! After about six months of development, Firefox 3.6 has landed. A bit too late for the original 2009 release date, Firefox 3.6 is worth the extra bit of development time.
Make Firefox a Productivity Powerhouse
Spending most of your workday in Firefox? Most of us live in the Web browser for day to day work, so it's important to make it as productive as possible. With the help of a few add-ons and Web services, you can easily double your productivity in Firefox.