Become a Firefox Test Pilot
Picture a "test pilot" and you'll probably imagine a dashing personality ready to risk life and limb in order to test the latest technology. The Mozilla Test Pilot program is a lot like that, except you don't have to risk life or limb, and it might not give any great stories to tell at the bar. But you could help the project with very little effort, and isn't that almost as good?
Sneak Peek at Opera 10.5
If at first you don't succeed, try again. Opera hasn't cracked double digits in the desktop browser market, but that doesn't mean the company is giving up. A few days ago, Opera released alpha builds of Opera 10.5 and made them available for download. If the alpha release is any indication, Opera is going to give Firefox and Chrome a run for their money, speedwise.
Web Winners and Losers in 2009
Break out the Champagne and get ready to celebrate the winners of the Web in 2009, and give a few shots to the losers. Looking back on 2009 on the Web, we saw some tectonic shifts in the market and major developments that are going to make 2010 very interesting indeed. Grab your tickets and we'll see if you picked the winners for 2009, but if you bet heavy on Microsoft, you might be disappointed.
FOSS: How Did 2009 Shape Up?
Another year goes by without the "Year of the Linux Desktop" (whatever that means) but that doesn't mean that Free software is standing still. What highlights have there been over the last year and what is still holding us back?
Old School Browsing with w3m
Not to sound like a Luddite, but sometimes the old ways are best. When it comes to Web browsers, that's not very often, but knowing your way around a text-mode browser like w3m does come in handy from time to time. You probably won't want to switch, but after taking a look at what you can do with w3m, you might want to add it to your toolbox.
My Top Resources of 2009
With the year winding to a close, it's a good time to look back and think about what some of the most interesting and useful resources were. This includes software tools, web sites, blogs, and so on.
Official and Unofficial Google Chrome Extensions
If you like Google Chrome's speed, but miss the extensibility of Firefox, you're in luck. The Chrome team announced the developer program around Chrome Extensions this week, and unveiled part of the site that will eventually serve as the official mothership for Chrome add-ons. If you can't wait until then, we've got a round-up of resources for unofficial scripts and extension that should keep you occupied until the wraps come off.
Mozilla Jetpack Gets an Update
Mozilla Labs is continuing in its quest to make it as easy to extend the browser as it is to write a Web page. The latest update to Jetpack came out this week, and brought a few new APIs and a gallery of community contributed Jetpacks. There's been quite a bit of progress, but Jetpack isn't quite there just yet.
Midterm Report on Firefox 3.6
Firefox 3.6 development is moving along nicely, if a bit tardy. The first beta was expected in mid-September, but it finally dropped right before the end of October. How's 3.6 look? It's not a major leap from Firefox 3.5, but it has a few nice features and is showing decent improvement in JavaScript performance.
Rule the Web with Four Firefox Add-ons
You don't have to take the Web as-is, you have the power to change it! With a few handy add-ons for Mozilla Firefox, you can take control of the sites you visit and make them look and work the way that you want to.
Opera Readies Unite
Opera recently released a beta of its next browser update, Opera 10.10. Of note in this release is Opera Unite, finally enabled by default. Opera is showing signs of progress, but is Unite all it was initially cracked up to be?
Underwhelmed by Wave: Google’s Wave Falls Short
After chomping at the bit to get a Google Wave invite, the reality leaves a bit to be desired. While Wave has some interesting features and a slightly new take on collaboration, the current implementation has little to offer beyond what you'll already find in tools like EtherPad and Google Docs.
Untangling the Web with Mozilla Weave
Syncing bookmarks? That's for amateurs! If you're ready to get real, you can sync your bookmarks, passwords, history, tabs, and more with Mozilla Weave Sync for Firefox and Fennec.
Enhance Firefox with SmarterFox
Work smarter, not harder. It's a good motto, and one that applies well to SmarterFox, an extension for Firefox that makes common tasks much easier to perform.
Rethinking Gmail: Reliability Matters
Gmail has changed the way we think about email, mostly for the better. Lately, though, Gmail has become notorious for its problems rather than speedy search and its "never delete mail again," storage allotments. It might be time for a tough love approach.
Thunderbird Ups the Email Ante
After far too long in development, Thunderbird 3.0 seems to be nearing the home stretch. We take a look at the latest test builds for Thunderbird 3.0 beta 4. Is it worth the wait? Despite the sluggish development cycle, signs point to yes. Read on for how Thunderbird can help you manage your inbox.
Get Decked: A Look at TweetDeck
Having trouble keeping up with your social media? The TweetDeck crew released a major update to the "social dashboard" this week that adds support for Facebook and MySpace. Now you can update several major services and bring order to your social media universe.
Sizing up Opera 10 Final: Can it Compete with Chrome and Firefox?
Opera 10 is finally final. It has lots of great bells and whistles, and a much nicer user interface compared to the Opera 9x series, but can it compete with Firefox and Chrome?
Getting to Know Snowl: Following Online Discussions
What does the next-generation feed-reader look like? Probably a lot like Snowl, a project out of Mozilla Labs that bills itself as a tool to follow and participate in online discussions. We take a look at early release of Snowl to see how it's coming along. It's not perfect yet, but the long term future for Snowl looks good.
Make Firefox Social: Four Social Media Add-Ons You’ll Love
Social media addict or social media newbie? Either way, we've got four must-have Firefox extensions that will make using popular social media sites much easier and more seamless within the world's most popular open source browser.