Looking Ahead to Firefox 3.6: Speed Matters
Firefox just keeps moving on. After hitting the billionth download, you might think the project would sit back and relax a while, but not so much. This week, the Mozilla Project released 3.6 alpha 1, which mostly focuses on speed improvements. Is it better than 3.5, or Google Chrome? Let's take a look!
Google Chrome: Meet the New Boss
Meet the new boss, not quite the same as the old boss. While Google Chrome isn't likely to unseat Firefox as the browser of choice for most Linux users very soon, recent development builds are showing a great deal of promise.
Time Marches On: Mozilla Sunbird Finally Approaches 1.0
The Mozilla Project's long-awaited calendaring app is about to see 1.0. After five years of development, the project released 1.0 beta builds this week. We took Sunbird for a spin to see how it manages our time.
Browsers of Future Past: Seamonkey 2.0 Preview
Everything old is new again, goes the saying, and I guess it's true. This week the Seamonkey Project released the first beta for the Seamonkey 2.0 Internet suite, a project that continues the tradition of the Netscape Suite with code from the latest releases of Firefox and Thunderbird under the hood.
Share Firefox Add-ons with Collector
Ever had problems finding Firefox extensions? Want to tell the world about the extensions you find most useful? Now you can, using the Firefox Add-on Collector.
Four Firefox Annoyances to Fix for 4.0
Firefox is the perfect browser, right? Well, it's probably the best on the market -- but that doesn't mean that it's perfect. Firefox has several annoyances -- some large, some small -- that we'd like to see fixed for 4.0.
Can Mozilla Catch Up on Mobile? Beta Fennec Builds Say Yes
Mozilla is at it again. Not content to slug it out on the desktop, the Moz folks are taking a run at the mobile market with Fennec. The betas released last week suggest that they're on the right track.
Opera Kicks It Up A Notch With Unite
Opera has stepped up the browser heat with Unite. The fledgling technology launched on top of the Opera 10 beta is an interesting collaboration tool that might just change the way users look at the Web browser.
Safari vs. Firefox: Does Safari Measure Up?
By releasing Safari on Windows, Apple is doing more than providing a rich browser experience for Mac users -- it's making a land grab for the Internet, and may pose a threat to Firefox as it attempts to displace IE. Does Safari 4 measure up to Firefox 3.5, and should the Moz folks be worried?
First Look at Opera 10: Can it Make a Dent in the Desktop?
Opera has done well with mobile, but can it take the desktop by storm? Opera 10 beta 1 was released last week, and Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier takes a look at Opera 10 to see if it can make some noise next to Firefox, IE, Safari, and Chrome.
Mozilla JetPack: Lowering the Bar to Extend Firefox
One of Firefox's great advantages is the ability for users to create custom extensions. While add-ons have historically been non-trivial to write, Mozilla Labs is looking to make this considerably easier with JetPack.
Flock 2.5 Delivers the Promise of Social Media on the Web
As you spend more-and-more of your time on the Internet and connecting with others, Flock can help to streamline repetitive social activities.
Prism: The Future of Web Apps?
Mozilla Labs continues to turn out interesting projects. Prism, a single-serving browser for web apps, extends and protects your online applications.
Five Game-Changing Features in Firefox 3.5
The latest Firefox may still be in beta but it boasts a number of behind-the-scenes features that will make developing for the web easier as well as end-user changes that add new functionality, like private browsing and support for drag and drop.
Can Konqueror Compete? A Look at KDE’s Browser
With Firefox marketshare now above 20% and rising fast, can the KDE Project's browser, Konqueror, compete? Recently I started running KDE 4.2.2 and decided to use Konqueror in place of my default browser — Firefox. Let's see how Konqueror stacks up.
Top 10 Firefox Add-ons for Linux Users
One of Firefox's greatest strengths is that it can be extended to provide additional functionality to the end user. However, the vast number of extensions available for Firefox can be a bit overwhelming. We look at that top 10 Firefox add-ons that can improve your productivity on Linux.
Open Music Player, Songbird, Releases 1.1
The Mozilla-based music player get an update with a number of improvements.
QuakeLive for Linux a “High Priority”
John Carmack and id Software try shaking up the PC gaming platform.
Google Chrome Dumps WinHTTP, Linux Version Inevitable
Coming soon to an Ubuntu release near you?
Web Browser Hero
Perhaps the most versatile, feature-rich web browser available today is on your Desktop and you may not even know its name.