Systems Management

User and Group Management 101
Whether you're new to managing users and groups or just need a quick refresher, this tutorial will sharpen your sys admin chops.
Survey: Managing Linux Superusers
Tell us about how you manage superusers on your Linux and Unix servers and be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a Western Digital My Book Office 1TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive.
Do You Have an Aptitude for Software?
If you think smart is intelligent or if you think yum is tasty, aptitude will expand your thoughts with attitude.
A Debian Package Primer: Part One
If you use a Debian-based Linux distribution and you aren't familiar with the apt-get packaging system, you're apt to fall in love with it.
There’s a Lot in the Dot: Filesystem Permissions and Pathnames (Part 2)
Still deeper into the dot (.) with an dive into access permissions. Study up because there's going to be a quiz.
There’s a Lot in the Dot: Filesystem Permissions and Pathnames (Part 1)
Beginning with a brief tour of the filesystem, we take you deep into the dot (.) of your directory listing so you can get the most from your CLI.
KDE 4.4: Does It Work Yet?
A confirmed GNOME superfan takes a new look at KDE 4.4 and likes it.
Writing Custom Nagios Plugins with Python
Beef up your sysadmin toolkit by extending the powerful monitoring features of Nagios.
Power Up Linux GUI Apps
Save time and gain functionality by starting your GUI apps from the command line.
Tweeting from the Command Line with Twyt
When 140 characters is all you need, the command line does it better.
When Memory Serves You: Using ramfs and tmpfs
Need a performance boost for your reads from and writes to a database or other dynamic files? A RAM-based filesystem is just what the good system doctor ordered.
Disk-O-Tech: Linux Disk Management
Are you bewildered by disk management in Linux? Don't be. Here are the nuts and bolts of adding a new disk to your system.
Bang for the Buck
With the new year right around the corner, it's worth thinking about where you can get the biggest bang for your buck--quite literally. In a lot of organizations, budgeting is a funny exercise that requires you to "use it or lose it" at the end of the year while also having surprisingly detailed plans for next year's money.
Everything is Unix
Programming in a higher-level language, it's often easy to forget about using lower-level Unix facilities in tricky situations. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what you might be missing.
There’s No “I” in a Great System Administration Team
A great team of system administrators can move mountains (of data). Here, learn how to form, norm, and storm with your colleagues.
Interview with Ksplice Co-Founder
Ksplice is an amazing new technology which allows patches to be applied directly into a running kernel, without needing a reboot. Linux Magazine talks with co-founder and Chief Operating Officer and discusses the origins of the project and what it has to offer.
Three Books Every System Administrator Should Read
Go get a copy of these books. The investment will pay huge dividends.
Too Hot in the Machine Room? Try Chef.
If you manage a system, you need Chef. Here are some of the best Chef resources and cookbooks on Github.
How to Care For and Feed Software Developers
In this new weekly column, longtime Linux guru Matt Frye gives readers the full monty, the real trials and triumphs of a system administrator. This week: The care and feeding of software developers.
Slicing and Dicing on the Command Line
If you don't know text, you don't know Linux. There are a host of methods for reformatting plain text -- including the text used by graphical applications like spreadsheets and email programs.