Systems Management

Linux Runs on Text: Understanding & Handling Text
Text plays a central role in the Linux operating system. Take better control of your system with a firm understanding of what text is and how best to handle, format and convert it.
Power Tools: Piles of Files
Using text and utilities to organize and access files.
Top 10 Sys Admin Articles of 2008
Collecting the best system administration articles posted to Linux Magazine in 2008.
Filenames by Design, Part Three
Still more from our series on how to take full advantage of your filesystem with tips and tricks for the newbie and old pro alike.
Filenames by Design, Part Two
Continuing our series on how to take full advantage of your filesystem with tips and tricks for the newbie and old pro alike.
Shades of Greylisting
Trip up spammers with greylist-milter, a method of temporarily rejecting questionable email.
What’s the diff?
Get more control over how file differences are found and displayed with some lesser-known options, and other techniques for getting the output you need.
Filenames by Design, Part One
Learn to take full advantage of your filesystem with tips and tricks for the newbie and old pro alike.
Network Block Devices: Using Hardware Over a Network
In cases where NFS or SMB/CIFS won't fit the needs of your Linux network, Network Block Devices (NBDs) may provide superior performance over traditional network filesystems.
The Importance of Command Line Literacy
The oldest interface is still one of the best. Learning about shells and utilities can pay off for jobs where they're the fastest or most flexible.
Easy Backups with AMANDA
Using Amanda allows you quickly and easily implement a robust Open Source backup solution to almost any device, or even multiple devices simultaneously.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part 10: Utilities You Should Know
The time has come to leave Hogwarts, young wizard! We wrap up our ten-part series on becoming a command-line wizard with a look at more utilities you should know.
What’s GNU, Part Four: find
Since find(1) came into being decades ago, programmers have been adding new features. Here's the fourth of a series about some of those.
Webmin: Integrated System Administration in the Browser
For novice and intermediate administrators who may not yet be familiar with every feature of Linux, Webmin can be a huge time saver and take some of the guesswork out of error-prone tasks.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Nine: (More) Utilities You Should Know
We're starting to wrap things up with the Wizard series. This time around we expand on the utilities that should be at your fingertips.
Complete Kickstart: How to Save Time Installing Linux
If you have to perform a lot of Linux installs, there's a fast and easy way to do so quickly and efficiently without having to babysit the installation process each time. By making use of Kickstart, you can save time and effort by setting up a Kickstart server and spend your time getting more useful work done.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Eight: Utilities You Should Know
Before you reach for that scripting language, make sure you're making the most of the shell utilities that you have at your fingertips!
Wine @ Work: Running MS Office and IE on Linux
Let the Bacchanalia begin! Getting your Windows apps installed and running on Linux the Wine way.
PowerTOP: Saving Power in Linux
If you're a laptop user, a survey of your system with PowerTOP will help you track down programs and system settings that are needlessly draining your battery's power
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Seven: /proc Process-Info
Digging into the dark corners of /proc pseudo-filesystem to wrap up our discussion of Linux processes.