Systems Management

Thin Client Computing, Part Two
Now that our servers are in place, we walk through configuring an x86 PC as a thin client workstation.
Thin Client Computing, Part One
Thin clients offer an approach to computing with a number of advantages over the more common desktop computer approach. Learn how to enable it.
Gandalf! Monitor Your Machines with Hobbit
Not quite a ring of power, but Hobbit can take some of the pain out of machine, network and services management.
Using OCFS2, A Clustering File System
Get a grip on the next-gen Oracle Cluster File System, an alternative to GFS.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Six: Daemons & Subshells
More about processes and signals: writing daemons, suspending subshells.
Take Off With Nginx
In the market for a high performance HTTP server and reverse proxy server? Take a look at "Engine X."
Introduction to Apache Synapse: an Open Source ESB
Paul Fremantle explains the concept of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and how to use Apache Synapse, an open source enterprise service bus that will help your organization work more efficiently.
Viva Virtualization: Redefining the Desktop
The rise of non-Windows operating systems in the enterprise and the easy availability of powerful hardware is killing the "one OS for one box" model. This is a good thing because it allows users to easily work with, test on, and develop for multiple operating systems. And the best way to accomplish this is with virtualization.
Network Monitoring with Jalasoft
A very well integrated solution to monitor your network, applications and servers is the combination of Jalasoft Xian Network Manager Io with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007. In a very user friendly and single console environment, you are able to monitor your windows servers, Linux servers, virtual servers, switches, routers and many other network devices. On the Xian Io side you can easily add network devices and set up rules. All without any complicated scripting, just a matter of drag and drop the rules. Xian Io comes with about 100 build in rules per device type!
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Five: Control Processes Using Signals
A true wizard doesn't just run processes, a true wizard knows how to communicate with those processes through signals to stop, restart, and even kill processes. This may sound like arcane and obscure knowledge, but if you follow along, you'll be managing your processes like an adept in no time.
Comparison of Commercial and OpenSource Flash File Systems for Linux
Linux developers have many open-source file systems to choose from. Some of these products — JFFS2, for example — have become de-facto standards in embedded Linux designs. Do they provide performance that is fast enough to make a favorable impression …
Making Interoperability Possible: An Interview with Likewise CEO Barry Crist
Likewise CEO Barry Crist talks about the importance of interoperability, the differences between the corporate and open source communities, and what's ahead for Linux.
PCI compliance and forensics in auditing remote server access
This paper discusses the advantages of using BalaBit Shell Control Box (SCB) to control remote access to your UNIX/Linux servers and Windows Terminal Services. SCB can transparently control, audit and replay the Secure Shell (SSH) and Remote Desktop (RDP) protocols commonly used to remotely access and manage servers. The document is recommended for technical experts and decision-makers working on auditing server-administration processes for policy compliance (e.g., PCI-DSS), or for forensics situations in case of security incidents.
Gentlemen, Start your Cfengine
As soon as you have more than one system to manage, it's time to start thinking about configuration and system management. Cfengine can take the complexity out of systems management.
Communicating With the Other Half: NTFS Support in Linux
NTFS support has been slow in coming to Linux. But new drivers are now available that enable you to read from, and even to write to, NTFS partitions, including removable media formatted with NTFS. We show you how.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Four: Tracking Processes
You probably already know you can examine process status with ps, but most users never embrace the full power of this great little utility.
Protecting Business-Critical Applications in a Vmware Infrastructure 3 Environment
This paper presents several fundamental criteria for evaluating HA/DR solutions and reviews the components, architecture, and functional characteristics of two that are designed to protect critical applications on VMware ESX: VMware HA and Symantec Veritasâ„¢ Cluster Server for VMware ESX.
Overcoming Challenges in Managing Linux
The introduction of Linux brought the promise of a new level of cost-efficiency and flexibility in enterprise IT environments. But as Linux systems scale, management typically becomes unwieldy. The prohibitive cost of managing large installations over time, making sure every single server is running right, rolling out updates and security patches, even up to thousands of servers, has gotten in the way of achieving Linux’s full potential. The core challenges include massive heterogeneity, sheer volume of equipment and data, and lack of nimble management tools. Levanta has created a new administration model with innovative technology that breaks down the barriers to making the most of Linux systems. This paper will provide an in-depth look at the workings of Levanta’s product, the first Linux appliance of its kind.
Closing the Gap on Memory Performance for Genetic Data Analysis Software
In order to keep hardware costs to a minimum Children's Nationwide Hospital turned to Advanced Clustering Technologies to help them find the most cost effective custom Beowulf cluster that would meet their performance demands. Through testing and a in depth knowledge of the client's algorithm, Advanced Clustering was able to develop a cluster that increased performance, and that saved time and money.
Cost Effective Scaling with Virtualization
An overview of the industry trend toward virtualization, how server consolidation has increased the importance of application uptime and the steps being taken to integrate load balancing technology with virtualized servers.